Current submissions to the daytona® prize draw:

  • 37 years and 3 months held - an incredible quality

    13% VAT, gross 159, - DM. So much (little) cost my Daytona racing boots on 12.04.1980. In these 37 years and 3 months they have faithfully accompanied me on countless tours and many 100,000 km, as well as 11 motorcycles "survived". An incredible quality and thanks to good care until the end over many hours of water. Many thanks to the manufacturer for this extraordinary longevity !! Of course, the new boots will be from Daytona.
    Walter Lotter, Germany

    You attract them, they fit perfectly

    On my visit on the 05.07. In factory sales in Eggenfelden, the decision for a new pair of boots with better protective equipment quickly fell. I drive the touring boot, it has always kept close thanks to Goretex and has accompanied me on many trips in recent years. The employee has top advise me and I recommend the EVO GTX Voltex with liner. Has fit like poured. I did not undressed the shoes and I drove home with them. Top feeling in the foot and despite hot 30 degrees and 180 km in a row no rubber boots feeling, but pleasantly tempered. What else can I say: you attract them, they sit perfectly, convey a great feeling and wear themselves simply dreamlike. Ah yes, the old boots were left there equal to resole. For small money, a reserve pair soon comes home. But I think they'll stay on the shelf anyway ... the new ones are just too good. Thanks to the very nice employee of Daytona and a nice greeting to Eggenfelden. I'll come back ... with brother ... friends ... by the way, all the Daytona bearers from conviction. The oldest shoe is about 25 years old and just keeps on. Not broken to get ;-)) Greetings from the Upper Palatinate to the Daytona team and the boss Mrs. Frey. Norbert Maier, Germany
  • After 25 years of continuous stress, our paths are separated

    Now, however, is enough;) after 25 years, our paths separated ... first Honda CB450N, then Yamaha RD500, then Suzuki GSX-R 1100, in between still a motocross team. Starting in the garbage with the Daytona Le Mans and for the next motorcycle really need a few new ones, right?
    Bernd Rösel, Germany

    "I should have bought them much earlier ..."

    For 35 years I've been riding a motorcycle, always with daytona boots on my feet. Of the quality and wear comfort I am 100% convinced. No matter whether it is in the Spanish Pyrenees or a short ceremony, my Roadstar GTX are always there and look for over 150,000 kilometers and little care still good. In recent years, I have been able to do well for at least five friends and have been able to convince them of these handy arguments to buy daytona boots. As a feedback, I always get: "I should have bought that much earlier ..." Continue so daytona Greetings Rudolf Rupp, Germany
  • Top service

    I've been riding a motorcycle for a year, and on the recommendation of many bikers I started with the Lady Pilot. Shock, after just 2 years the sole dissolves. But according to Daytona no problem. So I sent the boots and what can I say. Such a lace service I have never experienced !!!!!!! Within 3 days I had my boots back. Simply top. Thank you thank you. Super protection, no wet feet and super customer sevice. Karin Beckert, Germany

    Generational change after 25 years

    Generational change after 25 years

    I replaced my old Daytona boots (left) with a new pair of Daytona Nonstop GTX (right). The old boots were always treated with Daytona leather care, with the result that the leather and the seams are still top! Even the Gore-Tex membrane is still tight! Why did I buy new ones? Especially because of the better ankle / shin protection of the newer models and also, because in my old now the soles and also the switching reinforcements are worn out. The outstanding durability and the incomparable combination of safety and comfort relativize the not quite cheap purchase price, then as now. Because of the offered and now increasingly rare quality "Made in Germany" it was clear to me that my new motorcycle boots again become the brand of Daytona. After I tried different models, it was the model Nonstop GTX, whose shank best suited to my relatively slim calves.
    Marcel Schwickerath, Germany
  • For 45 years a team

    I drive Daytona boots since 1973. My first were inside with fur and zip back and 3 straps for reinforcement.
    Ludwig Schmalzgruber, Germany

    Thanks for The Best Speedway boots Always

    Hi, have been a fan of Daytona boots since my Speedway hero of the 1970's Ole Olsen, maybe the First to be sponsored by Daytona, wore them for racing. I have maybe a rare set (prototype) with both heels intact, if I win the price draw, Moto Fun uk 9, would be great, Best regards. Neil Roughton, UK
  • The Daytonas have kept my feet from injuries for over 20 years

    When I started racing, some highsiders ended with torn inside and outside bands and even a heel bone fracture. As a mechanic at HB-Honda in the World Cup I got to know the Daytonaschuhe. For my own racing, these shoes were the logical decision. Today, many races and many crashes later, I still drive Daytona and they have kept my feet for over 20 years from injuries. Simply the best choice. Christian Muth, Germany

    The processing and equipment of the shoe speak for themselves.

    When I started riding motorcycles again after 26 years, my friends gave me parts of their old equipment. Among other things, a few summer short boots. These have kept at least 3 years, and then recommended by self-dissolution replacement. After a short search and by many hints, I've looked at the Daytonas AC4 and am linging in the Louis shop times. A feeling like at home. Everything was fine, and the feeling of walking was good. But what will be the endurance feeling? Simply best, I can now say. For the summer simply the best choice. The processing and equipment of the shoe speak for themselves. Certainly somewhat more expensive than the competition, but just for it with possibility to repair and quality promises. I am still satisfied today. Greetings from South Swabia. Marcus Berndt, Germany
  • 250,000 common km

    After 14 years and almost 250,000 common kilometers, I now got my second pair of Roadstar GTX. As you can see in the photo, my old couple got a lot of sun, lots of rain, from time to time snow and also very much mud. Long were the weeks when I had them sent to repair the resole and seams. But it was worth it, we spent 6 years together again. But now their time has come, the leather is not getting any younger and they have now had to place their place at a new pair. To the next 250,000km, with everything that belongs to the motorcycle! The Left in greeting Ilka Seydewitz

    Could not be better

    The best motorcycle boots I've ever worn since I made the lobe in 1983. 42°C in Morocco: the feet breathe thanks to Gore Tex. Shoes cooling in the river of Todra Gorge: the feet are dry. 800 km Dolomite rain tour on a weekend: the feet remained dry. I wear the shoes with the Daytona leather Polish, after which they look like new, but are 6 years old. Manfred Kölle Germany
  • In these boots I feel safe!

    In 1994, I had the experience of wearing a Daytona Evo boot for the first time. At that time I thought to myself, wow, with this you can go jogging, so light and comfortable is the boot. After 22 years I still use the same inner shoe, only the outer boot was renewed in 2015. With my hobby I would not like to do without the proven daytona quality. In these boots I feel safe! Martin Brenner, Germany

    What if he could talk?

    Telling of 7 years. From about 90,000 km. From the daily road to work. From tours to 11 countries. From salt showers in winter and salt water at the beach in summer. From cautiously estimated 3,500 times on and off. From the zippers and the velcro, which one does not look at it. From nasty teeth to the foot pegs. From the rough tar in large sloping positions. Of that he is still tight. Of the fact that he suffered a little visually. I think he would say: again! And so there is the same as a new pair. Or just new soles?
    Olli Gronz, Germany
  • A difference like day and night - the boots are worth every euro

    After many years of motorcycle abstinence I started again 6 years ago. So they had new clothes, including boots. Polo Shop Rosenheim directly viewed the Road Star. Great boots ... high price. That's something cheaper, I thought. Taken a cheaper off the shelf, tried ... crap :-( tweaks at all corners Then the saleswoman. try to Daytona times. Me: is too expensive. Next brand tried ... the same in green :-( Saleswoman now with "reprint": now just pull the Roadstar on, only for testing. OK, I love to try him ... and did not pull him out afterwards. :-) A difference like day and night. The high price does not come by chance, quality has its price. The boots are worth every euro. At the same place my thanks to the seller in the polo shop Rosenheim for her perseverance. She also said I was not the first one to do it, she just has to make sure that the customers wear the boots once. Then the topic has settled and the customers buy the Daytona. For two and a half years I was also TOP! Satisfied with it, with every wind and weather on the way, often hours in the rain, NULL problems. Then, after about 20,000 km of water, water came into the switching amplification. This seems to be a small weakness, the problem had already others before me. So test the highly praised service of Daytona. Call at the factory, I explained the problem and first an apology. This is not the quality for the Daytona stands and they repair the boots naturally on warranty. Since I am from Bavaria, I did a nice day trip and brought the boots personally at Daytona. What other manufacturer is such a thing ...? 1-2 weeks later they sent me the repaired boots home. New sole on it and looked like new. Now they are 6 years old and look (with good care !!) as out of the shelf. For the summer months, I have, incidentally, 5 years ago the Journey XCR. The quality for many, many years, the service and handwork "Made in Germany" makes the higher price more than compensate. Thanks to everyone at Daytona and keep up.
    Servus Robert Großewang, Germany

    Just great, what the Daytona workshop has done. Every cent worth 100%!

    I had my heavily attacked Daytona Evo 14 days ago with defective zipper (fall sequence) over our Louis store in Hannover (only left). Back, he came over in an absolute top condition. Not only the zipper was renewed as desired, also the switching amplification was new and as a coronation still a hole excellent with a reinforcement provided. Since the end was also super cleaned, he now looks at least 5 years younger than the right boot. Since I am now quite hard to make the right look the same. Just great what the Daytona workshop has done. Every cent 100% worth it! A thousand thanks again for your quality so lives. 110% Recommendation from me.
    Maik Hörnicke, Germany
  • Driving, hiking, climbing ... all no problem

    My first motorcycle boots were due to the consultation with Louis a pair of Daytona and I am really excited! I am now in 3 years about 30,000 km with them and drove them imme rwieder gladly. Great alpine tours with up to 500 km a day and small hiking and trekking, no problem!
    Daniel Meyland, Germany

    Apparently endlessly durable

    While I can report no dramatic event with Daytona boots, but own a pair of outdoor GTX and a pair Trans Open GTX. Interestingly, the outdoors are at least ten years older than the TransOpen, but (also thanks to good care) look almost like new. One might think that with increasing age they are getting better (smoother); That daytona boots are qualitatively, production technically and above all from the fit form as well as the convenience unequaled, is for me out of question. The superficial purchase price is actually favorable and justified for the aforementioned reasons as well as the obviously "endless" durability. "Made in Germany" is still today, and in the case of Daytona definitely, a seal of quality. Günter Grones, Germany
  • Always Daytona - if I need one again

    I drive now been at least 8 years with my wonderful Daytona boots. Even climbing from the motorbike and walking a few kilometers with it is no problem and you are still waterproof. I have not had a better boot before, and I would always buy Daytona boots. Many Thanks. Michael Bakker, Germany

    Completely satisfied

    For 12 years, wonderful tours with the Outing GTX experienced and experienced, and as good as the look, stay with me for a long time :) Joachim Haag, Germany


The dozen is full -. Daytona is selected for the 12th time in a row No. 1

For the 12th year in a row, readers of the MOTORRAD have chosen the Daytona brand as "Best Brand", with 61.7%. The benefits of Daytona are obvious. With the brothers Reinhard and Helmut Frey the entire business is concentrated solely on boots and nothing else. Customers praise the waterproofness of the products, the safety, the wear comfort and above all the longevity. Produced in Eggenfelden in Lower Bavaria. Each boot consists of over 100 high-quality parts and is assembled in painstaking handwork.

>> Election result

76. Award for daytona®:
Adventure Boots test winner: Trans Open GTX®

"Cross country over hill and dale, on gravel roads or asphalt carousel - are Adventure Boots fit for traveling without borders and when it comes to broaden your motorcycle horizon." That was the announcement of the testers of "Motorrad Coach 2017", before eleven boots had to compare. Test winner and only boots with the "very good": the daytona Trans Open GTX. The results of the testers: "It may seem a bit bland and old-fashioned and is driving like a normal touring boot. But the formidally processed, very high-quality daytona TransOpen has it also as big as a fist behind the ears."

>> more information to Trans Open GTX®

"Factory test" of the 1000PS editorial office: "Why Daytona boots save lives"

Test editor "Vauli" from the 1000PS team was at Daytona in Eggenfelden, to the production of a "factory test". His impressions and insights are documented in a video.
>> to the Video

75. Award for daytona®:
Trans Open GTX®: very good, test winner

The MOTORRAD testers wanted to know which boots are the best for travel without limits. Eleven boots with different concepts had to be compared. Test winner with the judgment "very good": the daytona® Trans Open GTX. Overall conclusion of the testers: "... Top quality justifies the high price of the test winner Daytona absolutely ...".

>> more information to Trans Open GTX®

73. Award for daytona®:
Strive GTX®: very good.

Waterproof Sport Boots have to be especially versatile - keep at SpeedTouring feet dry and a good figure. With these specifications, the tester of the magazine have "MOTORRAD Coach 2016" ten motorcycle boots performed. The Strive GTX daytona became "very good" assessed. The positives: "High-quality, supple leather upper; easy entry through Diagonal zipper; excellent climate and wear on the foot; the shifting and braking very sensitive; good fit of the ankle protectors; Wet test passed." Conclusion of the testers: "The most expensive boots in the test. But the money is well spent. By daytona Strive GTX top seat, good security and with the best climate is obtained compared good rain protection."

>> more information to Strive GTX®

71. Award for daytona®:
Road Star GTX®: Recommendation.


What must a touring boot can, what he should cost what it's worth? This is the tester of the magazine asked "Tourenfahrer" and twelve current models have watch under the microscope. The result was published in the August 2015 issue. The Road Star GTX from Daytona has decided the test as the only boots with a recommendation in itself. Conclusion of the testers: "The Road Star is an all-rounder, who despite maximum security features and not loose his comfort. Very good quality and "Made in Germany" has its price, but therefore has the driver no Problems over years with his footwear. The Daytona have clearly earned the TF recommendation."

>> more information to Road Star GTX®  


70. Award for daytona®:
Road Star GTX®: test winner

14 pair of waterproof boots have compared the testers of "motorcycle magazine MO" in the issue 7/2015. Tightly and comfortable they should be, all-rounder, universally applicable, regardless of the weather, the race training to hiking day. The Road Star GTX Daytona won the comparison. Result of the testers: "The most expensive boots in comparison is the winner. The top processing, the easy entry and the best in the test fit lift the Daytona from all others. The price is salted, but there are also a lot of service, should apply as a repair."

>> more information to Road Star GTX®

69. Award for daytona®:
Strive GTX®: very good.

The testers of the "MOTORRAD" have critically reviewed ten waterproof sport boots in the output 9/2015. The Strive GTX from daytona was awarded with a "very good". Conclusion of the testers: "The most expensive boots in the test. But the money is well spent. By the daytona Strive GTX get a top seat, good security and the best climate in the comparison with a solid rain protection."

>> more information to Strive GTX®

Winner of the hearts - daytona Carver.

Some boots seem to be a question of the heart as well. In the issue of the MOTORRAD from the 19.12.2014 wrote a test editor: „In the test, the boots out of plastic from the competition were better in sound absorption. But looking at the comfort in wearing is good leather, as by the daytona Carver, unbeatable. Those sport boots fit after a short time of wearing as good as a pair of socks! I just like this natural material more and leather gives the best abrasion resistance.“ This private and individual judgement of course touches our hearts…



Again best German trainees at daytona

For the year 2014, an trainees of daytona was honored again. Our Julia Heindl was presented with the prize in Berlin for the best test specialist for leather processing.

67. Award for daytona®:
Trans Open GTX®: Recommendation.

The "Tourenfahrer" has been viewed in issue 6 / 2014  eight so-called crossover boots. The boots were first evaluated for their safety and comfort features as well as the processing. In the practical part of it concerned the assessment of fit and comfort, to the handling of the closures, the quality of the footbed etc. In addition, the boots were weighed and measured. The Trans Open GTX from daytona was honored with a recommendation.

>> more information to Trans Open GTX®

65. Award for daytona®:
Trans Open GTX®: Recommendation.

The magazine "Motorradfahrer" sees in enduro boots "frontier workers who today on the highway and tomorrow on the dirt road and even on foot are suitable." Therefore 8 boots were tested. The Daytona Trans Open GTX ® was awarded with a "recommendation". Conclusion of the testers: "Fit / comfort: very good. Security: very good. Denseness test: Passed. Processing: very good."

>> more information to Trans Open GTX®

64. Award for daytona®:
Touring Star GTX ® Super. Hit. Winner.

The magazine MOTORRAD has checked touring boots for their suitability. Nine models it have had to prove itself on the road and in the laboratory. The daytona® Touring Star GTX has been the testwinner. Conclusion of the testers: "Designed specifically produced for the chain stores Louis  extremely high quality Daytona Boots Touring Star GTX is a hit. Ideal balance of good, solid seat, high touring comfort and the best crash protection. Costs a lot, but can do everything. Super!"

>> more information to Touring Star GTX®

Daytona Are The Daddies At Making Motorcycle Boots

The FAST BIKES MAGAZINE writes: Simply put, Daytona are the daddies at making motorcycle boots. They're not distracted by manufacturing other kit, so are devotet to bringing you the ultimate in safety. Many racers sacrifice paid contracts just to have Daytona's top-quality product. Usually top end on price but clearly top-end in results, too. Warming your tootsies from the kings of safety are the new Road Stars - not the sexiest jiving boots, but packed full of protection and assurance with their patented inner/outer booties.

>> more information to Road Star GTX®

Daytona Is The Ferrari Of The Boot World

And another report of the FAST BIKES MAGAZINE: You need top-to-toe coverage when you're out and about on a bike, and nothing protects the toes better than this lot. An oft used expressions is that if racers weren't paid to wear boots, they'd all weare Daytona. And this isn't so far from the truth, going by what we've been told here at FB by countless racers over the years. Any racers that do wear them, ususally have to pay for the privilege. Daytona is the Ferrari of the boot world in this case, and it's a mantle well deserved. The Security Evo III is the ultimate expression of this twin-shoe philosophy.

>> more information to Security EVO


Available from May 2017: Daytona AC Dry GTX

The waterproof motorcycle boots with sneaker feel.
Motorcycle boots are a matter of taste. Some people dislike not and go with the most comfortable casual shoes. others
it may not be stable, safe and solid enough. How convenient that there will soon be the AC Dry GTX Daytona. It combines the best
of two worlds, is comfortable like a sneaker but a full-fledged Motorcycle boots. Typically daytona.

MOTORCYCLE tested the AC4 WD Opinion: very good

The editors of the magazine MOTORCYCLE has taken the AC4 WD under the microscope. Quote: "... Daytona understands it well, anyway to spend an externally trimmed on sneaker motorcycle boots many security Goodies: bilateral knuckle protection, abrasion resistant reinforced gear, reinforced inner sole with hot-galvanized steel. The laces run through a cam buckle closed and they gives no millimeter back. Compared to original motorcycle boots, you can run really good with it. Highly recommended they are for those who renounce gladly times on heavy, high boots, because it looks better or because you want to deposit no second pair to change the office .... " Conclusion: Motorcycling goes well. And walking is running also. >> more information to AC4 WD

World travelers make a pit stop at Daytona

Sara „The Peach“ Pedersen und ihr Mann Daniel „Big D“ Pedersen are driving around the world with their bikes. They are already on tour since two and a half years, five years are still ahead on them. Recently they have lodged a pitstop at daytona Eggenfelden, to can be soled boots new. Under can follow the tour of them. In the picture f.l.: Big D, Berta Frey (daytona), The Peach, Reinhard Frey (daytona)Bild v.l.: Big D, Berta Frey (daytona), The Peach, Reinhard Frey (daytona)

New price for our monthly prizedraw!

Let us know about your experience, e.g. for how many years you already are on tour with your pair of daytona® boots, or maybe how it protected you in an accident against injuries, or simply post your opinion to our products.

Or you send us a picture of yourself or your friends, on tour with a boot of daytona®, on a route, on vacation...The special boot for a higher level and easier rest. Extensive comfort and safety features, ca. 6cm heel height, shorter shaft and extra-adjusted calf width. And all in a stylish design - ideal for ladies.

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Driving racy, arriving safe and ambling comfortable afterwards: You can’t do that with every boot. But the AC Pro comes this idea very close though. He combines the qualities of a sporty daytona boot with the comfort of a only ankle-high shoe. So you can walk without big restriction.

>> more information to AC PRO

The AC4 WD

Of course are boots for riding a motorbike. But they should handle a short ramble through the city or in the café or the route to work as well. Though not everyone likes the solid hold of a high shaft. In this case is the AC4 WD a great choice - a boot, whose shaft only reaches the ankle. WD stands for „walk and drive“, the boot shows its benefits when walking and driving as well.

>> more information to AC4 WD

Nicer choppen with Urban Master 2 GTX.

Who loves the wind, the road, driving from its original site, which also emphasizes the right equipment. The new motorcycle boots Urban Master 2 GTX from daytona is the first choice for quality-conscious choppers and cruisers.

>> more information to Urban Master 2 GTX

Create your Security Evo G3 with the Configurator

The racing-boot can adapt perfectly to the outfit of driver and machine. Read here how you order your individual Security Evo G3. Colour your own boot - you have the choice!

>> to the Security Evo G3 - CONFIGURATOR

The perfect speedway boot for juniors: daytona® Speed Youngsters'.

This new type of speedway, dirt-track and grass-track racing sports boot has been specifically matched to the needs of junior race motorcyclists, offering the full safety and convenience typical for daytona®. Already available from European size 34 (UK size 2 or US size 4.5, respectively).

>> more information about Speed Youngster's