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The most widely-used daytona® motorcycle boot with numerous test awards. Often copied, never achieved.


  • perfect fit, available for narrow and wide feet
  • hydrophobic special full cowhide
  • watertight and breathable with GORE-TEX® climatic membrane
  • velcro fastener for different calf sizes
  • two zip fasteners to get in quick and easily
  • reinforced gear change cushion from abrasion resistant PU foam
  • PU foam sole
  • anatomically formed climatic insole


  • plastic ankle protection, both sides, padded inside with open-cell special foam
  • wide shinbone protection, padded with latex foam inside
  • plastic reinforced inner sole with a hot-dip galvanised steel inlay, that allows you to gently roll your feet
  • 3M-Scotchlite heel reflectors
  • non-slip rubber sport sole
• Height of shaft: ca 29 cm
• Sizes: 36 - 51
• Colour: black

For this boot with Gore-TEX® laminate we ensure the GORE-TEX® Satisfaction Guarantee.

> wet-test <
8 boots tested
6 recommendations

> light boots <
16 boots tested
4 recommendations

20 boots tested
8 recommendations
> Waterproof
Enduroboots <
6 boots tested
4 recommendations

Waterproof Touring-boots<
8 boots tested
4 recomendations

> Waterproof
boots <
14 boots tested
test winner

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12 boots tested
test winner




71. Award for daytona®:
Road Star GTX®: Recommendation.

What must a touring boot can, what he should cost what it's worth? This is the tester of the magazine asked "Tourenfahrer" and twelve current models have watch under the microscope. The result was published in the August 2015 issue. The Road Star GTX from Daytona has decided the test as the only boots with a recommendation in itself. Conclusion of the testers: "The Road Star is an all-rounder, who despite maximum security features and not loose his comfort. Very good quality and "Made in Germany" has its price, but therefore has the driver no Problems over years with his footwear. The Daytona have clearly earned the TF recommendation."
TOURENFAHRER | August 2015

70. Award for daytona®:
Road Star GTX®: test winner.

Tightly and comfortable they should be, all-rounder, universally applicable, regardless of the weather, the race training to hiking day. The Road Star GTX Daytona won the comparison. Result of the testers: "The most expensive boots in comparison is the winner. The top processing, the easy entry and the best in the test fit lift the Daytona from all others. The price is salted, but there are also a lot of service, should apply as a repair."
Motorcycle magazine MO | July 2015

55. Award for daytona®:
Motorradfahrer recommends Road Star GTX®

The editor of the magazin "Motorradfahrer" testet on schedule to the wet-cold weather 8 sporty Touringboots. For the Road Star GTX they got a recommendation (again). Result of the Test: "cardinal comfortable allround-boot with Top equipment, the way you want it."
Motorrad | October 2010

Labelling for Roadstar GTX!!

The editor of the magazin "Motorradfahrer" testet on schedule to the wet-cold weather 8 sporty Touringboots. For the Road Star GTX they got a recommendation (again). Result of the Test: "cardinal comfortable allround-boot with Top equipment, the way you want it."

Labelling for Roadstar GTX!!

The Danish "Bike" magazine did the tests in March 2004 and in May 2006. In both tests, the Road Star GTX has become winner with the highest score.
Bike / März 2004 + Mai 2006

Labelling for Roadstar GTX!!

"The finnish magazine "Bike" tested in its edition of august 2003 waterproof motorbike boots. Roadstar GTX reached the highest number of points and was honoured with a hearty "voittja" (the winner)."
Bike 08/03

Labelling for Roadstar GTX!!

"The magazine "Motorrad News" write in its edition of october: "Bruder Leichtfuß - foolishness people go with their bike wearing sneakers, the ones who always still live in the past waer their old uncomfortable boots. But you can find a variety of boots inbetween, which includes comfort and protection."
Motorrad News / Oktober 2003

Suitable touringboots

"Biggest advantage of Road Star is the individual fitting. A boot, with which you can go thousands of kilometers and which can be repaired by producer."
Reise Motorrad / April 2004

Comparison waterproof boots

"The daytona® Roadstar is and will be the first choice of touring boots. With that even the high price is OK."
Motorrad News / October 2001

Waterproof boots

"Highly recommended!"
Motorrad / April 2001

Waterproof boots

"Highly recommended!"
Mopped / März 2001

Waterproof boots

"Winner with highest number of points."
Motorrad Reisen & Sport / September 2000

Comfort, Wetness test, Price/Performance

"Comfort: very good, comfortable, close-fitting, very firm in joint; high side stability, anatomical preformed inner sole. Wetness test: both shut tightly. Price/Performance: very good."
Tourenfahrer / July 1997