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Safety hard shell boot for racer and sport drivers. Available only from daytona®.

Inne shoe:

  • aramid/plastic hard shell
  • shock-absorbing padding
  • four layer shinbone protection
  • shock-absorbing insoles in the calf and heel areas
  • robust plastic hard shell with hinged joint
  • aramid/elastic stretch zone
  • anatomically formed spherical heel bed
  • triple aramid-reinforcement in toe area
  • sweat-absorbing fine leather lining

Outer shoe:

  • made of particularly tear proof kangaroo leather
  • velcro fastener for different calf sizes
  • two plastic sliders at places subject to particular wear
  • highly elastic areas at instep and heel
  • abrasion resistant PU foam padding for long durability
  • special racing sole with extremely rounded heel
  • plastic sole abrasion resistance (screwed on)
• Height of shaft: ca. 33 cm
• Sizes: 37 – 48
• Colours: black / red-whiteblack / black-white-red / blue-white-black

Inner shoe and outer shoe can be bought separately!
13 Compl.-Outfits tested

10 Sportboots

Extremely the best

The magazine "MOTORRAD" searched in edition 14/2005 for the ideal sporting boot. Tested were Top racing boots from Alpinestars, Dainese, daytona, Diadora, Gaerne, Ixs, Oxtar, Sidi, Spidi and Styl Martin. Result of testing people: "Victory for Security Evo because of excellent quality and the best protection at accidents by far ... Security Evo is extremely the best boot at sporting boots category."
MOTORRAD edition 14/2005

Highlights motorcycle equipment 2004

"Nearly legendary is the race proven daytona Security Evo: ingenious think through concept, which fill us with enthusiasm offside racing track. A classic and also duty for sport driver. For daily purposes there is the cheaper Evo Sports with Gore-Tex membrane."
Motorrad Magazin / April 2004


"Yes, they cost a bit! Yes, they have a stylish exterior! And yes, they offer maximum protection! The two part construction, a one off..."
Score: 96 %
Motor Cycle News / Mai 1999

Amputation impeded!

In 2003 at the 1000km Hockenheim Highsider start/destination at the Entrance. I did an multiple 4 somersault with not much high, that means I had contact to the ground at every half twist. During the flight I've put my feet down and my outer instep got at several times heavily used. The inner shoe got broken. Due to my boots "Security Evo", I guess meanwhile it's "Evo ll", I had just 2 torn ligaments and a big cartilage infraction. I've talken a lot to my doctor who was doing the operation. He said, without this inner shoe I would have had an open fracture. That is a dirty and wide open fracture who entailed an amputation of the left feet. So what should I say? Thank you!!!
Hans E. from Bielefeld, Germany