Current submissions to the daytona® prize draw:

  • Without daytonas I probably would have broken my foot

    I slipped in Spain on the way back from Morocco in a roundabout traffic and my foot was twisted trapped under my Reiseenduro until I was helped by passers-by. Without daytonas I probably would have broken my foot.
    Martin Wendt, Germany

    There is no reason to purchase another

    My Burdits accompany me already 8 years, they were also shod ever again, but that is more to my riding style than at the super good quality. The shoe looked after recap like new again. Still convenient, safe and dry.
    There is no reason to ever buy another shoe except a Daytona, and I must say, nioht sleep competitors and also have good and priced models on the market, not to be confused with cheap.
    Security, good
    Comfort, good
    Service, good
    Price, satisfactory

    Greetings to the field
    Chris Coronato
  • After 18 years, the gum dissolves ...

    18 years ago I did my motorcycle license and my friend bought me already to the training sessions a couple of Daytona. At that time I declared him crazy, because I did not even know if I can do the driving.
    Well, what can I say, I've done it and drive my first boots still :-) but today I realized then but that has broken down on the instep up in smallest items the rubber cover. Now I have heard that one of his boots also can be repaired and am therefore be found on your website to there possibly any notes and am there encountered your Prizedraw. So I try my luck.
    best regards
    Saskia Stoldt, Germany

    Constant rain. Feet: dry

    I was three weeks ago for a week in the Giant Mountains. Every day rain, thunderstorms and wet roads. Actually, that was already showering almost more than rain. The only thing that has remained dry, my feet thanks Daytona! SUPER WORK, keep it up !!!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
    Sandra Borowski, Germany
  • At least 10 years

    I now have the third pair of Daytona boots. The two first held min. Per 10 years. I have walked with the boots on castles, they have protected myself at 2 accidents and for me to come only in Daytona question :-9
    Doris Heinz, Germany

    Other girls buy Manolos ...

    ... I have buy for myself some reasonable motorcycle boots! Since I have guarantee a longer time of it!
    Sabine Pfadenhauer, Germany
  • Ideal for my Achilles tendons

    Since I have problems with my Achilles tendons, I was looking for a boot that is for a soft enough so not charged my tendons, but also enough grip provides that the heel does not sag behind the footrest. After about 1000 km, I am sure, with the Daytona GTX I have the right boots found for me.
    Helmut Eckl, Germany

    In 40 years, never disappointed

    I've been driving for about 40 years with Daytona boots and have never been disappointed. The boots are good also for the larger sightseeing holiday. Have I bought my new Motorredstiefel today - of course again Daytona.
    Bruno Herzog, Germany
  • With 55 it has an end with bad boots

    As I'm going soon 55 years old and i spend a lot of ill-fitting and little safe motorcycle boots. Not anymore. I became acquainted Daytona and I am very impressed. It's great that there is so great you and boots. Also I have in your boots the right sensitivity for switching. THANK YOU
    Manfred Götz, Germany

    An embarrassing story that happened to me last year:

    I drive a 35 year old bike, which then has its quirks. Visually beautiful aufgebrezelt, technically overhauled much, yet with little quirks. A quirk: The idle wanted (now new Bowden) not properly clean. I drive on the weekend, just before an exit on "my" gas station and want to refuel. I Trample and Dosière - nothing idling. I make the bike out, well and one can imagine what's coming ... If not for the embarrassment that has met a Harley-force at the same time behind me, I knew one of them, chatted briefly and me waving from me adopted foreign troops. I casually helmet on, sit on. Gas station become so packed that the customers were queued up outside. I start to draw without coupling (classic beginner's mistake), my bike leaps, I scare myself, slide off with the Daytona and the bike reminds me to my feet. From all corners assistants now came up, but I could in now lying mirror see the Harley riders, shaking his head zuhielten eyes and have certainly thought "the main thing lipstick on it ...;-)" Even though I am indeed slipped because of smooth sole, the shoes have me but actually saved from AUA. The hard hat saved my feet. As my sole actually behaves like soft soap on the floor (which is simply outdated?), The tab is torn, the back of the heel, the lining has worn off, I would have a few worthy new or? ;-);-) I have, incidentally, size 39 ...
    The little things have rescued my toes and will probably remain forever thanks to this fall in memory.
    Katja Schnetzke, Germany
  • Since that point in time comes only Daytona on my feet while driving.

    About 20 years ago I bought my first pair of Daytona boots (used).
    From the first moment I was just thrilled by the processing, the comfort and the best moisture protection, I have ever had. And the case of used boots that were already a few years old. Since that point in time comes only Daytona on my feet while driving.
    Yesterday certainly I had a become completely alien incident, after about 30 minutes of rain ride, my left foot was the first than my right was wet.
    I could hardly believe that a 2.5 year old Daytona is leaking.
    The boots I have now brought to Louis, where I bought it.
    Although the seller said that the warranty expires, but I can not imagine that it is normal in my experience with Daytona for me.
    Despite a negative experience I have to say: Daytona's are the best I have ever had.
    Greeting Dirk Sinz, Germany

    For 20 years daytona. Never Regretted!

    1996 I got the 'Roadstar GTX' put on me. Was a lot of coal, which had to be put on the table. Have it but NEVER regretted, as was shown in the years. In 2009 I had already times requested from you what a retreading costs. The price was really acceptable! As an extra praise distinctly heard !!!! But to retreading, it did not. For my 50th birthday I got a thick coupon of my colleagues and I have new 'Travel Star GTX' indulged a pair. When it comes to the holidays, two couple 'Shoes' here, my Daytona boots and wooden Cloggs, more is needed. In your boots you can also like to run well. And should it even a day without Mopped (GSX1100G), or in the evening, then as my Cloggs for me. In circle of friends has some other at the feet. But all (!) Have one or the other fault with their boots. I can only grin and say, saving at the wrong end. Quality has its price, there is no way around it. I will always carry Daytona and recommend. Some are now agree. Keep it up! But needless to say now. Good job! Thank you! Ok, the present look already a bit worn out. Is he from me, and not on the boot.
    Rolf Dautzenberg, Germany
  • Even if it does not have to be - every 20 years I buy a new

    In 1976 I bought the first Daytona Boots for moped driving. These boots I drove a very long time even by motorcycle. I was so in many European countries. The boots had only one drawback, he was not waterproof and therefore only I had sometime my first waterproof motorcycle boots, of course i brought it from Daytona again. Since then, I drive the Burdit of Daytona. This boot is really great and after all these years still waterproof. I do not know how many kilometers the boot has already held and how often it has already been made and tightened. I drive every day approximately 25 KM to work and stand a lot in any weather, because the boots really need. Soon I will again bring me a new Daytona Boots and I think every 20 years a new motorcycle boots and that is with constant use not too much. For me there is no better motorcycle boots than from Daytona.
    Alois Müller, Germany

    I actually just wanted to buy any boots, then ran me your boot purely

    We were at an opening with the motorcycle in Stockach Lake Constance. With this great motorcycle in the picture. Actually, my friend wanted to buy any boots. He has tried just for fun your boots and was equally as impressed by the fit and quality that he has equal bought what. And so happy about this purchase. Now keep your fingers crossed that I win this pair, so I also possess so great boots.
    All the best I wish you all,
    Regards, Gabi Sailer, Germany
  • That was a really violent Tour.

    I could already times need new. Size 45 would be nice :-)
    Andreas Boehm, Germany

    Girl always complains about cold feet - when I wear the boots: I do not !!

    For many years I am even motorcycle. The good friend (and motorcyclists) I have become aware of the Daytona boots. You are my most faithful companion for all tours. I am so happy about my boots, as I in no better foot feel have as in all others. Girl always complains about cold feet - when I wear the boots: I do not !!! In the boots I know no cold, no WET, and no sweaty feet. As you can see in the photo all need a break - my boots are probably because the notable exception. I almost think that you could wear the boots 24 hours. not I needed a break, my boots :-) - The picture was taken on a tour of Hamburg to the Black Forest.

    Kirsten Hinkelmann, Germany
  • Since 1995 ... seemingly indestructible

    These boots were made in 1995 my gift for the first Mother of my life. I still remember how we bought: In a small shop opposite the large Hein Gericke store. They were incredibly expensive and I was very proud of these great boots. Since then we have experienced a lot in common, even in the US holiday I've taken them to travel together harley there with them.
    Yes, I still wear them! Oke, who is no longer Gore Tex membrane functional, but the rest seem to be indestructible.
    Of course, I would appreciate a few "new" Daytona! But if I could just throw away so my "old"?
    Certainly the next pair of motorcycle boots is back from Daytona.
    LG Mary Karsten, Germany

    They are worth the money

    My first pair of shoes I could have save time if I had resorted equal to a pair of Daytona. The apparent slightly higher price screams from the beginning. The quality, workmanship and wearing comfort of the shoe is absolutely worth the money.
    Thomas Niedermeier, Germany
  • Sometimes good shoes help even before you sit on the bike and rides.

    At the beginning of the beautiful days I have made my Bandit fit and wanted to make the first round.
    Incidentally the year are also a barbecue and Outdoor Cooking overactive and have us (the heavy cast iron outdoor pots) concerned for cooking with a "Dopf" a concrete slab, lying on the porch and the porch of the Brikkies isolated.
    To enter the garage at my helmet and gloves, I have the thick plate put into his hands around her put away. It came as it had to:
    The plate slipped from my hand, falls directly on edge on my Journey XCR, slipping sideways and falls into two parts. My XCRS have only a broad gray dust strip (cloth and away), my feet have somehow ... not notice!

    Thank you ! THANK YOU !! Another brand is not an option for me.
    Stefan Goldkuhle, Germany

    Ten years dry feet

    I am now for ten years with Daytona Gore-Tex boots go. Summer and winter, due to snow, rain and salt charged.
    I always had dry feet.
    The boots doing a reasonable services, only the switching amplification dissolves slowly.
    Andre Kilb, Germany










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Again, the no. 1

The 11th consecutive year, the readers of MOTORRAD have chosen the Daytona mark for the "Best Brand". This year, even with the highest value ever for motorcycle boots: 63,1%. The advantages of Daytona are obvious. The brothers Reinhard and Helmut Frey concentrate their business just on motorcycle-boots - nothing else. Customers praise the water resistance, the safety, the wearing-comfort and especially the durability. Is being produced in the Lower Bavarian Eggenfelden. Each boot consists of over 100 high-quality parts and is assembled in painstaking handwork.

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73. Award for daytona®:
Strive GTX®: very good.

Waterproof Sport Boots have to be especially versatile - keep at SpeedTouring feet dry and a good figure. With these specifications, the tester of the magazine have "MOTORRAD Coach 2016" ten motorcycle boots performed. The Strive GTX daytona became "very good" assessed. The positives: "High-quality, supple leather upper; easy entry through Diagonal zipper; excellent climate and wear on the foot; the shifting and braking very sensitive; good fit of the ankle protectors; Wet test passed." Conclusion of the testers: "The most expensive boots in the test. But the money is well spent. By daytona Strive GTX top seat, good security and with the best climate is obtained compared good rain protection."

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71. Award for daytona®:
Road Star GTX®: Recommendation.

What must a touring boot can, what he should cost what it's worth? This is the tester of the magazine asked "Tourenfahrer" and twelve current models have watch under the microscope. The result was published in the August 2015 issue. The Road Star GTX from Daytona has decided the test as the only boots with a recommendation in itself. Conclusion of the testers: "The Road Star is an all-rounder, who despite maximum security features and not loose his comfort. Very good quality and "Made in Germany" has its price, but therefore has the driver no Problems over years with his footwear. The Daytona have clearly earned the TF recommendation."

>> more information to Road Star GTX®

70. Award for daytona®:
Road Star GTX®: test winner

14 pair of waterproof boots have compared the testers of "motorcycle magazine MO" in the issue 7/2015. Tightly and comfortable they should be, all-rounder, universally applicable, regardless of the weather, the race training to hiking day. The Road Star GTX Daytona won the comparison. Result of the testers: "The most expensive boots in comparison is the winner. The top processing, the easy entry and the best in the test fit lift the Daytona from all others. The price is salted, but there are also a lot of service, should apply as a repair."

>> more information to Road Star GTX®

69. Award for daytona®:
Strive GTX®: very good.

The testers of the "MOTORRAD" have critically reviewed ten waterproof sport boots in the output 9/2015. The Strive GTX from daytona was awarded with a "very good". Conclusion of the testers: "The most expensive boots in the test. But the money is well spent. By the daytona Strive GTX get a top seat, good security and the best climate in the comparison with a solid rain protection."

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Winner of the hearts - daytona Carver.

Some boots seem to be a question of the heart as well. In the issue of the MOTORRAD from the 19.12.2014 wrote a test editor: „In the test, the boots out of plastic from the competition were better in sound absorption. But looking at the comfort in wearing is good leather, as by the daytona Carver, unbeatable. Those sport boots fit after a short time of wearing as good as a pair of socks! I just like this natural material more and leather gives the best abrasion resistance.“ This private and individual judgement of course touches our hearts…

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Again best German trainees at daytona

For the year 2014, an trainees of daytona was honored again. Our Julia Heindl was presented with the prize in Berlin for the best test specialist for leather processing.

67. Award for daytona®: Trans Open GTX®: Recommendation.

The "Tourenfahrer" has been viewed in issue 6 / 2014  eight so-called crossover boots. The boots were first evaluated for their safety and comfort features as well as the processing. In the practical part of it concerned the assessment of fit and comfort, to the handling of the closures, the quality of the footbed etc. In addition, the boots were weighed and measured. The Trans Open GTX from daytona was honored with a recommendation.

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65. Award for daytona®: Trans Open GTX®: Recommendation.

The magazine "Motorradfahrer" sees in enduro boots "frontier workers who today on the highway and tomorrow on the dirt road and even on foot are suitable." Therefore 8 boots were tested. The Daytona Trans Open GTX ® was awarded with a "recommendation". Conclusion of the testers: "Fit / comfort: very good. Security: very good. Denseness test: Passed. Processing: very good."

>> more information to Trans Open GTX®

64. Award for daytona®: Touring Star GTX ® Super. Hit. Winner.

The magazine MOTORRAD has checked touring boots for their suitability. Nine models it have had to prove itself on the road and in the laboratory. The daytona® Touring Star GTX has been the testwinner. Conclusion of the testers: "Designed specifically produced for the chain stores Louis  extremely high quality Daytona Boots Touring Star GTX is a hit. Ideal balance of good, solid seat, high touring comfort and the best crash protection. Costs a lot, but can do everything. Super!"

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Daytona Are The Daddies At Making Motorcycle Boots

The FAST BIKES MAGAZINE writes: Simply put, Daytona are the daddies at making motorcycle boots. They're not distracted by manufacturing other kit, so are devotet to bringing you the ultimate in safety. Many racers sacrifice paid contracts just to have Daytona's top-quality product. Usually top end on price but clearly top-end in results, too. Warming your tootsies from the kings of safety are the new Road Stars - not the sexiest jiving boots, but packed full of protection and assurance with their patented inner/outer booties.

>> more information to Road Star GTX®

Daytona Is The Ferrari Of The Boot World

And another report of the FAST BIKES MAGAZINE: You need top-to-toe coverage when you're out and about on a bike, and nothing protects the toes better than this lot. An oft used expressions is that if racers weren't paid to wear boots, they'd all weare Daytona. And this isn't so far from the truth, going by what we've been told here at FB by countless racers over the years. Any racers that do wear them, ususally have to pay for the privilege. Daytona is the Ferrari of the boot world in this case, and it's a mantle well deserved. The Security Evo III is the ultimate expression of this twin-shoe philosophy.

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MOTORCYCLE tested the AC4 WD Opinion: very good

The editors of the magazine MOTORCYCLE has taken the AC4 WD under the microscope. Quote: "... Daytona understands it well, anyway to spend an externally trimmed on sneaker motorcycle boots many security Goodies: bilateral knuckle protection, abrasion resistant reinforced gear, reinforced inner sole with hot-galvanized steel. The laces run through a cam buckle closed and they gives no millimeter back.  Compared to original motorcycle boots, you can run really good with it. Highly recommended they are for those who renounce gladly times on heavy, high boots, because it looks better or because you want to deposit no second pair to change the office ....  " Conclusion: Motorcycling goes well. And walking is running also.   >> more information to AC PRO

New price for our monthly prizedraw!

Let us know about your experience, e.g. for how many years you already are on tour with your pair of daytona® boots, or maybe how it protected you in an accident against injuries, or simply post your opinion to our products.
Or you send us a picture of yourself or your friends, on tour with a boot of daytona®, on a route, on vacation...The special boot for a higher level and easier rest. Extensive comfort and safety features, ca. 6cm heel height, shorter shaft and extra-adjusted calf width. And all in a stylish design - ideal for ladies.

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World travelers make a pit stop at Daytona

Sara „The Peach“ Pedersen und ihr Mann Daniel „Big D“ Pedersen umrunden die Welt auf ihren Bikes. Seit zweieinhalb Jahren sind sie schon auf Tour, fünf Jahre liegen noch vor ihnen. Kürzlich haben sie bei daytona in Eggenfelden einen Boxenstop eingelegt, um sich die Stiefel neu besohlen zu lassen. Unter kann man die Tour der beiden verfolgen. In the picture f.l.: Big D, Berta Frey (daytona), The Peach, Reinhard Frey (daytona)


Of course are boots for riding a motorbike. But they should handle a short ramble through the city or in the café or the route to work as well. Though not everyone likes the solid hold of a high shaft. In this case is the AC4 WD a great choice - a boot, whose shaft only reaches the ankle. WD stands for „walk and drive“, the boot shows its benefits when walking and driving as well.

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Driving racy, arriving safe and ambling comfortable afterwards: You can’t do that with every boot. But the AC Pro comes this idea very close though. He combines the qualities of a sporty daytona boot with the comfort of a only ankle-high shoe. So you can walk without big restriction.

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Strive GTX

The new sports boots: waterproof, comfortable, and - as usual with us - equipped with extensive security features.

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Nicer choppen with Urban Master 2 GTX.

Who loves the wind, the road, driving from its original site, which also emphasizes the right equipment. The new motorcycle boots Urban Master 2 GTX from daytona is the first choice for quality-conscious choppers and cruisers.

>> more information to Urban Master 2 GTX

New trading partners in the CIS

The company  OOO“AMDistribution“ in Moscow is our new exclusive marketing partner of daytona®-products in the CIS countries. To the local customers to make the choice, there is the daytona® site now also in Russian.

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Create your Security Evo G3 with the Configurator

The racing-boot can adapt perfectly to the outfit of driver and machine. Read here how you order your individual Security Evo G3. Colour your own boot - you have the choice!

>> to the Security Evo G3 - CONFIGURATOR

The perfect speedway boot for juniors: daytona® Speed Youngsters'.

This new type of speedway, dirt-track and grass-track racing sports boot has been specifically matched to the needs of junior race motorcyclists, offering the full safety and convenience typical for daytona®. Already available from European size 34 (UK size 2 or US size 4.5, respectively).

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