• 30 years of faithful companions

    30 years of faithful companions
    Hello, in 1978 I bought my first pair of Daytona leather boots. They were my faithful companions on my motorcycle tours for 30 years. In 2008 they were finally allowed to retire, because I bought my Daytona Sport Easy GTX, which I still wear today, see pictures. PS: Great praise for the quality and the fair price-performance ratio! With kind regards from Kaiserslautern Michael Knieriemen, Germany
    15.10.2018 • Gewinnspiel
  • Outstanding quality and remarkable service

    Outstanding quality and remarkable service
    Outstanding quality and remarkable service

    In 2002 the first Daytonas came to my big feet. The road stars accompanied me for many years inconspicuously, in the rain, in the heat, sightseeing and sometimes on the race track. At the end of 2015, on a tour through Morocco, my boots ran out of breath. The gearshift reinforcements were detached from both sides of the substructure, and the soles had been worn through and sanded down in the meantime. After 13 years of intensive use, it was now time to invest a few euros in new boots. The Road Star were left behind in the south and were immediately replaced by new Touring Star GTX. Like their predecessors, the boots fit perfectly again. In addition to the excellent product quality, Daytona's remarkable service should also be mentioned. After three years there was a problem with the interior of the 'new' boots. The repair service was able to fix this at short notice and even as a gesture of goodwill (thanks also for that). Michael Schultze
    15.10.2018 • Gewinnspiel
  • Daytona and my Susi

    Daytona and my Susi
    are simply a well-rehearsed team, no matter what the season. Andreas Härtelt, Germany
    15.10.2018 • Gewinnspiel
  • Mountain hiking with daytonas - no problem

    With my GS I drove this year to the Rossfeld-Panoramastraße and then to the Almbachklamm in Berchtesgaden. Unfortunately I had forgotten my mountaineering boots. Since the weather was simply wonderful and I intended to hike to the Kneifelspitze, I did the hike with my Daytona boots. No problem! The view of the Watzmann and a - non-alcoholic - wheat beer were the most beautiful reward above. And when I arrived back down at my GS, I had experienced a dreamlike day: Rossfeld and Kneifelspitze and that without mountain boots, but with my "Daytonas". Your Max Baßlsperger, Germany
    15.10.2018 • Gewinnspiel
  • Quality is worth it

    On my Sport Easy GTX the gearshift amplifiers were getting on in years. The boot is almost 10 years old. Send an inquiry to Daytona for repair, answer no problem. Said, done. Boots came after a week again, looked like new, even new insoles in it. I was very happy. One rarely experiences such a service. It's worth spending money on quality. Because the service there is also right. I hope this company will continue to exist for many, many years to come. Gerhard Krämer, Germany
    15.10.2018 • Gewinnspiel
  • Daytona boots are so comfy.

    Daytona boots are so comfy.
    My dog keeps stealing them from me!! -Denim, a very happy customer ;)
    Denim Brack, Belgium
    15.10.2018 • Gewinnspiel
  • A safe companion for life

    Sounds hackneyed, but safety first! Half a year ago I might not have talked like that. Before I always drove with normal shoes for financial reasons. But then, in an accident, I had a torn ligament on my foot. The fall happened not with the motorcycle, but with the bicycle! And that at moderate speed. Not to think about what can happen with the motorcycle. But from such situations one learns and therefore I have bought myself a new companion for the life. - Thank you Daytona. Alexander Litvinov, Germany
    15.10.2018 • Gewinnspiel
  • For 12 Years now, through all Seasons

    For 12 Years now, through all Seasons
    A big thank you to Daytona! Hi, I am Erwin from Amsterdam. I have been using my Road Stars for 12 years now, through all seasons. As you can see, i used them well :) so i decided to stick with you guys and bought myself a new pair of Road Stars today.I just wanted to take some time to write you and thank you for the top notch quality. Use this message as a testimonial or publicity, because i am very happy with the Road Stars! 12 years every penny well worth!! Kind regards from Amsterdam, Erwin den Engelsen
    15.10.2018 • Gewinnspiel
  • Far, far ahead of all competitors

    Far, far ahead of all competitors
    "Made in Germany" ...rare, but it still exists, the term... I have been wearing daytona motorcycle boots for 37 years now and will continue to wear them for at least 20 years until I stop riding motorcycles. At the age of 15 I started riding motocross races. All the money I could earn at that time I put into my passion, motorcycling. As much as my parents would have liked to support me financially, with four children and a salary it was simply not possible at that time. I had bought my first vehicle and all my equipment in used condition, including my first Daytona boots. They were like on the photo, but in black and white :-) Until today I have been riding a few types of motorcycles (motocross, off-road, trial, supermoto and road) and daytona boots have always accompanied me. ...almost always, because I have tried a few competitors... For me, daytona still lies today in terms of design, quality, service and, above all, corporate management... no... today even more so... far, far ahead of all competitors. Greetings to the management, all employees and of course to all daytona friends, Jürgen Beier Germany
    15.10.2018 • Gewinnspiel
  • Never another brand

    Never another brand
    5 years ago I took over my father's very old Daytona. They have been serving him faithfully for a long time and I have also descended thousands of kilometres with them. Never again another brand, really great what you are producing in our region! Philipp Radecker, Germany
    15.10.2018 • Gewinnspiel
  • Without Daytonas it does not work

    Without Daytonas it does not work
    On the way with borrowed Daytonas, because the good weather came back faster than the boots from the repair.
    Bernhard Reckmann, Germany
    15.10.2018 • Gewinnspiel
  • I'm excited

    I'm excited
    I have owned Daytona boots for 5 years and I am thrilled! On the photo I stand in Daytonas at Kazakh - Chinese border and I am happy!! Greetings to Daytona - Team
    Vitalij Tchernych, Germany
    15.10.2018 • Gewinnspiel
  • Higher Stand. Better support.

    Higher Stand. Better support.
    daytona® has developed special motorcycle boots for smaller female and male bikers. A combination of an internal heel elevation and a higher sole makes these boots 6 cm "bigger". With the higher stand you reach the ground easier when stopping, you stand more secure and you can support the motorcycle better.

    >>> more information...

    26.09.2018 • Neuigkeiten
  • Manual work. Worth each cent.

    Manual work. Worth each cent.
    How a daytona® boot evolves from around 120 individual parts.

    If you have all the components of one of our motorcycle boots in front of you, it almost looks like an insoluble puzzle. But our 130 specialists in the production know exactly what belongs together and how. After 80 working steps they have processed everything into a new genuine daytona® motorcycle boot. One of about 70,000 pairs of motorcycle boots, that we deliver every year.

    The new video from the production shows many of the steps that are necessary to make motorcycle boots with maximum safety, perfect fit and long durability.

    >>> click here for the video

    26.09.2018 • Neuigkeiten
  • AC Classics GTX

    AC Classics GTX
    A real eyecatcher, because whether brown or black, it doesn‘t look like a motorcycle boot at first glance. More like a good old mountain boot to lace up. Its retro look almost hides the modern interior. As a typical Daytona boot, it is reliably waterproof thanks to the Goretex membrane and offers all kinds of safety.

    >>> more information to AC Classics GTX
    26.09.2018 • Neuigkeiten
  • SL Pilot GTX

    SL Pilot GTX
    A short shaft model that offers women six centimeters additional height. Waterproof, breathable and comfortable thanks to numerous well-placed inserts and upholstery.

    >>> more information to SL Pilot GTX
    26.09.2018 • Neuigkeiten
  • NEW: the Max Sports GTX

    NEW: the Max Sports GTX
    A fully equipped waterproof short-shaft boot, from the rubber sole to the raised sole to the upper, which facilitates the start with its two zippers.

    >>> more information to Max Sports GTX
    26.09.2018 • Neuigkeiten
  • Travel enduro boots with cross genes and 7 highlights.

    Travel enduro boots with cross genes and 7 highlights.
    All those who like it sporty will find a partner for their adventures in TransTourMan GTX. The travel enduro with the cross genes comes off-road. Nevertheless, you don‘t have to forego comfort: waterproof and breathable, with well padded, solid protectors and clever details such as exchangeable wear parts or the super comfortable entrance, for which zipper and Velcro have been combined.

    >>> more information to TransTourMan GTX

    26.09.2018 • Neuigkeiten
  • Road Star GTX soon in five different widths

    Road Star GTX soon in five different widths
    Mind you, for every shoe size - there has never been anything like it. The bestseller, which has been available in three widths, can now be obtained in five different variants. At the top and bottom of the wide spectrum, XS and XL have been added. That there really is something for every foot and every foot.

    >>> more information to Road Star GTX

    26.09.2018 • Neuigkeiten
  • M-Star GTX: in the future also in size 44 and 45

    M-Star GTX: in the future also in size 44 and 45
    These two new sizes have been added. The premium men‘s boot with full equipment and six centimeters higher stand is now available in sizes 40 to 45.

    >>> more information to M-Star GTX

    26.09.2018 • Neuigkeiten
  • Others are not worth a try

    Others are not worth a try
    After 5 years and a fall experience they are still comfortable and top. The only drawback The sole is almost smooth. Buy me Daytona again and again, because I attach importance to German complete production. I had recently tried on an Enduro boot with the Asians: Size 48 was max.47. The buckles were not stuck. The screws of the buckle holder were rusted .ALSO: It was not worth a try. Conclusion: Quality and production= DAYTONA
    Walter Fasse, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • First cream ride comfort

    First cream ride comfort
    Every year, Daytona is my faithful companion on my GSR. Whether short-haul or day trip, the ride comfort is always first cream.
    Andreas Härtelt, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • My M-Star

    My M-Star
    10 years, 120,000 km, on the way to overhaul.
    Bernhard Reckmann, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • They do everything

    They do everything
    My Trans Open GTX have seen in almost exactly 10,5 years and about 90,000 km in my possession for the third time already the North Cape and also quite a lot of Europe. As you can see in the picture, they still have a lot to do and keep my feet nice and dry even on longer trips in bad weather over gravel in Scandinavia. Christian Kunder, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • 8 years, 1 boot

    For the past 18 years I am traveling with the same pair of daytona boots summer and winter. Work-up has been necessary now I send them well but soon into well-deserved retirement. During a fall of 50 kmh and the stupid attempt yet to stabilize the load with the foot, I've broken my ankle unfortunately a few years ago because no help was in sight but kept on the boots. Due to the swelling, the leg was wonderfully splinted in the boot and I was able to drive independently to the hospital the next day. Not recommended for imitation !! Magnus Spangemacher, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Absolute top Quality of Protection and Comfort

    I have been riding all types of motorcycles Harley Davidson triumph and Ducati, I grew up three streets away from the Indian motorcycle museum in Springfield Massachusetts, and I have always had a passion for motorcycles. In searching for motorcycle boots I have tried everything, and the absolute top quality of protection and comfort is the Daytona boot. Alex DeAngelis ,Super bike racer, is one of my closest friends, and I have the advice on the best equipment possible, he gives a “thumbs up ;)on these boots. Danke, Grazie and thank you Daytona! Great Job. Christopher Perrotta, USA
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Well equipped for all weather

    I've been riding Daytona Journey in almost any weather for years (and the Road Star GTX on the other days) - as well as in August via Switzerland to Spain. Since it was nice weather, I left the GTX at home ... and it came as it should not come. I drove directly into the rain. They have long defied the rain, but the water eventually went through anyway. Thankfully I was able to dry the shoes in the hotel overnight - the GTX were at home ... Since then I always have the 2nd pair as a replacement ;-))) and sometimes as in the photo ... Regina Hülsmann, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Heat, rain, drive, walk ... all the best

    Hello, for about 70,000 km I have with the Daytona Strive GTX the pure driving pleasure, even in pouring rain and at 38 degrees in the summer. Also on foot a first-class boots !!! Greetings, Mike from Saxony-Anhalt. Mike Seydel, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • 20 years

    Hello, After several fast unfit low-cost boots and then Springer boots (uncomfortable) it was anno 1998 a few Daytona RoadStar. After two uncomfortable slips (feet but well) and twenty years was finally - sole broken when jacking up. A new pair of the same size fit right away. Nice, that there was the Road Star still. Matthias Borgers, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • These are by far the best

    I've owned my Daytona's (M Star GTX) for a month now. I've had many boots over the years and these are by far the best, so much so that I really wish I'd bought a pair years ago as they would still be going strong. Even better they provide the right amount of lift to help muscling my rather tall and heavy motorcycle around much easier and safer. However I have a tiny gripe to share. Because the manufacturer recommends application of the Daytona polish BEFORE first use; why isn't a small complementary tube included in the pack? I had to order a tube online and wait nearly a week before I could use the boots.
    Reg Pengelly, United Kingdom
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • I've had my Daytonas

    for almost 10 years and they are still in top form. The quality is outstanding, keep it up :)
    Jonathan Häde
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Inherited from the father and still here :)

    Inherited from the father and still here :)
    These brilliant boots, like their conspecifics, have already experienced a lot. You have successfully protected my father's feet for many years and have been mine for almost 5 years now. I do not need to mention how incredibly comfortable they are. That's why I can not part with it. Although the years, and one or the other fall, have easily added to the visual, I still wear them. The thought of getting new ones is postponed every time. Great boots !! Mike Dönni, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Experience? Quite simply ...

    The first motorcycle shoe that really fits! Eric Chorzepa, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Well invested money

    Well invested money
    For a long time I bought quite cheap boots for motorcycling and took corresponding problems such as bruises, wet feet etc in purchasing. A friend was thrilled with daytona boots, they were too expensive for me as a new purchase. But I wanted to test for myself, if the enthusiasm of my colleague is appropriate and bought me used. The 80 € for it were very well laid out. I'm very satisfied. My next boots will certainly be from daytona, this time new! Roger Christmann, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • I have never spared her

    I have never spared her
    I have been riding motorcycles for over 30 years. During this time I have worn more than ten pairs of Daytona boots, in the last few years alone I have had two pair of Journeys that I had already repaired twice at Daytona. It was never the quality of the boots, which I have never spared, neither on the Feierabendrunde or on the Nordschleife. In case of several accidents, Daytona boots have always prevented worse. Particularly bad it has caught me with my Yamaha R1 times, as me the front wheel has slipped several times in a curve and I was several feet with my foot between the engine and asphalt was pinched. If I had not worn Daytona boots, my foot would probably have been beyond salvation. Later I gave the boots in my Louis store as illustrative material for the trainees. The current boots have been ruined by me again and I was the days in the specialized trade (FC Moto) and have tried on more than 10 different few boots. Unfortunately EVO and so on were not in stock. Do I have to go there again? I definitely want to try a boot with liner. Sincerely, Frank Faßbender, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • -15° to + 35°

    I've been riding a motorcycle since 2003 and Daytona for so long. Whether at -15 ° or at + 35 °, the boots are just great. Have now got the 3rd pair and never wet feet. Just feel safe with the comfortable boots. Andreas Schmidt, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Definitely worth every penny

    Definitely worth every penny
    My Daytona experience started in August 2012 and lasted eight months, taking me through countries like Iran, Pakistan and Nepal, all the way to Malaysia. My Lady Star went with me in the truest sense of the word through thick and thin. At the time of my trip, I had just four months for my motorcycle driver's license and terrible fear. The moped was lowered, padded and now only the matching boots were missing. A cheap model had already given up after a year as Sozia already the spirit and in view of the fact that it went further, had what high quality ago. My first impression when slipping into my Daytonas: they are like slippers! Finally motorcycle boots, where you can walk comfortably. Added to this was the increase in sales, which has made life much easier for me as a beginner driver. I do not know how many times my bike fell to my feet. At 50 times I stopped counting. I drove with these boots on bumpy slopes, through mud and rivers. Yes, I can confirm that they are waterproof! Both from outside to inside, and from inside to outside! A fall on a slippery slope, at about 40 km / h in Thailand, has left a clear mark in the leather of my boots and my bike was not fit to drive for a short time afterwards. My feet were wonderful! After this trip, I can only advise anyone to take more money and buy Daytona boots. They are definitely worth every penny. Since I am now a much more experienced driver, I have separated from the sales increase and have switched to a flat model. Right now I'm wearing the Trans Open and - in the summer with great enthusiasm - the Journey GTX. Jana Danneberg Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • 14 years

    I've had two pairs of daytona boots for 14 years, the first ones I bought. Everything wonderful, always warm feet ... otherwise I'm more of the frozen one. Stefan Lettmair, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • My first Daytona boots, around 1980

    My first Daytona boots, around 1980
    Wolfgang Möhrke, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • I've learned the value of good protective clothing

    I've been riding bikes through most of my 65 years and although most of my journeys were for commuting, the past few years I have been riding solely for pleasure. Being somewhat older and wiser, I've paid far more attention to safety than ever and I continue to learn new skills and undertake advanced training. In particular, I've learned the value of good protective clothing and in recent years I've been through a number of pairs of boots that claimed to be protective but I've found to be lacking in some regard or another. Finally after all these years I've discovered Daytona. Beyond doubt these are the finest boots to be had, being extremely well made and cleverly designed with safety at the forefront. I've probably got another 15 years of biking left in me and these boots will see me out and then some! Reg Pengelly, United Kingdom
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Thank you for much pleasure at fair prices

    Thank you for much pleasure at fair prices
    Dear Daytona team, I have just received back my 10-year-old Daytona Touring Star GTX from the repair. Thanks for the top quality of your products. And should it be something, you can rely on the lifelong repair service at very fair prices. Thanks to you I will have a lot of fun on my next tours and especially no wet feet. 10 years and they look like new. Keep it up. Best regards, Thomas Oswald, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • The boot is dense :-)

    The boot is dense :-)
    On a tour (about 450 km in the rain) my pants failed. The water has flowed slowly over the legs into the boots. Water level at the end about 4-5 cm - in the boot! He left nothing out, absolutely dense in both directions :-)
    Greetings Benno van Walsem, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Highly recommended

    We have made our tour from Mönchegladbach to Lake Garda. The trip we had to survive in the rain. My boots were "socks wet". Since the brand of biker colleagues is highly recommended to me, I would also like to purchase a pair of Daytona.
    Petra Zizkat, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • The most comfortable Boots I've ever had

    The most comfortable Boots I've ever had
    I've worn my Evo Sports for the past 8 or 9 years for classic racing & they're the most comfortable boots I've ever had. Great feel & great protection. Five crashes & my feet are still good. They're a bit scruffy now but I love them!
    Robin Stokes, United Kingdom
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Great service

    For years, I'm looking for "the" boots to my feet. After trying a lot of boots and not being able to find any suitable ones (my instep seems very high), I went to my Daytona dealer and had my foot measured there to have a pair of boots made to measure. A call to Daytona made it possible, great service. Only the dealer did not want to measure my foot again and so I still have no suitable Daytona. My great desire for 38 years of motorcycling and repeatedly aching feet. A few Daytona that fit well on my feet and allow me the rest of the remaining years, painless motorcycling. Best regards Alex Wentz, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Daytona and many tours. They are worth it.

    After I went on a three-day tour with "wet" feet, I bought my first couple of Daytona boots and use them now more than 15 years! I can not spare a smile when I hear my boys complaining ... Daytona is worth it. Currently they are repairing ... they deserve to be refreshed! Dietmar Breininger, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Please, please, now a Daytona

    Please, please, now a Daytona
    When picking up my Ducati Scrambler from Cologne, I got into a storm. It poured in buckets. My clothes holding tight since I have invested enough. However, I saved with my shoes and I got to feel after two minutes, so I had to empty my lake in the shoe under the next highway bridge first. At that moment, I looked nothing more than having a desired Daytona shoe !!! It would definitely have been worth every penny!
    Manuela Wiethof, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Optimally in all situations

    On my first Daytona boots I've saved a long time. But now that I have work, I was able to fulfill my dream: Daytona Touring Star GTX boots bought. And was not disappointed. I used to run work shoes with steel sole. That saved me a foot when he got into the spokes at the back. Footpeg bent, foot healed, lesson learned! When I then put on my Daytona for the first time at a major hamburger chain, it soon became clear: They fit like a glove. Almost as perfect as forest Vierteler shoes for walking on the road, so optimal fit Daytona on the moped. In all situations. So not about or expresses little or in the vastness difficult, no, just good. Suitable for Central Europeans. And this has been confirmed fully over the years: you can put them well and feels comfortable in it, even in the heat and on the race track. Mittle r while I traversed the corners, actually I could to try the fabled repair service. So far I have but rather glued flat iron with Pattex Extreme, because you can scuffing your boots in the curve on the tarmac right. That after hours of wearing such a boot is still comfortable, that is rather the exception. These boots are the exception: much better than anything I knew before, they make a sure impression.
    Harry Starnberg, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Unpacked, dressed, fits.

    After 12 years of Daytona boots, it was time to buy new boots (zipper torn, but otherwise still perfect). Motorcycle Accessories (Mike's Biker Shop) came to me again only Daytona in question. Because of my high instep, only the Road Star GTX came into question. Unpacked, dressed, fits. The high price is a measure of the quality.
    Klaus Meyer, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Super reliable motorcycle boots

    Super reliable motorcycle boots
    After 15 years, unfortunately, the reinforcement on the right shoe dissolves. Perhaps a repair is worthwhile.
    Frank Wissing, Germany
    15.11.2016 • Gewinnspiel
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