• MOTORCYCLE tested the AC4 WD Opinion: very good

    MOTORCYCLE tested the AC4 WD Opinion: very good
    The editors of the magazine MOTORCYCLE has taken the AC4 WD under the microscope. Quote: "... Daytona understands it well, anyway to spend an externally trimmed on sneaker motorcycle boots many security Goodies: bilateral knuckle protection, abrasion resistant reinforced gear, reinforced inner sole with hot-galvanized steel. The laces run through a cam buckle closed and they gives no millimeter back. Compared to original motorcycle boots, you can run really good with it. Highly recommended they are for those who renounce gladly times on heavy, high boots, because it looks better or because you want to deposit no second pair to change the office .... " Conclusion: Motorcycling goes well. And walking is running also. >> more information to AC4 WD
    26.08.2016 • Neuigkeiten
  • There is no reason to purchase another

    My Burdits accompany me already 8 years, they were also shod ever again, but that is more to my riding style than at the super good quality. The shoe looked after recap like new again. Still convenient, safe and dry.
    There is no reason to ever buy another shoe except a Daytona, and I must say, nioht sleep competitors and also have good and priced models on the market, not to be confused with cheap.
    Security, good
    Comfort, good
    Service, good
    Price, satisfactory

    Greetings to the field
    Chris Coronato
    25.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Without daytonas I probably would have broken my foot

    I slipped in Spain on the way back from Morocco in a roundabout traffic and my foot was twisted trapped under my Reiseenduro until I was helped by passers-by. Without daytonas I probably would have broken my foot.
    Martin Wendt, Germany
    25.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Constant rain. Feet: dry

    I was three weeks ago for a week in the Giant Mountains. Every day rain, thunderstorms and wet roads. Actually, that was already showering almost more than rain. The only thing that has remained dry, my feet thanks Daytona! SUPER WORK, keep it up !!!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
    Sandra Borowski, Germany
    25.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • After 18 years, the gum dissolves ...

    18 years ago I did my motorcycle license and my friend bought me already to the training sessions a couple of Daytona. At that time I declared him crazy, because I did not even know if I can do the driving.
    Well, what can I say, I've done it and drive my first boots still :-) but today I realized then but that has broken down on the instep up in smallest items the rubber cover. Now I have heard that one of his boots also can be repaired and am therefore be found on your website to there possibly any notes and am there encountered your Prizedraw. So I try my luck.
    best regards
    Saskia Stoldt, Germany
    25.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Other girls buy Manolos ...

    Other girls buy Manolos ...
    ... I have buy for myself some reasonable motorcycle boots! Since I have guarantee a longer time of it!
    Sabine Pfadenhauer, Germany
    25.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • At least 10 years

    At least 10 years
    I now have the third pair of Daytona boots. The two first held min. Per 10 years. I have walked with the boots on castles, they have protected myself at 2 accidents and for me to come only in Daytona question :-9
    Doris Heinz, Germany
    25.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • An embarrassing story that happened to me last year:

    An embarrassing story that happened to me last year:
    I drive a 35 year old bike, which then has its quirks. Visually beautiful aufgebrezelt, technically overhauled much, yet with little quirks. A quirk: The idle wanted (now new Bowden) not properly clean. I drive on the weekend, just before an exit on "my" gas station and want to refuel. I Trample and Dosière - nothing idling. I make the bike out, well and one can imagine what's coming ... If not for the embarrassment that has met a Harley-force at the same time behind me, I knew one of them, chatted briefly and me waving from me adopted foreign troops. I casually helmet on, sit on. Gas station become so packed that the customers were queued up outside. I start to draw without coupling (classic beginner's mistake), my bike leaps, I scare myself, slide off with the Daytona and the bike reminds me to my feet. From all corners assistants now came up, but I could in now lying mirror see the Harley riders, shaking his head zuhielten eyes and have certainly thought "the main thing lipstick on it ...;-)" Even though I am indeed slipped because of smooth sole, the shoes have me but actually saved from AUA. The hard hat saved my feet. As my sole actually behaves like soft soap on the floor (which is simply outdated?), The tab is torn, the back of the heel, the lining has worn off, I would have a few worthy new or? ;-);-) I have, incidentally, size 39 ...
    The little things have rescued my toes and will probably remain forever thanks to this fall in memory.
    Katja Schnetzke, Germany
    25.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • With 55 it has an end with bad boots

    As I'm going soon 55 years old and i spend a lot of ill-fitting and little safe motorcycle boots. Not anymore. I became acquainted Daytona and I am very impressed. It's great that there is so great you and boots. Also I have in your boots the right sensitivity for switching. THANK YOU
    Manfred Götz, Germany
    25.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • For 20 years daytona. Never Regretted!

    For 20 years daytona. Never Regretted!
    1996 I got the 'Roadstar GTX' put on me. Was a lot of coal, which had to be put on the table. Have it but NEVER regretted, as was shown in the years. In 2009 I had already times requested from you what a retreading costs. The price was really acceptable! As an extra praise distinctly heard !!!! But to retreading, it did not. For my 50th birthday I got a thick coupon of my colleagues and I have new 'Travel Star GTX' indulged a pair. When it comes to the holidays, two couple 'Shoes' here, my Daytona boots and wooden Cloggs, more is needed. In your boots you can also like to run well. And should it even a day without Mopped (GSX1100G), or in the evening, then as my Cloggs for me. In circle of friends has some other at the feet. But all (!) Have one or the other fault with their boots. I can only grin and say, saving at the wrong end. Quality has its price, there is no way around it. I will always carry Daytona and recommend. Some are now agree. Keep it up! But needless to say now. Good job! Thank you! Ok, the present look already a bit worn out. Is he from me, and not on the boot.
    Rolf Dautzenberg, Germany
    25.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Since that point in time comes only Daytona on my feet while driving.

    From the first moment I was just thrilled by the processing, the comfort and the best moisture protection, I have ever had. And the case of used boots that were already a few years old. Since that point in time comes only Daytona on my feet while driving.
    Yesterday certainly I had a become completely alien incident, after about 30 minutes of rain ride, my left foot was the first than my right was wet.
    I could hardly believe that a 2.5 year old Daytona is leaking.
    The boots I have now brought to Louis, where I bought it.
    Although the seller said that the warranty expires, but I can not imagine that it is normal in my experience with Daytona for me.
    Despite a negative experience I have to say: Daytona's are the best I have ever had.
    Greeting Dirk Sinz, Germany
    25.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • I actually just wanted to buy any boots, then ran me your boot purely

    I actually just wanted to buy any boots, then ran me your boot purely
    We were at an opening with the motorcycle in Stockach Lake Constance. With this great motorcycle in the picture. Actually, my friend wanted to buy any boots. He has tried just for fun your boots and was equally as impressed by the fit and quality that he has equal bought what. And so happy about this purchase. Now keep your fingers crossed that I win this pair, so I also possess so great boots.
    All the best I wish you all,
    Regards, Gabi Sailer, German
    25.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Even if it does not have to be - every 20 years I buy a new

    In 1976 I bought the first Daytona Boots for moped driving. These boots I drove a very long time even by motorcycle. I was so in many European countries. The boots had only one drawback, he was not waterproof and therefore only I had sometime my first waterproof motorcycle boots, of course i brought it from Daytona again. Since then, I drive the Burdit of Daytona. This boot is really great and after all these years still waterproof. I do not know how many kilometers the boot has already held and how often it has already been made and tightened. I drive every day approximately 25 KM to work and stand a lot in any weather, because the boots really need. Soon I will again bring me a new Daytona Boots and I think every 20 years a new motorcycle boots and that is with constant use not too much. For me there is no better motorcycle boots than from Daytona.
    Alois Müller, Germany
    25.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Girl always complains about cold feet - when I wear the boots: I do not !!

    Girl always complains about cold feet - when I wear the boots: I do not !!
    For many years I am even motorcycle. The good friend (and motorcyclists) I have become aware of the Daytona boots. You are my most faithful companion for all tours. I am so happy about my boots, as I in no better foot feel have as in all others. Girl always complains about cold feet - when I wear the boots: I do not !!! In the boots I know no cold, no WET, and no sweaty feet. As you can see in the photo all need a break - my boots are probably because the notable exception. I almost think that you could wear the boots 24 hours. not I needed a break, my boots :-) - The picture was taken on a tour of Hamburg to the Black Forest.

    Kirsten Hinkelmann, Germany
    25.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • That was a really violent Tour.

    That was a really violent Tour.
    I could already times need new. Size 45 would be nice :-)
    Andreas Boehm, Germany
    25.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • They are worth the money

    My first pair of shoes I could have save time if I had resorted equal to a pair of Daytona. The apparent slightly higher price screams from the beginning. The quality, workmanship and wearing comfort of the shoe is absolutely worth the money.
    Thomas Niedermeier, Germany
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Since 1995 ... seemingly indestructible

    Since 1995 ... seemingly indestructible
    These boots were made in 1995 my gift for the first Mother of my life. I still remember how we bought: In a small shop opposite the large Hein Gericke store. They were incredibly expensive and I was very proud of these great boots. Since then we have experienced a lot in common, even in the US holiday I've taken them to travel together harley there with them.
    Yes, I still wear them! Oke, who is no longer Gore Tex membrane functional, but the rest seem to be indestructible.
    Of course, I would appreciate a few "new" Daytona! But if I could just throw away so my "old"?
    Certainly the next pair of motorcycle boots is back from Daytona.
    LG Mary Karsten, Germany
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • One would force me already, to buy in the future something else

    I drive my sentence Daytona now about 3 years and 50,000 kilometers through the area. Whether remain at 40 degrees in the south of France, -5 degrees here in the winter, in the pouring rain or or or that things keep state and my feet dry (except at 40 degrees, but since the wetness comes from inside :-). Have the flops revved partially throughout the day. No scrubbing, no press, just super. Even 2-3 hour marches are not a problem between. One would force me already, to buy in the future something else :-)
    best regards
    Fabian Meistrell from Essen
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Sometimes good shoes help even before you sit on the bike and rides.

    At the beginning of the beautiful days I have made my Bandit fit and wanted to make the first round.
    Incidentally the year are also a barbecue and Outdoor Cooking overactive and have us (the heavy cast iron outdoor pots) concerned for cooking with a "Dopf" a concrete slab, lying on the porch and the porch of the Brikkies isolated.
    To enter the garage at my helmet and gloves, I have the thick plate put into his hands around her put away. It came as it had to:
    The plate slipped from my hand, falls directly on edge on my Journey XCR, slipping sideways and falls into two parts. My XCRS have only a broad gray dust strip (cloth and away), my feet have somehow ... not notice!

    Thank you ! THANK YOU !! Another brand is not an option for me.
    Stefan Goldkuhle, Germany
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • If he attracts my boots, it must be really good.

    If he attracts my boots, it must be really good.
    Ok, one sees them hardly the Trans Open. But if my little attracts my boots, it must be really good already! My eternal buddy and our sons in a beautiful Vosges Tour last year.
    The boot itself fails to impress me. Alone the leather is just great!
    Best wishes
    Thomas Wiese, Germany
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Ten years dry feet

    I am now for ten years with Daytona Gore-Tex boots go. Summer and winter, due to snow, rain and salt charged.
    I always had dry feet.
    The boots doing a reasonable services, only the switching amplification dissolves slowly.
    Andre Kilb, Germany
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • I've never had anything more comfortable at the foot

    I've never had anything more comfortable at the foot
    Earlier sample taken in biker Store and now they are at home here. I feel me so comfortable that I didn't even undressed, but am directly driven home with it. The incomparable boots in the backpack.
    6 cm greater is also a great advantage of the Lady Pilots. I've never had anything more comfortable on the foot.
    Manuela Meier, Germany
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • I would never buy another boot

    I would never buy another boot
    I drive for several years motorcycle, have already "burned" many shoes and boots, but the Daytona is by far the best thing I've ever worn. I think that I can allow myself an informed judgment at approximately 20,000 kilometers of driving per year. The shoe is super comfortable (even for a long walk - last year, for example, over the entire island of Mainau on Lake Constance) and holds all weather conditions (wet, cold and heat) absolutely stable. I would never buy another shoe. I have already passed my good experiences to others - Conclusion: complete satisfaction !!! Even my children who ride as a passenger, I bought the Daytona. Who is not delighted by this shoe, for there's simply no shoes, only sandals;-)) !!!
    I only say: "thumbs up" and keep it up !!!
    Best wishes
    Knut Wissing from the Sauerland region.
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Real worth every penny

    Real worth every penny
    I have the Roadstar Boots more than 20 years in use, up to the switching reinforcements, which have now been changed (which is also normal to time), the boots are as you can see in the picture recommend in good condition and I can only. They are really worth every penny. The service with the switching reinforcements was very fast and extremely friendly the email contact,
    Thanks again
    Hans Hinkel, Germany
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Also ideal for learner drivers

    We have the boots also with us in the driving school for our learner. We are excited. Our learner later buy Daytona boots. Keep it up.
    Jens Ehbauer, Germany
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • The extreme-weather-climate-no-problem-boots

    Always dry feet in Denmark-Norway-North Cape-Finland-Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania-Poland.
    Never sweaty feet in Spain-Morocco-Portugal-France.
    Never cold feet in the Alps of the French Maritime Alps to the ...
    Georg Spang, Germany.
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Are worth every euro, because me and my feet are what worth

    Are worth every euro, because me and my feet are what worth
    Thanks to my wonderful Burdit XCR Daytona boots (after a recommendation from a German motorcycle champion. Workmates, nothing other than Daytona to buy what even the best advice was, you could give me anything), I can also in the warm Spanish summer with my MV Agusta Brutale 800 have fun. Now I show and offer this great and quality brand.
    Is worth every euro, because my feet are worth what. Thanks LOUIS Augsburg- & DAYTONA friends !!!

    Greetings from Madrid !!!!
    Thomas Scherler Lowe
    P.S. Photo is from the Albacete racetrack;-)
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Since 1991, over 100,000 km

    Since 1991, over 100,000 km
    I bought my Daytona boots in 1991 and have traveled with you more than a hundred thousand kilometers across Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. You always made me feel a good boots on problem-foot (wide foot and high instep). Since it's still a full-leather boots, he has been through hard times also. Rain moisture by the boots was not uncommon. After 25 years, my right boot has decided to install a water outlet itself. However, the boots airs now from even faster. Nevertheless or exactly why I'm going to buy myself now Highway GTX II, in the hope that he keeps just as long and fits me well.
    Gerrit Oelmann, Germany
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Undestroyable

    It would become 27 or 28 years ago that I bought to seeing in the photograph shoes, with the then very new feature "Goretex". Since these boots I have accompanied a quarter century, to more than a dozen different bikes throughout Europe and North Africa. Whether sand in the Sahara, 45 ° C in Andalusia, sleet in the Pyrenees or violent cloudbursts, the feet were always well protected and dry.
    And, although the leather never saw a brush or even leather fat, now it's light gray. After 25 years, the Goretex gave up and water penetrates, so that they were for tours (with BMW GS) replaced by the Trans Open GTX. For occasional trips with my athletes they come but still used (there look Endurostifel simply inappropriate from;-))

    Best wishes,
    Matthias Haubold, Germany
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • The boots were at that time already the first choice ...

    The boots were at that time already the first choice ...
    The picture shows the Kawasaki was then one year old. Have fun to count back
    Tom Schaten, Germany
    24.08.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • I am and was always impressed by your quality

    Wonderfully, I again bought yesterday a new pair of boots from you. I am and was always impressed by your quality I say thank you. The price? Everything in life has its price and your price for the boots is fine, what more could you want when you're satisfied. I want to pay more for more.
    Kurt Schledermann, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Just the Best - Daytona boots!

    Super contoured fit - never had a better boots.
    But now after 20 years it is time again to grant my new Daytona`s - the sole is run through. For all I know you could be the fix, but one wants something new :-)
    All times are wrinkle-free ride!
    Tom Krenn, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • 8 days motorcycle trip to Croatia which 7 days of rain but not wet feet thanks Daytona.

    Richard Brauchle, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • The next is again one of Daytona

    When I wanted to buy new boots a pair I tried several boots from another manufacturer and I dont had a feeling "wow, it is". Then I brought the seller the Daytona Road Star GTX, I tried it on and thought, wow, that is it. When I saw the price, I tried the others again, without success. I bought the Daytona boots and did not regret it to this day. This is not China finally Sh ... that is cheap produced and sold it for a high price. These shoes earn people in Germany their money and not have any shareholders.
    Klaus Hess, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Could not be better

    Could not be better
    More than 35 years I'm going now up motorcycle and my butt has thereby served approximately 650 thousand kilometers. As a diehard Swabian I was always economical. Therefore, at the beginning of the career, I went with "normal" shoes or alternatively with rubber boots. Soon I treated myself to tidy motorcycle boots. Much later there was the first boots with membrane - in the hope of being able to go with just one pair of boots on tour. Nevertheless (with overshoes), eventually the feet were always either cold or wet! Two years ago, then the really big tour - Panamericana! For this, the equipment has to be perfect! So I gave myself a new motorcycle suit and new boots - long research on the internet convinced me from Daytona Trans Open GTX. Not cheap of boots, but on this big tour he still fits into the budget.
    What can I say ... perfect !!!! The boot falls out wide and fits me so what of perfect! I've never experienced. Even while running I feel fit as a fiddle me on the heels expresses nothing. My tour started in Alaska and ended in Argentina. In between were rainforests, continuous rain and terrible storms. So probably I have not felt in life. The feet were always warm - and still comfortable to wear at 44 degrees! After eight hours of rain in Mexico my ignition, onboard computer and navigation system have failed with water damage - on the feet I felt nothing. Only in the evening, when I took off the boots, I've noticed that the stockings were not quite dry yet.
    When I now - after more than 2 years of hard use - the boots sent for overhaul in the factory (they have in Norway in continuous rain but easily passed through), membrane and soles were completely redone - a gesture of goodwill !!!!

    I wish all Daytona drivers have the same luck!
    Susanne John, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • So these boots is real worth the money

    I'm just so happy ... and annoyed about the fact that I'm not much earlier met with the Daytona-boots! I was this spring on the verge of my beloved Kawasaki ZX-10 for sale :-(( the reason: I'm too small. Had often problems with it because I hit the ground with his toes.
    Thankfully I again browsed the Internet, what other "small" drivers have done in this situation. And as I discovered for the first time the name "Daytona". I just wanted to try yet this boot M-Star GTX easy, although I also hoped it was not much. Result: SUPER. I am overjoyed. Come with both feet fully on the road. No more worries when stopping, standing sure and several cm higher.
    So these boots is real worth the money, so easy to handle, so easy to carry. And the best part: I must keep my Ninja !!!

    Thanks DAYTONA !!!
    Johannes Schiestl, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Simply THE boot!

    Simply THE boot!
    I was on many tours for about 100.000 km, sleet and zero degrees Celcius on Alpine passes, steady rain in the Po plain and monsoon in the Himalayas, 46 degrees Celcius in Morocco. The boots are rainproof, comfortable (also on small hiking-trips), still bearable at high temperatures. And today, after more than 10 years, the reinforced gear starts to peel off. These boots were worth it, I won’t have to think about the producer or type of possible successors of my boots. But first I’ll strive for the repair service, maybe my boots’ll stay with me for a little longer :-).

    Ralf Zebisch
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Made in Germany - no doubt!

    My acquaintances drew my attention to Daytona. So far I was on tour with my BW boots I received from my work. But unfortunately these boots fell apart due to the high temparatures recently - both soles peeled off. After an extensive research only one manufactorer of boots come into question: Daytona! Made in Germany :-)

    Daniel Frank
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • While not cheap ... but more than worth the price.

    I have the Travel Star GTX. I'm really 100% satisfied with the boots. I've never had cold feet, even when morning temperatures below zero. Even with the strongest rain and ankle-deep puddles with "extended legs" I never had wet feet. In summer heat, there are no problems, the feet were never too hot. The boots I would buy again. The build quality is absolutely top. The boots are not cheap but more than worth the price.
    Gert Ammelt, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Daytona - a enjoyment

    Hey, I drive for 16 years even motorcycle and above 20 years as a passenger. Most like in all weather conditions. Also in to work with stopover shopping. Finally I can buy decent shoes and times because there are nothing more than Daytona. A few of my motorcycle pals wear daytona for 30 years. Insanity. Greeting, just a normal woman enjoying motorcycling.
    Rosita Schadl, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Who buys cheap, buys twice.

    Who buys cheap, buys twice.
    After my Billigheimer deceived me years ago, I changed my purchasing strategy and bought me a pair of boots XCR. After the extremely positive experiences I have torn myself against the general trend of the greed-is-cool mentality and now eighth in all Betreichen of life on top quality and manufacture. Ifs is nothing from Germany, then at least from Europe. Because it feels good because quality has existed and it cause I'm worth it. As a little pride of ownership is there!
    Mathias Metzger, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • End of the 90

    When I hung the helmet in the late 90s of the famous "nail", buddy Jens K. wanted to have my Evo boots. To accompany it's "all-carbon 916" new outdoor boots were then ordered and he went to the first road tour. The then unfortunately ended in a turnip field and the total loss of the Ducati. The best part was then but the statement by the attending physician, Dr. Becker: "So boots, I've never seen, but they saved them the Foot!". Jens was then calmer - but Daytona he remained faithful.
    Martin Grein, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Retrieved from "off the rack" never fit me boots.

    Never in motorcycle clothing and otherwise. The visit to the Daytona dealer brought the realization: The first boot fits, sits and has air.
    And look great and protect he can. He is exactly the boot, it has always been missing. Now for 15 years. A great product!
    Dagmar Höhn, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Stand to cool off in the lake

    In a hot summer tour I have stood with the boots for cooling in Carinthia in Wörthersee. The feet were nicely chilled. The socks stayed dry.
    Feet were fresh and continue making their joy. If I have to take off his boots and socks for cooling, I would have come back into the boots barely 800 km away.
    Guido Höhn, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • If I'll ever need new boots again...

    In my trip to the Mecklenburg Lake District, I have my Daytona Trans Open GTX learned to appreciate.
    Absolutely great wearing comfort, absolutely dry even after several hours riding in the rain and also smaller hikes were not a problem with the boots. If I should even need new boots, which I do not think probably in very good processing of boots in the next few years, only Daytona.
    Harald Henke, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Height and hardness test Mastered perfectly

    Height and hardness test Mastered perfectly
    After I already accompanied my Daytona Trans Open GTX by wild adventure in all sorts of countries, they have now driven me to the extreme. And that in quite literally! Because along with a Royal Enfield we were on the highest motorable mountain pass in the world in the Himalayas - the Khardungla. With the 5600 meters my boots just came along well like water crossings, landslides, mud passages and everything else they have to offer Indian roads like this. I'm looking forward to the next tours, because obviously they have passed their altitude endurance test perfectly.
    Andre Förster, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Pathetic nobodies - convincing Dayton

    I decided to purchase a touring boot from Daytona after my old no-name boots have failed miserably. My passengers have convinced me. The old boot are the same landed in the ton and have not begun the return journey!
    Erik Krueger, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Thanks Daytona SHORTIES!

    Thanks Daytona SHORTIES!
    Where should I start and where to end? I just start times. It's the year 2004, after I'm no special protective clothing, apart from a leather jacket and helmet, partially extremely driven about 25 years, I thought it would be now time not to challenge the luck further and join the security to their right to let. As Lower Bavaria that meant for me a ride to the nearby Rottal to Daytona factory. Finally, you do not have every day the opportunity to work with an international reputation to attend a Lower Bavarian company. How serious this light therefore predicted predicate "international reputation" is to be taken, I realized four years later during a visit to the "Barber Motorsports Park Museum" in Birmingham / Alabama. There is next to a Jordan Motorsports Suzuki Superbike a showcase with a leather suit of basketball player Michael Jordan, who at least at the time a private Superbike team in the AMA sponsored and leathers stuck in ................ DAYTONA boots! What to feel a feeling so far from home a touch home. But now back to Lower Bavaria. A few months after the purchase of a decent leather suit and boots Daytona (SHORTY) I had an unpleasant encounter the four-wheeled kind, followed by free flight by standing on the roadside trees. The total loss of the Yamaha R1 was followed by the logging of driver Lädierungen. Cracked vertebrae, broken ribs, broken finger. The only thing that remained intact, were his feet in the Daytona shoes. Judging by the traces of abrasion on the shoes according to the protocol could be extended for not satisfying footwear appropriate to injuries to the feet. Thanks to the excellent quality but I could positively tick this part. And that's not all - the shoes do operation today, 11 years after their purchase and the "overuse". The sole is of course now in accordance with worn, the shoe itself but, apart from the signs of abrasion from 2004 in perfect condition. I look at the shoes in two ways as a lucky charm. Firstly, I believe in the quality, which is not least supported strongly by the frequent use in racing and the life, and secondly because of superstition (although I'm usually a more businesslike thinking contemporary). Anyway - the injury time were bad enough, and could have been the end of motorcycling and the beginning of a life in a wheelchair. After all the injuries from today's perspective are healed virtually follow freely. A complicated comminuted fracture of the foot and / or joint would be the last thing I would then still missing. Therefore - THANK Daytona!
    Roger Mulzer, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • With my boots, for the first time in Austria in the Alps!

    With my boots, for the first time in Austria in the Alps!
    Oliver Ickstadt, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Even in the Himalayas: simply perfect boots

    Even in the Himalayas: simply perfect boots
    Also on our last big tour, over the highest motorable passes in the world, me the boots have accompanied perfectly again. In the Indian Himalayas, at 5,600m they have defied all odds. Just awesome! Mud, water, debris-no problem.
    André Förster, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
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