• Pure driving pleasure with Daytona!

    Pure driving pleasure with Daytona!
    Mirja Schmidt, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • 1A

    Boots are now 11 years and have about 100,000 kilometers behind and are currently with you for new soles, I can only say 1A keep it up !!!!!!
    Reinhard Fernberg, Germany
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • Bikers with experience driving Daytona

    Bikers with experience driving Daytona
    I bought my M-Star boots at a motorcycle show in London in 2002. Since about 100.000km I'm driven by the same couple.
    These are the best boots I've ever worn, and in 20 years I've tried some 'cheaper' boots. While the Daytona are a bit more expensive, but ran much more price-performance ratio. Even with my safety training and many European tours, I noticed that Daytona is actually the choice of professionals and experienced tour driver.
    Here is a picture of me at the Nürburgring, the M-star and my Fazer 1000, according to the International Fazer meeting in the Eifel. This first pair of 2002s is almost ground off on the sole - so I just just ordered a new pair, and hope that come before I go back to Germany for Fazer meeting.
    Paul Bardo, Great Britain
    01.02.2016 • Gewinnspiel
  • World travelers make a pit stop at Daytona

    Sara „The Peach“ Pedersen und ihr Mann Daniel „Big D“ Pedersen are driving around the world with their bikes. They are already on tour since two and a half years, five years are still ahead on them. Recently they have lodged a pitstop at daytona Eggenfelden, to can be soled boots new. Under www.worldwideride.ca can follow the tour of them. In the picture f.l.: Big D, Berta Frey (daytona), The Peach, Reinhard Frey (daytona)Bild v.l.: Big D, Berta Frey (daytona), The Peach, Reinhard Frey (daytona)

    10.09.2015 • Neuigkeiten
  • Newly purchased after a long search, Gr. 48, dressed and fitted, just great.

    Juergen Altmeyer, Germany
    10.09.2015 • Gewinnspiel
  • New price for our monthly prizedraw!

    New price for our monthly prizedraw!
    Let us know about your experience, e.g. for how many years you already are on tour with your pair of daytona® boots, or maybe how it protected you in an accident against injuries, or simply post your opinion to our products.

    Or you send us a picture of yourself or your friends, on tour with a boot of daytona®, on a route, on vacation...The special boot for a higher level and easier rest. Extensive comfort and safety features, ca. 6cm heel height, shorter shaft and extra-adjusted calf width. And all in a stylish design - ideal for ladies.

    >> Your stories and pictures will be published here
    10.09.2015 • Neuigkeiten
  • The AC PRO

    The AC PRO
    Driving racy, arriving safe and ambling comfortable afterwards: You can’t do that with every boot. But the AC Pro comes this idea very close though. He combines the qualities of a sporty daytona boot with the comfort of a only ankle-high shoe. So you can walk without big restriction.

    >> more information to AC PRO

    10.09.2015 • Neuigkeiten
  • The AC4 WD

    The AC4 WD
    Of course are boots for riding a motorbike. But they should handle a short ramble through the city or in the café or the route to work as well. Though not everyone likes the solid hold of a high shaft. In this case is the AC4 WD a great choice - a boot, whose shaft only reaches the ankle. WD stands for „walk and drive“, the boot shows its benefits when walking and driving as well.

    >> more information to AC4 WD

    10.09.2015 • Neuigkeiten
  • Nicer choppen with Urban Master 2 GTX.

    Nicer choppen with Urban Master 2 GTX.
    Who loves the wind, the road, driving from its original site, which also emphasizes the right equipment. The new motorcycle boots Urban Master 2 GTX from daytona is the first choice for quality-conscious choppers and cruisers.

    >> more information to Urban Master 2 GTX

    10.09.2015 • Neuigkeiten
  • Create your Security Evo G3 with the Configurator

    Create your Security Evo G3 with the Configurator
    The racing-boot can adapt perfectly to the outfit of driver and machine. Read here how you order your individual Security Evo G3. Colour your own boot - you have the choice!

    >> to the Security Evo G3 - CONFIGURATOR

    10.09.2015 • Neuigkeiten
  • The perfect speedway boot for juniors: daytona® Speed Youngsters'.

    The perfect speedway boot for juniors: daytona® Speed Youngsters'.
    This new type of speedway, dirt-track and grass-track racing sports boot has been specifically matched to the needs of junior race motorcyclists, offering the full safety and convenience typical for daytona®. Already available from European size 34 (UK size 2 or US size 4.5, respectively).

    >> more information about Speed Youngster's
    10.09.2015 • Neuigkeiten
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