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Best Brand

94th award for daytona®:

MOTORRAD readers have voted the Daytona brand "Best Brand" for the 18th year in a row. Daytona's advantages are obvious. At brothers Reinhard and Helmut Frey, the entire business is focused solely on boots and nothing else. Customers praise the products' waterproofness, safety, wearing comfort and, above all, durability. Production takes place in Eggenfelden in Lower Bavaria. Each boot consists of over 120 high-quality individual parts and is meticulously assembled by hand.

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95th award for daytona®: PS readers‘ choice - the best brands from the areas of clothing, accessories and services.

This year, daytona® is once again at the top of the Best Brand podium at PS. With 50.6% of the votes cast, daytona® beat the other manufacturers in the boot category.


96th award for daytona®: Test Adventure-Touring boots, verdict „very good“ for the TransTourMan GTX.

The right footwear for the GS class in MOTORRAD‘s laboratory and practical test: „Walking is not his favourite pastime, nor is he slim or even light. On the other hand, the TransTourMan GTX will survive any tour, no matter how long, where and how hard. A globetrotter.“

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Opinions and contest

The current winner of the month:

Others I would not even try on

Bought Daytona Road GTX in 1995, still dry feet today in 2022 in the worst weather (heavy thunderstorm at Wörthersee with ping pong ball-sized hail and blocked roads). The shoes still look like they came from the shop, except for the gearshift reinforcement that has crumbled over the years. Apart from Daytona, I wouldn't even try on any other shoe. I bought Daytona shoes for my son in the photo next to me. He too had dry feet. Thank you for this outstanding quality.

daytona Gewinner des Monats

Always dry, ventilated and safe

My motorcycle tour with tent and sleeping bag through the Baltic countries was interesting and eventful. Unfortunately, there was a lot of rain! When camping in the evening I often saw and heard only how other motorcyclists complained about wet and cold feet. This problem I had absolutely not, because my Daytona Road Star GTX boots have never let me down, as on all other tours. I always had dry and well ventilated shoes on and that for many biker years! Thank you Daytona for the quality and safety!


The boots kept me warm and dry

This is Chris Key from New York City. Thank you again for the amazing tour of the factory when I was visiting Germany. I am so happy with both pairs of boots that I bought and I am grateful for the “advanced model” of the summer lightweight boot.
I am currently using the new Road Star boots on a journey through Alaska and I have been tagging your IG all along the trip.
The Road Star boots were flawless in the Arctic Circle. I was in harsh conditions, rain and wind and snow on my travels north and the boots kept me warm and dry!! Thank you again.
Chris Key


Simply better than the others

Our tour to the Bavarian Forest in August 2023. After 5 hours of riding the motorcycle in the pouring rain, the Daytona Journey proved itself, among other things, with its absolute tightness through the incorporated Goretex membrane. Also during subsequent smaller excursions, the Daytona Journey could again clearly set itself apart from my previously worn motorcycle boots by its pleasant wearing comfort.

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Often copied, never equaled and worth every cent.

The Road Star GTX is one of the most copied motorcycle boots in the world. But the copies don't come close to the original. And the original is only available from daytona. Extremely high quality and comfortable, awarded 14 times and worth every cent.
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When good things happen to you...

Frank Wintzen from Schwalmtal was so enthusiastic about the fact that his old boots, used on countless trips, came back from the "inspection" "almost as new" that he published a little story about it:

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Tried and tested ... and graded with a smooth 1

An editor of the magazine "ps sport motorrad magazin" tried out the Daytona Strive GTX: "This boot has grown close to our hearts. Of course, he is not the safety giant like the racing athlete Evo from Daytona. But the great, because sporty everyday boot is also suitable for the fast tour on the country road and has a waterproof Gortetex membrane that really works. After almost two years in continuous use, the Strive shows no signs of fatigue - neither on the zipper, nor on the leather or sole. "And he can still shine in any rain." The editorial staff evaluates according to the school grading system and has awarded a 1.

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Travel enduro boots with cross genes and 7 highlights.

All those who like it sporty will find a partner for their adventures in TransTourMan GTX. The travel enduro with the cross genes comes off-road. Nevertheless, you don‘t have to forego comfort: waterproof and breathable, with well padded, solid protectors and clever details such as exchangeable wear parts or the super comfortable entrance, for which zipper and Velcro have been combined.

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The quality impression is superb

The magazine MOTORRAD NEWS has listed two Daytona boots in a market overview for short boots.
The Daytona AC Dry GTX is a ... "Everyday hero: With a Gore-Tex membrane, the AC Dry is also suitable for wet and cold days, yet it is vapour-permeable in summer weather. Running comfort 9/19".
The Daytona AC Pro is a ... "Café-Racer: The AC Pro is aimed at sprinters with titanium grinding wheels. The quality impression is superb with both Daytonas. Running comfort 9/10".


Daytona custom-made boots - a look behind the scenes

An editor of the Web-Magazine "1000 PS" visited daytona and had a new motorcycle boot made-to-measure for him and took a look behind the scenes into production.

You can find his report here. (in German)


World travelers make a pit stop at Daytona's

Sara "The Peach" Pedersen and her husband Daniel "Big D" Pedersen are driving around the world with their bikes. It's been two and a half years since their journey begann, five years still ahead on them.
Recently they made a stop at daytona Eggenfelden to have their boots resoled. Check to follow them on their tour.
In the picture, from the left: Big D, Berta Frey (daytona), The Peach, Reinhard Frey (daytona)


"Factory test" by the 1000PS editorial office: "Why Daytona boots save lives"

Test editor "Vauli" from the 1000PS team was at Daytona in Eggenfelden, to the production of a "factory test".
His impressions and insights are documented in a video.


Create your Security Evo G3 with the Configurator

The racing-boot can adapt perfectly to the outfit of driver and machine. Read here how you order your individual Security Evo G3. Colour your own boot - you have the choice!

the Security Evo G3 - CONFIGURATOR


Daytona Are The Daddies At Making Motorcycle Boots

"Simply put, Daytona are the daddies at making motorcycle boots. They're not distracted by manufacturing other kit, so are devotet to bringing you the ultimate in safety. Many racers sacrifice paid contracts just to have Daytona's top-quality product. Usually top end on price but clearly top-end in results, too. Warming your tootsies from the kings of safety are the new Road Stars - not the sexiest jiving boots, but packed full of protection and assurance with their patented inner/outer booties."
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Daytona Is The Ferrari Of The Boot World

And another report of the FAST BIKES MAGAZINE:
"You need top-to-toe coverage when you're out and about on a bike, and nothing protects the toes better than this lot. An often heard quote is that if racers weren't paid to wear boots, they'd all wear Daytona. And that isn't so far from the truth, going by what we've been told about on facebook by countless racers over the years.
All the racers that do wear them, ususally have to pay for the privilege. Daytona is the Ferrari of the boot world in this case, and it's a mantle well deserved. The Security Evo III is the ultimate expression of this safety-shell-boot-philosophy."

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Higher Stand. Better support.

daytona® has developed special motorcycle boots for smaller female and male bikers. A combination of an internal heel elevation and a higher sole makes these boots 6 cm "bigger". With the higher stand you reach the ground easier when stopping, you stand more secure and you can support the motorcycle better.

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Manual work. Worth every cent.

How a daytona® boot evolves from around 120 individual parts.

If you have all the components of one of our motorcycle boots in front of you, it almost looks like an insoluble puzzle. But our 130 specialists in the production know exactly what belongs together and how. After 80 working steps they have processed everything into a new genuine daytona® motorcycle boot. One of about 70,000 pairs of motorcycle boots, that we deliver every year.

The new video from the production shows many of the steps that are necessary to make motorcycle boots with maximum safety, perfect fit and long durability.