Safety coming from the pro race business
optimized for leisure drivers.

The quality of daytona® motorbike boots does not only pay of in long terms, it rather is the prerequisite for our high safety standard. Together with leading pro racers daytona® developed boots with a revolutionary safety inner shell .

Developed in cooperation with pro racers: 
the Security Evo with the revolutionary safety inner shell

Optimized for leisure drivers: 
the Evo Sports with the revolutionary safety inner shell

Designed in cooperation with Supermoto World Champion Bernd Hiemer:
the Evo Supermoto with the revolutionary safety inner shell

On this basis the safety-features have been optimized for daily use. daytona® boots contain a great many highly developed and well chosen materials.

The scematic structure (the structure varies from model to model) shows the key features of the biker boots from daytona®: years of development, sophisticated solutions regarding safety and comfort, love for the detail, perfect processing and above all quality!