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Always great fun

On the road with daytona and the Quad is always great fun.

25 Years, 300.000 km, any Weather

Hello, I want to tell you a positive story about Daytona goretex road star.
I've owned them for more than 25 years, they have followed me for more than 300.000 km all over Europe, mostly in Scandinavia with the rough weather, such as sun, rain, show and mud, as a part of the game.
They've always kept my feet dry and warm and always felt very comfy to wear.
Though they are no beautys any more and despite of the missing gear pad, I'm still looking forward to every ride we have together, the old boots and I....
September I will go for a ride in Norway, and it's so nice not to worry about wet and cold feet.
Thank you Daytona
Best regards
Frank Horsøe, happy Daytona owner

Worth every cent

I have been riding my Touring S since 2011! Was a lot of money back then, but the boots are worth every cent! I think I can judge that, I ride between 10 and 15 TKM every year. They are still tight and have never let me down! Heinz Kessebohm, Germany

Simply brilliant all round

After buying a used pair of Daytona boots I was so impressed with the build quality, comfort and secure feeling they gave me I bought my wife and myself a new pair of Gts boots. Simply brilliant all round. Timothy Gowthorpe United Kingdom

Relaxed on tour with daytona

Ingo Fischer

The boots held everything off

You often see it at motorcycle races. It happened to me after 40 years. Motorbike with an H license plate, I got a fright, emergency braking, then the memory only starts again when I slide across the road behind the bike. All motorists did not brake and did not roll over me. I am grateful. Later, bruises everywhere and a kind of whole-body muscle ache. Protective clothing deserves the name. The boots held everything off, but then looked more worthy of repair in my opinion. Could work again after two days and bought new Daytonas right away. I'm convinced that without Daytona I wouldn't have gotten up after the accident. The bike rolled over several times and I could always see it when I had just turned in that direction. But from the impact on the road and where my feet were with it, I know nothing until today. I still rode with the accident boots and other bike until the weather improved. Everything only optical defects and not nice anymore. But the new boots look much better. Best regards Guido Höhn, Germany

I had luck and daytonas.

ROAD TRAVEL GTX Part 1 - Friday afternoon: Spanish side of the Pyrenees just before the Atlantic Ocean in 2014 I wanted to stop, but the ground on which I put my foot was made of tennis ball sized stones. The BMW slipped away from me and I lay down on the side. I couldn't get my left foot out from under the suitcase and it hurt like hell. The friends came to help quickly and soon the 45 KM to the accommodation near Biarritz could be unwound. Shifting was already a little bit difficult. Saturday: Loading the machines and 1700 KM home in the Bulli. A few painkillers and a forgotten pilgrim's stick made the trip bearable. Sunday morning: We are back home. My wife and son are waiting for me with a pair of crutches. A cup of coffee and off to the hospital in Lemgo. The ankle was broken. Admission with many reproaches because of the delayed treatment. Something about "compartment syndrome" and "getting lucky again" makes you think. Wednesday: The swelling has gone down and a plaster cast is put on the leg. The good man in the cast says, "Well, Daytona boots?" When asked, he tells me that he is a motorcyclist himself and has already plastered so many legs that he can match the protective equipment to the injury pattern and I have been very lucky. Everything will be fine. Part 2 - Monday evening, 17:45: We are invited to a barbecue at a friend's house. Dark clouds come up and it suddenly starts to rain. The little creek next to our house rises alarmingly. Cancel the barbecue, put on an old pair of motorcycle pants, the waterproof jacket and the tried and tested Daytona motorcycle boots. Off to the outside and save what can be saved. None of this has helped. The water came into the house through the yard door and the front door. The floors broken, the walls damp, the garden gone. The damage could be kept within "limits" (five digits), because the family and many great neighbours helped. The motorcycle boots were of course full and glued with fine clay. After a thorough cleaning they work again. Everything is fine again. Part 3 - Winter 2020/21: I will send the boots for repair. Meanwhile they can use a bit more profile and they are not that tight anymore, but who is. That was my boot story. Greeting to all Eckhard Scholtissek, Germany

16 years in permanent use

Since 2004 I have owned a pair of Roadstar GTX. Since then, they have covered more than 40,000 km with me on motorcycles and many kilometres on foot, accompanying me on my travels and the daily commute to work in really any weather. I really don't count as a fair weather rider and use my 2-wheeler all year round, from blazing heat to heavy rain with hail, snowfall and black ice at -5°C everything was already there. The Daytona Roadstar GTX has always protected me perfectly and kept my feet safe and dry. Time and effort have left their mark. But it took about ten years before the rubber started to get brittle, and then the gear shift reinforcements took their leave, which is of course partly due to the many hours of walking in the company. Because of the many ascents and descents, the left boot has been put under more strain, since I always make a slight turn with my left leg, which naturally wears the sole out. Last year the first leaks occurred in these places when I walk through puddles. Although the boot has certainly come into contact with several litres of sweat, I am astonished to find that it always smells pleasantly after Daytona leather care, even inside. I would like to thank you for this fabulous product of your work! Robert Sittinger, Austria

It doesn't get any better than this

Hello everyone, I had my left boot for repair. Renewed, the switching amplification was renewed. Within a week I had both boots again, the left boot was super repaired and both boots optically upgraded. It does not get better. Thanks a lot! Michael Reader

I can't find anything to be dissatisfied with

At the driving school I had an accident and got my foot under the bike. The result was a few weeks of crutches and the realization that hiking boots are not the best motorcycle boots. However, with my first Daytona boots I was given the wrong advice and bought too big, so walking in them despite double soles was torture. But I didn't want to miss the quality of the boots anymore and bought new ones. I think these are shortys. I can't find anything to be dissatisfied with. Completely waterproof even after many miles. With warm socks I haven't even had cold feet, even though the grades are slipping towards zero - the mountains in Norway can be quite cold even in summer. Even when the thermometer shows midsummer, I still have the feeling that the shoes are breathing.
My husband has bought the same shoes and will now try to have the soles replaced, his offroad footrests are somehow eating Holes in it.
The picture shows the condition of the boot after a somewhat unexpectedly appearing gravel road in Russia - with deep water holes across the road after nightly rain. No problem, now they look like new again! Doreen Johnsen

They age but stay young like us

The years pass and they age due to wear and tear, but the interior remains as young as we are.
(Catalan) Els anys passen i envelleixen per el desgast, però l'interior es manté jove com nosaltres.
Eduard Garangou


I never knew Daytona before. When I tried these on in the store, I was so excited that I immediately bought them and told my oldest son about it. He tried them on too, so his next boots will be Daytona too. Joachim Alexander, Germnay

Always your boots

I sent you a picture that does not bring back nice memories in me, but I wore sensible clothes, including the Daytona Road Star, all leather clothes protected me, not least the boot that kept my feet and shins unharmed. As long as I ride a motorcycle (I already had a new one at the end of 2017) I will only wear leather as always and your boots again and again. Thanks for your excellent product. Greeting, Norbert Rudolph, Germany

Probably the best boot there is

I have had a Gore-Tex boot of another brand for over 20 years. And I was actually satisfied with it - waterproof and very comfortable. But over the last few years the Gore-Tex insole has worn out and I had to look for a pair of new boots. I tried several of them, but it wasn't until I got the Daytona Road Star GTX that I was convinced: These should be the ones. Perfect fit, pleasant, comfortable. I look forward to a new 20 years with probably the best boots available. Kim Kongstad, Denmark

Never disappointed

I have been driving Daytona GTX touring boots for many years. I have never been disappointed. You don't buy quality so often in life! Here in any case really good service!
Olaf Maack, Germany

Quality connects

I got my first Daytona boots when I was 17 (that was 1977), and now our little one gets her new Daytona at 16. Combining quality, reliability and durability, it's CLARENT !! Bert Schwaiger, Germany

daytona - clearly

I've had that shoe for years. Can only recommend it. For me a clear purchase. Norbert Meirowsky, Germany

They work perfectly

I have two pairs of Daytona boots, the arrow sport gtx and the classic trans open gtx. They work perfectly for different applications (on road/off road). However they are perfectly suitable for taking the place of each other if need-be. Just a testament to how versatile and well made these boots are. Peter Jones, United States

About 40 years old. Like new.

I got the boots from my grandfather for the driving school, he used to drive a BMW and bought the boots in 1980. And look, they still look like new! Good workmanship and good care. With my own driving licence I would be happy about my own boots. PS maybe you can tell me as a manufacturer from when the boots are. André Sievers, Germany

I am happy again

Hi there, First I thought that my 2nd gener of Daytonas don't fit me, because they did hirt the achilles on the left foot. But after wearing 2nd time with woollen socks everything is ok. and I am happy again! Rainer Oesch, Finland

I can justify the price of the quality though

I’ve been chasing daytona boots about 2 years. Never could afford or prioritise buying new. I can justify the price of the quality though. I bought a pair off ebay but they were quite bad condition (photos showed bit of damaged but I hoped for best), leather was streched, damaged, boots worn out and hole in the sole. Also had a second hand size 43 what I couldn’t wear at all. And another second hand size 43 hoping that Evo sports boot will let me squeeze in. No, it didn’t.. never could get my size in a decent condition. Regardless I provided my best care for them same as the maker of the boot gave the love they deserve. Kris Kronis, London

Combi through, gloves tattered, boots have held

I bought the boots more than 20 years ago, they have been my faithful companions until today. Unfortunately, they also took a few falls and protected me when the machine was still lying on its leg and we slid metres over the asphalt. But the most striking event was when we were on the Nürnburgring Grand Prix circuit and the machine slipped away from me at about 180 km/h at the end of the Schuhmacher-S. The station wagon was torn through, the gloves tattered, but the boot held. Now I bought new Daytonas and with heavy hearts I took off my old boot. Markus Brügger, Germany

Daytona forever

Some motorcycles may come and go. My Daytonas stay. - For over 250,000 miles they'll follow me... Andreas Thier, Germany

Perfect equipped

To drive over the Timmelsjoch is always a great experience. With the Daytona Trans Open GTX you are perfectly equipped for such tours. Peter Lintner, Germany

You definitely get what you pay for

The only boots I will buy and the only company I trust to deliver exceptional craftspersonship. No other company or boots come close. You definitely get what you pay for here, guaranteed. Andrew Millard, United Kingdom

The fit is perfect

Even though the Strive GTX belongs to the sport boots and I drive a travel enduro - I fell in love with this boot directly. I saw it in the shop and I had to have it. The fit is perfect and it defies all weather. Wet feet on long tours are a thing of the past. By now he is 5 years old and he has seen a good 70.000, but leather and sole are still without defects. Only the Velcro is giving up so slowly, so he goes to daytona for repairs in autumn. Many greetings to the daytona team, Thomas Klems, Germany

Shoes for all occasions!

I bought my Daytona MOTO FUN in 2004. I really wanted these shoes and at that time I was still arguing with another customer about the shoes, although they were actually a size too big for me. What doesn't "woman" do for the last pair of shoes in the store? To this day they are faithful companions in all "situations in life", whether as leisure shoes, when riding a motorcycle in the city, during renovation work or now, as garden shoes. They are simply not to be taken down! Sandra Bessler, Germany

My Daytona boots got me through

Back in 2016 in New Zealand I decided to climb Ben Lomond in full motorcycle gear because I had no place to store my gear. It was amazing, my pair of Daytona boots got me through this and the rest of my time there. They still serve me well to this day! Martijn Joosten, Netherlands

Every Day Boots

Works great for commuting every day no mater what the weather. All day comfort is a big plus in my book, feels like I'm wearing slippers all day. Peter Jones, United States

Bought 38 years ago!

I bought my Daytona motorcycle boots at the beginning of 1982 (thus 38 years ago!). They have accompanied me through my entire motorcycle career to date over more than 100,000 kilometres. That's what I call real workmanship, even if occasional repairs were necessary at the cobbler's and leather cutter's. By the way, I have been riding my Yamaha XJ 550 for just as long and have been using my HARRO leather suit. So in this respect one can confidently speak of good workmanship, both German and Japanese.
Now I have treated myself to a new pair of Daytona motorcycle boots (VXR 16 GTX) and hope to enjoy them as much as I did my "red darlings" that have now been put aside.
Volker Schmitt, Germany

Many thousands of kilometres, all is well

My wife and I have been driving Daytona boots for a dozen years. Currently the Traveller GTX and Highway. The highway will have to give way to the Transtourman. Repair service always tops. The boots are waterproof even after many thousands of kilometers as if they were new. On big tours like in Morocco with water crossings and heavy rain always a reliable partner for dry feet. Many greetings Klaus Hartl, Germany

I can always trust my boots

I wear my Daytona Arrow Sport GTX boots to work every day. I work in the medical field in a laboratory. During this Covid-19 pandemic motorcycling has been a great gateway to take my mind off the troubles of the day. I can always trust my boots to keep my feet warm and dry on the cold spring morning in Montana and also be cool enough when it warms up when I go home from work. The comfort and quality has always surpassed expectations. Always love slipping my boots on before I head to work. Peter Jones, United States

Quality has its price and that is a good thing

1978, the first Daytona were taken over from my brother, but unfortunately the type designation is no longer known to me. Had however the heel red set off. Over the many journeys always sovereign and reliable. After many (unfortunately) attempts I always came back to Daytona. Quality has its price and that is good. At present I drive the Shorty. Also already well 4 years. Never had problems, always close in the rain and cool in summer. The left one as a greeting an old fan of her TOP brand. Karl Stütz, Germany

The boots are worth every Euro - since 1985

We didn't have money in the '80s. The leather suits were bought second-hand and when it came to gloves and boots we looked for cheap products. But even then it was true: Whoever buys cheap, buys twice. After 3 pairs of cheap boots I was fed up and my wife and I bought the first Daytonas. Well, in the meantime these boots are only very rarely in use, they were replaced by boots with current safety equipment (Spirit GTX for about 10 years, Trans Open GTX for 3 years, Evo Voltex GTX since this year, so you have the right boot for every purpose) and what can I say, the boots are worth every Euro. I don't regret any of those many Euros we paid for the boots. They go along with everything and are absolutely reliable. I'm proud to ride Daytona boots. Thanks to Daytona for boots with such quality and thanks for following your philosophy so consistently and producing these top quality boots exclusively in Germany. By the way, we like to buy our boots directly from the factory, always a very nice experience. Best regards to Eggenfelden and stay healthy. Manuela and Martin Fendt, Germany

Quality is worth the price

My special Daytona experience was the decision making alone. After being unable to try on the Evo Sports, Voltex & Security Evo G3 racing models in the local retail outlets during the winter, as none of the dealers had more than one of these models on site, I contacted Frey-Daytona directly as the manufacturer. The reaction was incredibly obliging! I was immediately sent all three models in my size so that I could try them at home in peace and quiet and also have a detailed look at the boots. Die Entscheidung viel dann letztendlich nicht sonderlich schwer. Es wurde aufgrund des tollen Innenschuhs der Security Evo G3. Trotz (oder gerade aufgrund?) der Corona-Krise bin ich mit dem Stiefel etwa 2500 km gefahren. Er ist trotz extremer Sicherheit super bequem. Also alles in allem super freundlicher und kundenorientierter Service und herausragend gute Produkte! Da rückt auch der höhere Anschaffungspreis in den Hintergrund. Ich freue mich jetzt schon auf viele zufriedene Kilometer auf Straße und Rennstrecke! Nils Egger, Germany

Hard to beat

Two years ago I switched to Daytona boots (Traveller-GTX) and so far I'm very excited about it. After a short break-in period the boots are hard to beat in comfort. Longer trips or journeys are much easier. Also the waterproofness has convinced me. Even in ankle-high water the feet stay dry. I can only recommend the boots and am curious to see how many years and kilometers they will last. Even after that, there will probably be Daytona boots again. Nils Ebelsheiser, Germany

Converted to the time the acquisition was favorable

I have to admit that I don't know how long I've had my Daytona Trans Open GTX, but they were my first decent boots that I bought with my new (2001) GS. The purchase must have been sometime between 2001 and 2002. I listened to the recommendation of the dealer and I have not regretted it until today. The boots are comfortable, fit perfectly, are absolutely tight and feel extremely secure. There is an enormous difference between riding with simple shoes and with a reasonable boot, maybe it is because of exactly this boot. In 2017, because I'm absolutely convinced of Daytona and the experiences I've had so far, I got myself a pair of shorty boots, especially for the trips to work. The same applies here as for the Trans Open GTX. The GTX now needs some touch-ups on the shifting amplification after the long time, but I'm sure that can be repaired, otherwise the look is still tip top. The boot will not be disposed of any more than the GS, for the next 19 years. Converted to the time the purchase was then nevertheless favorable. Stefan Hauschka, Germany

Thanks for this and for the first-class workmanship

Almost 10 years ago, after many unsuitable boots, I became aware of you and bought my first Daytona boot from Louis (model Spirit). After many 10,000 km I am still amazed today how perfectly and easily this boot fits! It has never let me down in continuous rain as well as in midsummer at almost 40°C and with regular care and maintenance it is still perfect with your foam! Thanks for this and for the first-class, as well as excellent workmanship! I am sure that there are very few manufacturers nowadays where your products last ten years and more. To the next 10 years with your boots! Greetings from Munich T. Borkenhagen, Germany

Aha effect already at the first time

I bought Daytona Touring GTX boots for the first time, and so far I have been able to ride them 1x. A little "Aha" effect was already noticeable ... very comfortable to wear and the feel gives you the feeling that you have a quality product. That puts the price into perspective. Peter Becker, Germany

Brilliant bit of kit

I've just got a pair of EVO SPORTS GTX. Colin Topping, England

Two more wonderful years DHM in the "Sidecar"

Ralf Siegmann, Germany

Daytona forever, stay that way

Hello dear Christina Frey nebst dad! I visited you on 3.3.20 in your company to have my boot checked by you after a mishap on my part. What happened afterwards touches me since my visit with you very much. I got the best service and souvenirs, as I have not experienced it for years and would like to thank you very much at this point! You are great and I have told everyone. Daytona forever, stay that way () Best wishes until soon Christopher Peters, Germany

I'm new at this

... and looking for a good motorcycle boot. Of course, that's when Daytona came to my attention. I would like to experience the many good reviews and testimonials of other motorcyclists myself and I hope that these shoes offer me the necessary protection and comfort to ride my motorcycle long, relaxed and safe. Fabian Bächle

Great boots

Hello Daytona-Team, I bought my boots in Eggenfelden on Friday 06.03.2020 and I am really looking forward to the first ride. Unfortunately the weather was bad on the weekend, but as soon as they were on the bike with me for the first time, I'll be happy to report to you. In any case they are great boots (Road Star GTX)
With kind regards Werner Miksch

For the next 90,000 km

A hello to Eggenfelden, these boots are the best I have ever had on my feet and have already done around 90.000 km. Thanks to Daytona these boots got another life, they got new soles and look like new. Once again a big thank you to all and to the next 90.000 km, Thomas Wendt from Thuringia

50,000 km in 6 years

Hello Daytona Team, I have been riding Daytona Shorty on the road and on and off the track from 2010 to 2015. The shoe has experienced a good 50,000 km and has held up well until then. Since I don't have the same with the care, they don't look so good anymore. But since racing has taken over, they are now only on the shelf. I will get myself a Daytona racing boot next as I was very happy with the street shoe. Best regards and keep up the good work! Ken Kwiatkowski, Germany

Get in, feel good, stand safely 6 cm higher

Okay, the old boot was totally done. No question, after I swam in it a lot last season, it was clear, no season longer! Of course it wasn't a Daytona, but another well-known brand with a "D". I am small (158) and the bike is high (81), so either the seat should be unholstered or the boot should be higher. In the shop then, a handle, a boot, get in, feel comfortable, stand safely 6 cm higher. The unholstering of the seat was saved, but I spent a little bit more for the boot, but also kept my seating comfort. I am looking forward to the new season with my Lady Pilot. Regina Weber, Germany

3 years old and still like new

No leaks, only warm comfort! Guy Foster, UK

Very enthusiastic

After more than three years I had my Daytonas overhauled and picked them up today. I am not only delighted with the optical result and the wearing comfort, but also with the competent advice and the friendly service of the extremely friendly ladies. Max Baßlsperger, Germany

Also with the next couple there is no way past Daytona

My first shoes were half height Daytona boots*, which I bought around 2011 after buying my first motorcycle. In the past I was more street oriented and hardly more than 5,000 km a year. In 2015 I rode three weeks through Iceland with a few friends. Here the purchase of such high-quality shoes really paid off for the first time. Simply stop somewhere and make a small saving was no problem. Even in heavy rain I kept dry feet and at 2.5°C my feet were still warm. During deep brook crossings, however, of course water came into the short boots. After the tour travelling by motorbike became more and more important for me. Meanwhile I ride up to 20.000 km a year on asphalt and also in the dirt. You can see the 100.000 km on asphalt, dirt, sand and some snow. Nevertheless they are still dense and dry. Now it's time for new boots. Not because the old boots have become bad, but because next year I will make a dream come true and start a one-year journey through Europe and Asia. But I want higher boots that are more off-road oriented. After testing a few of my friends' shoes, I guess Daytona is the place to be. *I can't recognize the model anymore and can't find it on the homepage either. Jonas meadow, Germany

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