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These are by far the best

I've owned my Daytona's (M Star GTX) for a month now. I've had many boots over the years and these are by far the best, so much so that I really wish I'd bought a pair years ago as they would still be going strong. Even better they provide the right amount of lift to help muscling my rather tall and heavy motorcycle around much easier and safer. However I have a tiny gripe to share. Because the manufacturer recommends application of the Daytona polish BEFORE first use; why isn't a small complementary tube included in the pack? I had to order a tube online and wait nearly a week before I could use the boots.
Reg Pengelly, United Kingdom

I've had my Daytonas

for almost 10 years and they are still in top form. The quality is outstanding, keep it up :)
Jonathan Häde

Inherited from the father and still here :)

These brilliant boots, like their conspecifics, have already experienced a lot. You have successfully protected my father's feet for many years and have been mine for almost 5 years now. I do not need to mention how incredibly comfortable they are. That's why I can not part with it. Although the years, and one or the other fall, have easily added to the visual, I still wear them. The thought of getting new ones is postponed every time. Great boots !! Mike Dönni, Germany

Experience? Quite simply ...

The first motorcycle shoe that really fits! Eric Chorzepa, Germany

Well invested money

For a long time I bought quite cheap boots for motorcycling and took corresponding problems such as bruises, wet feet etc in purchasing. A friend was thrilled with daytona boots, they were too expensive for me as a new purchase. But I wanted to test for myself, if the enthusiasm of my colleague is appropriate and bought me used. The 80 € for it were very well laid out. I'm very satisfied. My next boots will certainly be from daytona, this time new! Roger Christmann, Germany

I have never spared her

I have been riding motorcycles for over 30 years. During this time I have worn more than ten pairs of Daytona boots, in the last few years alone I have had two pair of Journeys that I had already repaired twice at Daytona. It was never the quality of the boots, which I have never spared, neither on the Feierabendrunde or on the Nordschleife. In case of several accidents, Daytona boots have always prevented worse. Particularly bad it has caught me with my Yamaha R1 times, as me the front wheel has slipped several times in a curve and I was several feet with my foot between the engine and asphalt was pinched. If I had not worn Daytona boots, my foot would probably have been beyond salvation. Later I gave the boots in my Louis store as illustrative material for the trainees. The current boots have been ruined by me again and I was the days in the specialized trade (FC Moto) and have tried on more than 10 different few boots. Unfortunately EVO and so on were not in stock. Do I have to go there again? I definitely want to try a boot with liner. Sincerely, Frank Faßbender, Germany

-15° to + 35°

I've been riding a motorcycle since 2003 and Daytona for so long. Whether at -15 ° or at + 35 °, the boots are just great. Have now got the 3rd pair and never wet feet. Just feel safe with the comfortable boots. Andreas Schmidt, Germany

Definitely worth every penny

My Daytona experience started in August 2012 and lasted eight months, taking me through countries like Iran, Pakistan and Nepal, all the way to Malaysia. My Lady Star went with me in the truest sense of the word through thick and thin. At the time of my trip, I had just four months for my motorcycle driver's license and terrible fear. The moped was lowered, padded and now only the matching boots were missing. A cheap model had already given up after a year as Sozia already the spirit and in view of the fact that it went further, had what high quality ago. My first impression when slipping into my Daytonas: they are like slippers! Finally motorcycle boots, where you can walk comfortably. Added to this was the increase in sales, which has made life much easier for me as a beginner driver. I do not know how many times my bike fell to my feet. At 50 times I stopped counting. I drove with these boots on bumpy slopes, through mud and rivers. Yes, I can confirm that they are waterproof! Both from outside to inside, and from inside to outside! A fall on a slippery slope, at about 40 km / h in Thailand, has left a clear mark in the leather of my boots and my bike was not fit to drive for a short time afterwards. My feet were wonderful! After this trip, I can only advise anyone to take more money and buy Daytona boots. They are definitely worth every penny. Since I am now a much more experienced driver, I have separated from the sales increase and have switched to a flat model. Right now I'm wearing the Trans Open and - in the summer with great enthusiasm - the Journey GTX. Jana Danneberg Germany

14 years

I've had two pairs of daytona boots for 14 years, the first ones I bought. Everything wonderful, always warm feet ... otherwise I'm more of the frozen one. Stefan Lettmair, Germany

My first Daytona boots, around 1980

Wolfgang Möhrke, Germany

I've learned the value of good protective clothing

I've been riding bikes through most of my 65 years and although most of my journeys were for commuting, the past few years I have been riding solely for pleasure. Being somewhat older and wiser, I've paid far more attention to safety than ever and I continue to learn new skills and undertake advanced training. In particular, I've learned the value of good protective clothing and in recent years I've been through a number of pairs of boots that claimed to be protective but I've found to be lacking in some regard or another. Finally after all these years I've discovered Daytona. Beyond doubt these are the finest boots to be had, being extremely well made and cleverly designed with safety at the forefront. I've probably got another 15 years of biking left in me and these boots will see me out and then some! Reg Pengelly, United Kingdom

Thank you for much pleasure at fair prices

Dear Daytona team, I have just received back my 10-year-old Daytona Touring Star GTX from the repair. Thanks for the top quality of your products. And should it be something, you can rely on the lifelong repair service at very fair prices. Thanks to you I will have a lot of fun on my next tours and especially no wet feet. 10 years and they look like new. Keep it up. Best regards, Thomas Oswald, Germany

The boot is dense :-)

On a tour (about 450 km in the rain) my pants failed. The water has flowed slowly over the legs into the boots. Water level at the end about 4-5 cm - in the boot! He left nothing out, absolutely dense in both directions :-)
Greetings Benno van Walsem, Germany

Highly recommended

We have made our tour from Mönchegladbach to Lake Garda. The trip we had to survive in the rain. My boots were "socks wet". Since the brand of biker colleagues is highly recommended to me, I would also like to purchase a pair of Daytona.
Petra Zizkat, Germany

The most comfortable Boots I've ever had

I've worn my Evo Sports for the past 8 or 9 years for classic racing & they're the most comfortable boots I've ever had. Great feel & great protection. Five crashes & my feet are still good. They're a bit scruffy now but I love them!
Robin Stokes, United Kingdom

Great service

For years, I'm looking for "the" boots to my feet. After trying a lot of boots and not being able to find any suitable ones (my instep seems very high), I went to my Daytona dealer and had my foot measured there to have a pair of boots made to measure. A call to Daytona made it possible, great service. Only the dealer did not want to measure my foot again and so I still have no suitable Daytona. My great desire for 38 years of motorcycling and repeatedly aching feet. A few Daytona that fit well on my feet and allow me the rest of the remaining years, painless motorcycling. Best regards Alex Wentz, Germany

Daytona and many tours. They are worth it.

After I went on a three-day tour with "wet" feet, I bought my first couple of Daytona boots and use them now more than 15 years! I can not spare a smile when I hear my boys complaining ... Daytona is worth it. Currently they are repairing ... they deserve to be refreshed! Dietmar Breininger, Germany

Please, please, now a Daytona

When picking up my Ducati Scrambler from Cologne, I got into a storm. It poured in buckets. My clothes holding tight since I have invested enough. However, I saved with my shoes and I got to feel after two minutes, so I had to empty my lake in the shoe under the next highway bridge first. At that moment, I looked nothing more than having a desired Daytona shoe !!! It would definitely have been worth every penny!
Manuela Wiethof, Germany

Optimally in all situations

On my first Daytona boots I've saved a long time. But now that I have work, I was able to fulfill my dream: Daytona Touring Star GTX boots bought. And was not disappointed. I used to run work shoes with steel sole. That saved me a foot when he got into the spokes at the back. Footpeg bent, foot healed, lesson learned! When I then put on my Daytona for the first time at a major hamburger chain, it soon became clear: They fit like a glove. Almost as perfect as forest Vierteler shoes for walking on the road, so optimal fit Daytona on the moped. In all situations. So not about or expresses little or in the vastness difficult, no, just good. Suitable for Central Europeans. And this has been confirmed fully over the years: you can put them well and feels comfortable in it, even in the heat and on the race track. Mittle r while I traversed the corners, actually I could to try the fabled repair service. So far I have but rather glued flat iron with Pattex Extreme, because you can scuffing your boots in the curve on the tarmac right. That after hours of wearing such a boot is still comfortable, that is rather the exception. These boots are the exception: much better than anything I knew before, they make a sure impression.
Harry Starnberg, Germany

Unpacked, dressed, fits.

After 12 years of Daytona boots, it was time to buy new boots (zipper torn, but otherwise still perfect). Motorcycle Accessories (Mike's Biker Shop) came to me again only Daytona in question. Because of my high instep, only the Road Star GTX came into question. Unpacked, dressed, fits. The high price is a measure of the quality.
Klaus Meyer, Germany

Super reliable motorcycle boots

After 15 years, unfortunately, the reinforcement on the right shoe dissolves. Perhaps a repair is worthwhile.
Frank Wissing, Germany

I want the extra 6 cm

I am about to buy Daytona Lady Star GTX boots, to be just a liiiiiiitle bit more comfy on my R1200R. I have cidis and they are solid. And I want the extra 6 cm. Now, back to shopping... (Photo is from my first long trip)
Nikki Bryce, Canada

Best friends

For years the daytonas are my best friends in terms of motorcycle comfort. No sweaty feet and comfortable shifting.
Andreas Härtelt, Germany

Over 20 years

I do not know how long I've been driving my Daytona Ladystar, but certainly over 20 years and well over 100 Tkm. Waco has specially adapted my leather suit to the Ladystar. Now the rubber pads break for switching. I finally want new Daytona Ladystar !!!!!!!
Susanne Neue Kienzler, Germany

Wonderful boots over 21 years

I have now had these lovely boots for over 21 years and they are still in excellent condition apart from some marine blue paint here and there. My eldest, at the age of 25 months decided to paint them along with my new bedding, carpet, hoover and himself. The carpet, bedding and his clothes were ruined and l didn't hold much hope for my boots. Luckily the majority came off but there remains a few blue spots to remind me and him. He's now going on for 22. My husband thinks l should now relegate them but l don't think so. Wonderful boots. What more can l say! Jean Peachey, United Kingdom

Still from D-Mark times!

My RoadStar GTX are already old. Nevertheless, they are still comfortable and still waterproof. I am not a pronounced frequent traveler, but I'm still positively surprised by the longevity. The leather would certainly be good for another 15 years. The soles are now a bit hard and therefore not so handy. That's why I'll probably buy new ones soon. Meanwhile, I always wear the boots under my Dainese station wagon. The RoadStar GTX fit under it. Surely I also find other models with a sufficiently narrow shaft. Too bad that Daytona offers no special boots for "under the station wagon". Also I would wish that more models would be available in colored variants. That would be for me once again a real pluses.
Michael Burger, Germany


Without much previous knowledge, I went to a motorcycle shop in search of a motorcycle boot. My search started with the competition - but daytona does not have any, but I realized that later. When I held the first daytona in my hands, I was already thrilled by the soft grip on the leather. When I had the shoe on my foot, I was completely convinced. The fit, the workmanship, the comfortable walking, the safety, for me was now clear: it must be a daytona! I only had one problem. All shoes were black. On the internet, I learned then that the world is also colorful with you. Thanks for that! I ordered my shoe online and in color. Of course, black also fits for my daily journey to work ;)!
Christoph Sieger, Germany

Never shopped better

The first motorcycle boot (AC PRO) I ever bought lasted up to 12 hours a day and was one of the best buys compared to other motorcycle accessories.
Thomas Waldner, Germany

Again and again

Although unfortunately I'm a care griper ;-) my Daytona Arrow Sport GTX have been serving me faithfully for 4 years. Despite my unilateral hallux valgus mega wearing comfort (thanks Daytona). Would I buy again and again! Ralf Schlösser, Germany

You have to have them

As much as my husband likes his Daytona and we have the same shoe size, I would like to have my own Daytona ;o)
Judith Höf, Germany

230 kilograms to a square centimeter

Hello, I had on my first major tour (2016 Allgäu) an unfortunate crash on Riedbergpass. I was not fast, not 40 km / h, but the front wheel was me in a moment of shock braking away and I came to case. Unfortunately, the machine (Kawasaki KLV 1000) fell so stupidly on my left leg that the gearshift punctiform (see photo) has destroyed my ankle. The pressure was so strong that the shift lever was broken off. It was certainly not my almost new Daytona Touring Star GTX boots, but I sold them. Meanwhile, I am angry about this hasty action. The shoe is mega-comfortable and super processed. It was just bad luck, 230 kg punctiform on a square centimeter would have made other shoes to create. Maybe I'm lucky and win here. I would be very happy. Greeting Matthias Otterbein, Germany

32 colorful biker years ... always with Daytonas

32 years ... pretty much to the point ... 1986 so ... I moved to Berlin to start my studies there ... yes, then the wall was still standing. Surely you are asking yourself, why do you manage to get a motorcycle in a city surrounded by a wall? Basically I give you right ... no nice moped trails and you drove quite fast - figuratively speaking - in front of the wall. Here the explanation is: In my first love because I have as soon as possible made a motorcycle driver's license: Class 4, then made the TÜV testing and a 50-Zündapp scooter the distance between his and my home of legendary 11km uncertain. Well, the love for him is broken, the love for the two-wheeler remained, and when the car driver's license was due, it was for me no question: Class 1 had to be synonymous. It worked out wonderfully in 1982 as well - much to the joy of my father (he drove every one of my two-wheelers following Smiley), but to the chagrin of my mother. She was always worried. That was the reason why I did not buy a motorcycle at first, but a car. Well, something like that, a duck has become, a 2CV. Some call it the attitude of life. All reason when I moved to Berlin and was offered by chance a favorable Z250, was thrown overboard: Auto sold, bought moped ... and then, of course, bought the right equipment to do so. And that included my Daytona boots, which I still ride today. Since then, I have done many beautiful motorcycle tours, longer holidays, but also many weekend tours and day trips. Over time, various motorcycles in my possession have given the honor. A Z400 replaced the Z250, which in turn was replaced by a 125cc Sanyang and a 150cc Guangyang. Bigger motorcycles were not available there at the time. Yes, I have a year lived in Taiwan and could not imagine a time without motorcycle. And since I got a visit from friends, I bought a second, so that we could circle around the island twice. Is worth the trip, at least some places are scenically beautiful! A 650cc Guzzi Florida, a Guzzi Cali II, a 650cc BMW, a Triumph Trident followed, but I had discovered my heart for Italians and now drive a Ducati: 750 monster. I will remain loyal to the Italians as well as the Daytona boots, which have accompanied me for more than 100,000 km since then. The longest tour they have done with me was about 6,000 km long: with the tent, out of Berlin, down to Portugal, so across Europe. The Pyrenees were on their way, as well as terrible hot spells through Spain and on the way back over the recently opened Stilfser Joch by pouring rain in icy cold weather. Proud as Bolle arrived at the bottom and dripping wet and stiff frozen to a girlfriend. Kurz vorher angerufen (aus einer Telefonzelle wohlgemerkt, Handys gab es noch nicht Zwinkerndes Smiley). Sie hatte schon die Badewanne eingelassen und mir trockenes Zeug rausgelegt. What was I grateful ... and then back to Berlin. Curves scratched without end - 32 years ... 32 years with always the same boots ... which are slowly getting into deserved retirement. And who asks himself now, how can the ever drive curves, where she should have learned that in Berlin, that said: motorway junctions are not bad for practicing. And of course the many tours to moped rides, to Italy and wherever. Main thing nice route. P.S .: For the sake of honesty, however, I also have to confess: the Daytonas had a baby break for 2 years...
Beate Bahlke, Germany

Dry in the rain and not sweaty, on sunny days

My Daytona Arrow GTX was already in Greece with me this year in March. This Daytona Arrow GTX Short Boots is simply very good for me. In the north it was still a bit cold at 6 ° C and rain, the next days in the southern Peloponnese we had up to 26 ° C and plenty of sun. My feet were always dry in the rain and not sweaty with lots of sun. :-) Manfred Kölle, Germany

For 14 years owner of the same 2 Daytona boots.

New ones should come this year ;-)
Mohammad Haghgoo, Germany

Excellent reaction speed

on request for soling.
Heinz Kistner, Germany


I've been driving the Daytona Road Star GTX for about 20 years, even at temperatures below 0 ° C. Conclusion: TOP boots and still waterproof ...
Stefan Beck, Germany

3000 km South America in Daytonas. I will not buy anything else.

To date, more on Trackdays and highways on the way, I planned four weeks ago with my colleagues my biggest motorcycle adventure so far - through the Andes in Chile and Argentina on BMW GS 800th. In search of lightweight touring boots my way led to one of the relevant motorcycle outfitters. After trying a few vendors I tried the Daytona Burdit. The boot I liked from the beginning, did not push and was wonderfully light and comfortable. When I "stalked" so by the store, looked at me a saleswoman asked to order and application and said to my statement: "Since we got purely just today brand new the VXR-10, I'll get the time directly from the warehouse." Ok, I thought, trying can not hurt. So also tried and the boot was actually better than the Burdit. The boot is running like a sneaker. The clerk asked for my opinion, which turned out pretty sweet: "I'll take the". She was a little surprised, but I was absolutely sure. Well, I'm back and could write here about accidents, heat, dust, river crossings, freezing cold, storms, altitude sickness and really hard stress tests for body and mind. But since all here are very short stories to the best I summarize briefly and limit myself to the boots. The purchase was definitely a direct hit, the boots have been fully tested on the ride. When I hung up my tent yesterday to dry in the garage, I noticed the Daytona cardboard box with the inscription "Made in Germany. By hand. "You can not say it better. I will not buy anything else. And that's exactly why I came across this lottery, because my next purchase are racing boots from Daytona. Thomas Brandt, Germany

For years I drive Daytonas, most recently the Journey XCR.

In my two involuntary accidents they have perfectly protects me. After the last accident, I bought it right back. Since I was unable to drive for two months, I realized that I was late and i buy the wrong size. The exchange period has unfortunately expired. Now I have a few new shoes here - but still nothing to wear: D
If I win you get the you back: D Jens Hesselbarth, Germany

I want to thank this way again for the excellent service and equally outstanding production performance with you all.

Dear employees of "Daytona", for several years now I drive the Daytona "Lady Star GTX", although I am a man. Says one in any case) But what was in no way detrimental to the comfort and quality and is. I simply chose the boots, among other practical reasons, he made me but bigger and so contributed to the better handling of my BMW. As the boots have come in the years as I said, have gradually dissolved the Schaltpads in favor and finally goodbye altogether. A biker buddy gave me the idea to send the boots just to Daytona for reconditioning. Because apart from the pads, there were no problems. No easing of Gore-Tex membrane, nor anything else that would have given grounds for complaint. So on to the dealer of my confidence "Louis in Wesel" and put the boots there. For the employee there, it was quite normal to send in the boots. Had she already done it with her own? She assured me that it would definitely be worthwhile. After a short time, I already got the message that the boots were finished and ready for collection. Let's go to excited to see the result. And what can I say? For a little money, I held two almost brand-new tour guides in my hands! Not only does the Schaltpads were replaced, and the entire exterior of the boots has undergone a makeover. Look almost like from the store. You have to look closely to discover the years of use. I would like to express my thanks for this great work. Also, that "Daytona" offers this service and thus helps to use our resources properly. Especially in today's "throwaway society" this is invaluable. In the end, it always pays to rely on quality! It may also be a bit more expensive in the beginning, but in the end it always pays to pay attention. The boots will continue to accompany me faithfully through the wind and weather over the next few years, and if a pair of "newcomers" have to come here again; then it will be one hundred percent of you again! In this sense, "All the best" continues and with a "happiness-up" from Gelsenkirchen, Thomas Salewski, Germany

Two hours until the Daytona finally arrived

Since I am a returnee, I thought to myself, I should buy other motorcycle boots, so I can put my Bundeswerhrstiefel in the closet. So I went to the Bikers Point and tried on cheap models and returned one by one to the shelf, because none of them had fit properly. So what to do? Well, go to the more expensive boots to 150 euros. There after exactly 30 minutes exactly the same: somewhere it has always pressed or tweaked. Then we went to the Daytona shelf. There I was struck by the design of the AC Dry GTX. Tried on and fits like a glove. Ultimately, it was 2 hours to the Daytona. Michael Hirsch, Germany

Daytona, you did a great job

Thanks to Daytona, I've been driving around for years with color-coordinated motorcycle boots. Not only do the boots look great, they also wear the same way;) And the boots even hold out a brief rainstorm without my getting wet feet. For me, the best motorcycle boots I've ever owned. Daytona, you've done a great job and the next boot will come from you again.
Christian Dunker, Germany

Bears strong service!

I bought your Road Star GTX in February 2016. On my last motorcycle tour, I came back home with wet feet. I then complained in June 2017 my boots at Polo in Jüchen and the boots have been sent to you. Yesterday I picked up my boots and saw what was done on these boots. I expected that you would use a new membrane. But you also changed the sole, the insole and the insole and the plastic reinforcement on the left boot. I would like to send a "THANK YOU" to you on this journey. Bears strong service!
Greetings from a totally enthusiastic customer from Bergheim. Robert Born, Germany

That's the best thing I've ever had on my feet.

Should I ever stop riding a motorcycle, I'll probably buy those boots as well. Gabi Schulz, Germany

Always a pleasure

Awesome Eifel tour in the spring of 2017 with my Honda CB 1100 and my beloved DAYTONA boots (Touring Star GTX), which also protected me from the cold at about 10 ° C. It was always a pleasure! Best boots ever .... Volker Hingst, Germany

Only daytona

My daytona lady pilot. "Ugly and chunky", but he extends the too short legs and is super comfortable. For me only daytona, also in the future. I have nothing more to report;) Tanja Hoskins, Germany

For safety reasons daytona

I wear to date cheap boots with a star on it ;-) I've allowed now for cost reasons once worn Evo Sports. I have done this only for security reasons and I wanted to take advantage of the hour. Should I win, I will use the next cheap hour and resell both pairs of boots ...... To me then to afford the security (can). Undoubtedly the best boots ..... unfortunately not cheap, but also understandable in all respects. Good luck and many greetings from the Rhineland! Stephan Klein, Germany

Also wear good boots on scooters ...

For many years I ride on my naked bike, to the fullest satisfaction, sports boots from Daytona. Fortunately, they did not have to prove their protection potential, but you feel protected. But for short trips to the city and to the work site, I use a Vespa. As to the sports boots look plentiful "overdressed" I drove it up to an accident not caused by the safety shoes of my work. These protected the foot, but neither ankle nor shin. From this painful experience I have, because it should be boots without membrane, the Daytona "Flash" indulged, which look good on both vehicles. Always well maintained with leather wax, these boots keep the way without Goretex longer time tight. The only criticism of the "Flash" is, see picture, wrong sewn on reflector left boot which has the function of course no influence. My conclusion: As on the bike should also be on a scooter is not possible to dispense with a good protective clothing, and that includes good boots! Especially in the cities one is exposed to an increased risk of accidents. Frightening and incomprehensible is the way for me as unfortunately observed again and again that many bikers sums to invest in renovations as well as accessories of the vehicles, but then skimp on the protective clothing and rely on cheap products. Best regards Rolf Elstermeyer, Germany

Quality. Otherwise nothing is possible for me.

Hello Daytona crew. I treated myself to the Daytona EVO Sports GTX 22 years ago. Now they are but after about 200.000km simply "ausgelatscht." I got me the exact same again worried. Why? Because everything else is out of the question for me. Hands: exclusively hero Phantom. Body: exclusively Schwaben leather. Feet: EXCLUSIVELY DAYTONA. Today I got the AC4 WD for the work. Keep up the good work, you are the best for me. PS: I had a fall about 12 years ago. A broken metacarpal bone. Pain everywhere, just not on the feet. Oliver Dankwart, Germany

Thanks to you for producing something like this

Hello Daytona Team, I own their great shoes since 2006, Road Star GTX. I got the shoes 2 days before my first alpine tour. I thought, hopefully that works fine. After 20 days back home I realized that I did not notice anything about my new shoe. Even walking with this shoe on walks and sightseeing was just great. Now the shoe is about 13 years old and still top and above all waterproof. Unfortunately, he takes advantage of the sole at the back something. Since I usually can not afford such a high-quality shoe, I hope he still holds something. A great shoe, super properties. Thanks to you for producing something like this. Sincerely, Fridolin Berkeley, Germany

For the next 33 years

Dear Daytona Team, I bought my first Daytona boots in 1985, blue-white-red, to match a combo by Dainese (Anton Mang). Apart from wear on the outer edges and then after years of inner sole, these boots have accompanied me tight on many kilometers. Eventually, you were then transferred to the Museum of station wagons have become too narrow and bought a new pair. These accompany me today (along with other Daytonas) regularly on the rides. It's a good feeling to be on the road with good shoes. For the next 33 years with boots from Daytona. Jerry Esters, Germany

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