Frey daytona® stories

The processing and equipment of the shoe speak for themselves.

When I started riding motorcycles again after 26 years, my friends gave me parts of their old equipment. Among other things, a few summer short boots. These have kept at least 3 years, and then recommended by self-dissolution replacement. After a short search and by many hints, I've looked at the Daytonas AC4 and am linging in the Louis shop times. A feeling like at home. Everything was fine, and the feeling of walking was good. But what will be the endurance feeling? Simply best, I can now say. For the summer simply the best choice. The processing and equipment of the shoe speak for themselves. Certainly somewhat more expensive than the competition, but just for it with possibility to repair and quality promises. I am still satisfied today. Greetings from South Swabia. Marcus Berndt, Germany

250,000 common km

After 14 years and almost 250,000 common kilometers, I now got my second pair of Roadstar GTX. As you can see in the photo, my old couple got a lot of sun, lots of rain, from time to time snow and also very much mud. Long were the weeks when I had them sent to repair the resole and seams. But it was worth it, we spent 6 years together again. But now their time has come, the leather is not getting any younger and they have now had to place their place at a new pair. To the next 250,000km, with everything that belongs to the motorcycle! The Left in greeting Ilka Seydewitz

Could not be better

The best motorcycle boots I've ever worn since I made the lobe in 1983. 42°C in Morocco: the feet breathe thanks to Gore Tex. Shoes cooling in the river of Todra Gorge: the feet are dry. 800 km Dolomite rain tour on a weekend: the feet remained dry. I wear the shoes with the Daytona leather Polish, after which they look like new, but are 6 years old. Manfred Kölle Germany

In these boots I feel safe!

In 1994, I had the experience of wearing a Daytona Evo boot for the first time. At that time I thought to myself, wow, with this you can go jogging, so light and comfortable is the boot. After 22 years I still use the same inner shoe, only the outer boot was renewed in 2015. With my hobby I would not like to do without the proven daytona quality. In these boots I feel safe! Martin Brenner, Germany

What if he could talk?

Telling of 7 years. From about 90,000 km. From the daily road to work. From tours to 11 countries. From salt showers in winter and salt water at the beach in summer. From cautiously estimated 3,500 times on and off. From the zippers and the velcro, which one does not look at it. From nasty teeth to the foot pegs. From the rough tar in large sloping positions. Of that he is still tight. Of the fact that he suffered a little visually. I think he would say: again! And so there is the same as a new pair. Or just new soles?
Olli Gronz, Germany

A difference like day and night - the boots are worth every euro

After many years of motorcycle abstinence I started again 6 years ago. So they had new clothes, including boots. Polo Shop Rosenheim directly viewed the Road Star. Great boots ... high price. That's something cheaper, I thought. Taken a cheaper off the shelf, tried ... crap :-( tweaks at all corners Then the saleswoman. try to Daytona times. Me: is too expensive. Next brand tried ... the same in green :-( Saleswoman now with "reprint": now just pull the Roadstar on, only for testing. OK, I love to try him ... and did not pull him out afterwards. :-) A difference like day and night. The high price does not come by chance, quality has its price. The boots are worth every euro. At the same place my thanks to the seller in the polo shop Rosenheim for her perseverance. She also said I was not the first one to do it, she just has to make sure that the customers wear the boots once. Then the topic has settled and the customers buy the Daytona. For two and a half years I was also TOP! Satisfied with it, with every wind and weather on the way, often hours in the rain, NULL problems. Then, after about 20,000 km of water, water came into the switching amplification. This seems to be a small weakness, the problem had already others before me. So test the highly praised service of Daytona. Call at the factory, I explained the problem and first an apology. This is not the quality for the Daytona stands and they repair the boots naturally on warranty. Since I am from Bavaria, I did a nice day trip and brought the boots personally at Daytona. What other manufacturer is such a thing ...? 1-2 weeks later they sent me the repaired boots home. New sole on it and looked like new. Now they are 6 years old and look (with good care !!) as out of the shelf. For the summer months, I have, incidentally, 5 years ago the Journey XCR. The quality for many, many years, the service and handwork "Made in Germany" makes the higher price more than compensate. Thanks to everyone at Daytona and keep up.
Servus Robert Großewang, Germany

Just great, what the Daytona workshop has done. Every cent worth 100%!

I had my heavily attacked Daytona Evo 14 days ago with defective zipper (fall sequence) over our Louis store in Hannover (only left). Back, he came over in an absolute top condition. Not only the zipper was renewed as desired, also the switching amplification was new and as a coronation still a hole excellent with a reinforcement provided. Since the end was also super cleaned, he now looks at least 5 years younger than the right boot. Since I am now quite hard to make the right look the same. Just great what the Daytona workshop has done. Every cent 100% worth it! A thousand thanks again for your quality so lives. 110% Recommendation from me.
Maik Hörnicke, Germany

Driving, hiking, climbing ... all no problem

My first motorcycle boots were due to the consultation with Louis a pair of Daytona and I am really excited! I am now in 3 years about 30,000 km with them and drove them imme rwieder gladly. Great alpine tours with up to 500 km a day and small hiking and trekking, no problem!
Daniel Meyland, Germany

Apparently endlessly durable

While I can report no dramatic event with Daytona boots, but own a pair of outdoor GTX and a pair Trans Open GTX. Interestingly, the outdoors are at least ten years older than the TransOpen, but (also thanks to good care) look almost like new. One might think that with increasing age they are getting better (smoother); That daytona boots are qualitatively, production technically and above all from the fit form as well as the convenience unequaled, is for me out of question. The superficial purchase price is actually favorable and justified for the aforementioned reasons as well as the obviously "endless" durability. "Made in Germany" is still today, and in the case of Daytona definitely, a seal of quality. Günter Grones, Germany

Always Daytona - if I need one again

I drive now been at least 8 years with my wonderful Daytona boots. Even climbing from the motorbike and walking a few kilometers with it is no problem and you are still waterproof. I have not had a better boot before, and I would always buy Daytona boots. Many Thanks. Michael Bakker, Germany

Completely satisfied

For 12 years, wonderful tours with the Outing GTX experienced and experienced, and as good as the look, stay with me for a long time :) Joachim Haag, Germany

After 15 years comfortable as on the first day

My Daytona Roadstar GTX I have been for over 15 years and they always kept tight. Comfortable as on the first day, from North Cape to Southern Europe - they were always there. Stefan Beck, Germany

Good there are still companies like Daytona

In the seventies I had seen him, the Daytona boots. Black / red and back with expansion folds, all in red, of course. They had to be. Said and done. And today I still have them. The soles were over with time. Since you can not separate from good old things (I at least), I had contact with Daytona. For the purpose of new boots of boots. The next day I received immediate response with the promise that this is possible. Ok, boots sent away to order. Within ten days they came back. And today I had the time to pick up the boots from the post office. Home arrived - unpacked immediately. And I can only say: It's no better. This is first-class shoemaking by Daytona. Here you can see the decades of experience in the production of motorcycle boots. I am very satisfied. Good that there are such companies as Daytona boots. With the best regards from the Taunus Friedrich Bartsch, Germany

How do you do it? I'm excited

Hello, yesterday had a hefty departure - fortunately with very good safety clothes. Dull bruises all over the body. Thanks to the Touring Star of Daytona, the feet have not gotten nix, I would not have expected so with a so easily feeling shoe. Thanks Daytona !!
Patrick Gaußmann, Germany

But the feet are doing well, thanks to Daytona

Hello, yesterday had a hefty departure - fortunately with very good safety clothes. Dull bruises all over the body. Thanks to the Touring Star of Daytona, the feet have not gotten nix, I would not have expected so with a so easily feeling shoe. Thanks Daytona !!
Patrick Gaußmann, Germany

For 7 years in daily use

Drive the Daytona Burdit daily for 7 years. Summer and winter in Austria. And now the question arises of a new boot. One thing is clear: there will be another Daytona! Still top waterproof, unique walking comfort, but after the use of snow, mud, ice and salt and countless tours abroad now the sole has gone through :-)
Thomas Petsch, Austria

Year of construction 1991

I think there will be new ones. The trademark problem has been replaced by itself and whether the water is still waterproof? Oh yes, year of construction 1991
Michael Gassmann, Germany

Made in Germany is Made in Germany

Today 26.02.17 with my new Daytona AC Pro and my Triumph Street triple on the beautiful Rhine in BONN ... had the shoes yesterday in the hand and immediately felt the quality (workmanship, weight). For me it was important to buy a well-crafted genuine leather shoe, size 40 immediately fit as a pose, have a good and secure feel in the shoes. The competitors often have coated leather which will flake off with time and get cracked ... great shoes, keep up the good work! Made in Germany is Made in Germany!
Thomas Black, Germany

For 5 years sure on every weather on tour. Top satisfied

Jutta Pfeifer, Germany

In Daytona you can count

My Daytona Burdit motorcycle boots were not waterproof after 2 years. Since it is the top brand I have complained about the sale (company Louis). The boots were repaired by Daytona without any problems. I got it freshly polished within a few days - and that without paying a cent. Again thanks for it ... my next bikerstiefel is again a DAYTONA, because you can rely on quality and service.
Alfred Lengauer, Austria

Without doubt the best bike boots

I have ridden with Daytona NonStop GTX boots for about 3 years, and they are without doubt the best bike boots that I have ever owned! They never let in water, never get too hot or cold, and superbly confortable. In fact, I like them so much I have converted my wife to Daytona as well! She now rides with Journey XCR boots! This was our biggest ride so far and my NonStop GTX boots were perfect - the whole trip. The picture was taken in St Emilion. Motorcycling & wine - two of my favourite things. Perhaps not at the same time though!
Cheers Don Tocher, England

Even if they are slightly more expensive, it is worth it ...

I have been driving motorcycles for over 25 years. From the very first day, the issue of security was very important to me, so only high-quality and mature protective clothing is suitable. There is no way around DAYTONA boots. The very good fit and the high processing quality convinced me. Even if they are slightly more expensive, it is worth it ...
Stefan Lindloff, Germany

The best boots I've ever owned

I bought my Ssecurity Evo about 18 years ago and have been riding it since then on the race and the road. They are the best boots I've ever owned, with the best wearing comfort and maximum safety. Furthermore, the repair service is world class. All together nothing is about Daytona boots, already alone that one supports a top German product.
Greeting Thomas Gläntz, Germany

More than just a pair of motorcycle boots. Much more: friends!

Daytona Big Travel GTX ... we have experienced everything: the routes up and down, curves in Corsica and Sardinia, edge loops in Oschersleben, Hockenheim, Padborg, the Nordschleife and the Lausitzring. Burning sun. Refrigerated rain. Dust swallowing. My friends protected me and kept my skin when I was on the road again. Now it's time to say good-bye! Goodbye to good friends ... that hurts! But the time and many thousands of kilometers have so addicted to my friends that they have served. We will be spending a last Andalusia tour together. Then they finally rest ... and I already have my new pair of Daytona Big Travel GTX in the closet!
Dr. Reimar Vogt, Germany

Correct quality made in Germany

I love these boots. Unlike many other manufacturers, these shoes are also suitable when you descend from the motorcycle. A little hiking and longer walks are not a problem. I am enthusiastic and am very happy about the right quality made in Germany! :-)
Sven Wildermann, Germany

No breaks thanks to Daytona

Hello Daytona-Team, last summer a driver took me quite classically the right way. It was inevitably a frontal impact. Speed approx. 40Km / h. Thanks to the boots I have spared breaks in the foot. Light bruises on the upper leather and the switching amplification I will have to be repaired with you. The boots are now 5 years old and will also exceed the 8 years lifetime. Class, I can only say and thank you for such a great shoe.
Frank Frühauf, Germany

The best

The best motorcycle boots I've ever had. No matter what weather, the quality is just right!
Andreas Thaller, Austria

I must have - my uncle is driving they also

I had so far unfortunately no daytona boots. But I would like umbedingt racing boots because it's the best there is, and my uncle drives this too.
Martin Häring, Germany

Enjoy this pleasure

From my friend I know that I'll finally get some new boots. Prehistory: On my last bike race (as a spectator), my boots, which were standing in front of the tent, were stolen from me overnight. This year I buy new boots in custom made. This is only ge ...., a Rolls Royce for the feet. Think about it and treat yourself to this luxury. As far as the feet go. Best regards, the new season comes
Werner Balonier, Germany

A picture is worth a thousand words

Travelstar GTX and Lady Evoque GTX. We rely on the brand Daytona for over 25 years.
Martin Niederkofler, Austria

No experiments

At the tender age of 18 years (1981) I took a pair of Frey Daytona boots. They accompanied me throughout Europe for many years. First with my Honda CB 200, then with the BMW R80G / S. With the G / S, the boots were also able to prove their gravel and offroad suitability (Ligurian Grenzkammstraße to Mt. Chaberton), which they did well, even though they were no Enduro boots, but for the street use. At 30, I became a father and sold my motorcycle. When I put on a motorcycle with 38 again, my old motorcycle clothing did not fit me anymore. Note: Leather goes in from long camps! When I looked for my boots, I found them in a cellar corner. Moldy. I washed the mold and the boots looked great again. However, my wife said that I should not wear the moldy things any more. And because women are always right, I wept, loudly weeping, from my beloved Daytona boots. At that time the money was scarce. So I bought a used pair of Daytona Roadstar boots. Good condition, hardly worn. The boots accompanied me faithfully through rides all over the Alps. In the evening, when I had found accommodation, they were perfect for mountain hiking. Pouring down the rain I stood dry. Class boots. When I was thinking about new road-star boots a few days ago, I discovered on Daytona's website that my old road-star had not installed any Gore-Tex membrane at all. Nevertheless, as already mentioned above, they kept the rain for hours on no-longer-ending highway trips. For me there is nothing better than Daytona boots. I do not do experiments with other brands. Never change a winning team!
Greetings from Göppingen Germany, Bernd Tonn

My faithful companion - Daytona Bandit XCR

I have my Daytona boots now for 9 years and a good 170,000 kilometers - in wind and weather :-) Whether summer - as in the picture - on the Silvretta Hochalpenstraße or even in winter, always a great companion. It does not matter, that you also sometimes weather ... caught and 6 hours in a row with Starkregen through Slovenia or in the Czech Republic is surprised by the winter. You always have a good trip.
Marcel Süße, Germany

I bought this boots for my father as a gift.

Daytona Strive GTX. He is very satisfied, boots are comfortable and "breathable" He uses the boots in longer and shorter trips. Despite of intensive use they look like new pair! The true German quality. In contrast to Italian motorcycle boots nothing cracks an nothing squeaks. It was good gift for years. Now I always want to buy Daytona boots for me, because since this year I did motorcycle driving license and step by step I buy equipment. Of course the choice is only one - Daytona :) Greetings from Poland !!!
Angelika Dąbrowska

Anytime again

Hello, I have my boots only since this season, but I am satisfied, no matter what weather, whether it is heat (35 degrees or 10 degrees), I have neither sweat nor frozen in the boots. I am positively convinced by the quality of the boots and would buy them at anytime again.
Raymond Köhler, Germany

Four friends, eight boots, all happy

When we were still young and beautiful, my girlfriend had a motorcycle accident. If she did not have high boots at the time, she would be poorer for a lower leg. That's why only boots with high shank came into question when the question of a new pair came up. Now everyone has a different foot and after many tried on couples I decided for a Daytona Burdit. The first two boots were bought. The motorcycle season is coming to an end and my husband and I planned a final ride with friends to the Rhine. The rooms are booked, but then the cold wave takes hold. I cough and sniff my way through the day and my girlfriend Mona is the same. Then we get news from the hotel that they can not accommodate us because of overbooking. So the weekend at the Loreley is canceled. While I am still out, Mona is already fit enough to shop. What is more fun than to buy shoes, and so the man has something of it makes woman the best in the motorbike business where the man has something to look at. Not so clumsy should the new boots, so that one can also comfortably go in it. And what does she come home with? With a pair of Daytona Burdit and her husband, she also immediately convinced of the boots. It was not until she told me about the new acquisition that we realized that they bought the same boots as me. Yes and there is only my husband and the quartet is complete. For him it is important first of all that he does not have to string. Again and again he looks enviously at my velcro closures while he is still tying his shoes. And then comes the opportunity. Sunday sale at nearby motorcycle shop. He jumps a bit at the height, then jogs into the Daytona Burdit across the store, and finally, with a broad smile in his face at the checkout, where he finds the call of Daytona to send a little story. We four are happy with our eight burdits and are already looking forward to the coming season where we will be well-protected. Greetings Rea Müller, Germany

There is no better Boot

My first Daytona (Shorty) was bought in 2004. I used it to 2012! Now I wear a Journey......and the next boot will be Daytona too!!! There is no better then DAYTONA!!!
László Ürögi, Hungary

Should wear everyone

I like to ride motorcycles also include sensible shoes, and you have these. Everyone should wear this while driving.
Jürgen Harlaß, Germany

New start after 22 years - naturally with Daytona

Love Daytona employees: 22 years ago I got a few new Daytona Boots paid - the joy was great. On tour the boots went once - then our son and life got in the way. In August 2016 I brought out the boots again and "dared" me on our bike. There it was again, that feeling that outside perceive a unique way - everything is much closer and more intense. It was so much fun that I promised my husband, with tent and motorcycle - even boots - next year to curves with him through Frankrreich.
Best wishes
Jutta Pfeiffer, Germany

18 years

My Daytona motorcycle boots are now 18 years old. Sole and shift lever reinforcement would have to be renewed slowly;)
Rainer Schiel, Germany

Daytona - what else...?

Several years ago (summer 2009) I came spontaneously to the moto-fun shoes. Since 1989, I have been driving exclusively Daytona (first the divisible - ingenious! - without, then with membrane, I have it all, even my beloved first plus a pair of Traveler GTX), Moto-Fun were great at first, although I normally mostly ankle (gymnastics) have worn shoes in the leisure sector. And since then I wear them almost every day, they have to go to the stable or the pasture, I go shopping and drive long distances car - only on the bike I do not use them because of the lack of ankle protection, since I have the Other boots - but they are also after 7 years almost daily use still all around tiptop, sole super, lining 1A, even the velcro fastenings still work perfectly, everything seams are ok ..
And that, although I usually have no time for the care.
This is Daytona ...
Thank you been with me so long as reliable in all situations!
Sabine Hallmann, Germany

Worth every penny

I found with the Daytona Journey XCR the optimal motorcycle boots for me. Even after the 10th season and over 80,000 km, he is waterproof and looks like a new care as new.
Even the comfortable and practical Velcro fasteners are not worn yet. A top product that is really worth every penny.
Christian Nölte, Germany

Quality has to be replaced by nothing, absolutely nothing

Traveller GTX schon 1990 gekauft und immer noch top in der Passform. Wasserdicht und insgesamt sehr bequem. Schon 100.000 km mit Daytona gefahren, und schon einmal im Elsass, vor fast 10 Jahren, haben mir die Stiefel mein Schienbein gerettet. Wenn diese alle Jahr mal mit Daytoba Lederschwärze eingerieben werden, bleiben die Stiefel wirklich geschmeidig. Jetzt bekommen sie bei Daytona neue Schaltverstärkung, was nach der langen Zeit mehr als in Ordnung geht. Daher: Qualität ist eben durch nichts, aber auch gar nichts zu ersetzen. Beste Grüsse Rudi.
P:S Meine Frau hat inzwischen auch die Daytona Lady.

Without Daytona probably wärs much worse

Four weeks ago I did my first Daytona replaced after 21 years, of course, again and Daytona yesterday I had my first departure thanks to a crazy car driver. pinched Right foot under the engine block, and after a few friendly motorists indeed had lifted the moped from my foot contusion and thick foot, but nothing broken. Without Daytona probably much worse if it were with a broken ankle. Many thanks to your bootmaker :-)

Gerhard Bauer

In May this year

I have a motorcycle accident suffered when I had the left ankle and wrist twice each broken me. After recovering from two surgeries and subsequent rehab it's back better.
In this way I would like to thank you for your product!
My great Daytona boots have saved me from a far more serious foot injury. This was at least as confirmed to me by the treating physicians.
After the repair of my boots I'll be back "ascend"!
Hamdi Uyan, ,Germany

"Better safe place to buy cheap" saved me from the hospital

I was 18 and my mind is made up, I start my driving A2. So go ahead, buy clothes for the first driving lesson. As I stood before the Daytona Regal and was killed in the first moment of the prices. But the next moment I had the idea, you are your only protection, so why risk to go with cheap shoes. This decision saved me from the hospital. Because nearing completion of my driver's license, it has thrown me at 70 km / h in the curve.
The bike was only a big heap of metal and I wondered: is everything to me there?
My left foot was appallingly under the motorcycle.
But thanks to the very good Daytona shoe my foot is nothing happens in the fall, even the shoe had suffered only one place a small Blessur.
I am very grateful that there is such good shoes, they are worth every penny!
Lars Nolte, Germany

Without daytonas I probably would have broken my foot

I slipped in Spain on the way back from Morocco in a roundabout traffic and my foot was twisted trapped under my Reiseenduro until I was helped by passers-by. Without daytonas I probably would have broken my foot.
Martin Wendt, Germany

From the sociality to own machine - of course with Daytona

After many years and a few detours, I have fulfilled my heart's desire in the 5th decade of life ... the motorcycle license
Now only missing the ideal Daytona Boots with heel lift Gr. 39 for the absolute stability. These boots are my long-serving Daytona Boots, from my sociality times, replace.
The photo shows the sunset with my 3rd exit. A great end of day.
To all of you a safe journey
Petra Kron

I wear with pride my name on the boots

I wear for more than 25 years of motorcycle boots Frey daytona. My old "parts" were leaking after more than 10 years.
Have I recently brought for warm days still a 2nd pair. So I wear with pride my name on his boots.
Uli Frey, Germany

There is no reason to purchase another

My Burdits accompany me already 8 years, they were also shod ever again, but that is more to my riding style than at the super good quality. The shoe looked after recap like new again. Still convenient, safe and dry.
There is no reason to ever buy another shoe except a Daytona, and I must say, nioht sleep competitors and also have good and priced models on the market, not to be confused with cheap.
Security, good
Comfort, good
Service, good
Price, satisfactory

Greetings to the field
Chris Coronato

Without daytonas I probably would have broken my foot

I slipped in Spain on the way back from Morocco in a roundabout traffic and my foot was twisted trapped under my Reiseenduro until I was helped by passers-by. Without daytonas I probably would have broken my foot.
Martin Wendt, Germany

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