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End of the 90

When I hung the helmet in the late 90s of the famous "nail", buddy Jens K. wanted to have my Evo boots. To accompany it's "all-carbon 916" new outdoor boots were then ordered and he went to the first road tour. The then unfortunately ended in a turnip field and the total loss of the Ducati. The best part was then but the statement by the attending physician, Dr. Becker: "So boots, I've never seen, but they saved them the Foot!". Jens was then calmer - but Daytona he remained faithful.
Martin Grein, Germany

Retrieved from "off the rack" never fit me boots.

Never in motorcycle clothing and otherwise. The visit to the Daytona dealer brought the realization: The first boot fits, sits and has air.
And look great and protect he can. He is exactly the boot, it has always been missing. Now for 15 years. A great product!
Dagmar Höhn, Germany

Stand to cool off in the lake

In a hot summer tour I have stood with the boots for cooling in Carinthia in Wörthersee. The feet were nicely chilled. The socks stayed dry.
Feet were fresh and continue making their joy. If I have to take off his boots and socks for cooling, I would have come back into the boots barely 800 km away.
Guido Höhn, Germany

If I'll ever need new boots again...

In my trip to the Mecklenburg Lake District, I have my Daytona Trans Open GTX learned to appreciate.
Absolutely great wearing comfort, absolutely dry even after several hours riding in the rain and also smaller hikes were not a problem with the boots. If I should even need new boots, which I do not think probably in very good processing of boots in the next few years, only Daytona.
Harald Henke, Germany

Height and hardness test Mastered perfectly

After I already accompanied my Daytona Trans Open GTX by wild adventure in all sorts of countries, they have now driven me to the extreme. And that in quite literally! Because along with a Royal Enfield we were on the highest motorable mountain pass in the world in the Himalayas - the Khardungla. With the 5600 meters my boots just came along well like water crossings, landslides, mud passages and everything else they have to offer Indian roads like this. I'm looking forward to the next tours, because obviously they have passed their altitude endurance test perfectly.
Andre Förster, Germany

Pathetic nobodies - convincing Dayton

I decided to purchase a touring boot from Daytona after my old no-name boots have failed miserably. My passengers have convinced me. The old boot are the same landed in the ton and have not begun the return journey!
Erik Krueger, Germany

Thanks Daytona SHORTIES!

Where should I start and where to end? I just start times. It's the year 2004, after I'm no special protective clothing, apart from a leather jacket and helmet, partially extremely driven about 25 years, I thought it would be now time not to challenge the luck further and join the security to their right to let. As Lower Bavaria that meant for me a ride to the nearby Rottal to Daytona factory. Finally, you do not have every day the opportunity to work with an international reputation to attend a Lower Bavarian company. How serious this light therefore predicted predicate "international reputation" is to be taken, I realized four years later during a visit to the "Barber Motorsports Park Museum" in Birmingham / Alabama. There is next to a Jordan Motorsports Suzuki Superbike a showcase with a leather suit of basketball player Michael Jordan, who at least at the time a private Superbike team in the AMA sponsored and leathers stuck in ................ DAYTONA boots! What to feel a feeling so far from home a touch home. But now back to Lower Bavaria. A few months after the purchase of a decent leather suit and boots Daytona (SHORTY) I had an unpleasant encounter the four-wheeled kind, followed by free flight by standing on the roadside trees. The total loss of the Yamaha R1 was followed by the logging of driver Lädierungen. Cracked vertebrae, broken ribs, broken finger. The only thing that remained intact, were his feet in the Daytona shoes. Judging by the traces of abrasion on the shoes according to the protocol could be extended for not satisfying footwear appropriate to injuries to the feet. Thanks to the excellent quality but I could positively tick this part. And that's not all - the shoes do operation today, 11 years after their purchase and the "overuse". The sole is of course now in accordance with worn, the shoe itself but, apart from the signs of abrasion from 2004 in perfect condition. I look at the shoes in two ways as a lucky charm. Firstly, I believe in the quality, which is not least supported strongly by the frequent use in racing and the life, and secondly because of superstition (although I'm usually a more businesslike thinking contemporary). Anyway - the injury time were bad enough, and could have been the end of motorcycling and the beginning of a life in a wheelchair. After all the injuries from today's perspective are healed virtually follow freely. A complicated comminuted fracture of the foot and / or joint would be the last thing I would then still missing. Therefore - THANK Daytona!
Roger Mulzer, Germany

With my boots, for the first time in Austria in the Alps!

Oliver Ickstadt, Germany

Even in the Himalayas: simply perfect boots

Also on our last big tour, over the highest motorable passes in the world, me the boots have accompanied perfectly again. In the Indian Himalayas, at 5,600m they have defied all odds. Just awesome! Mud, water, debris-no problem.
André Förster, Germany

Even on my next pair will stand DAYTONA !!! For sure!!!

My last motorcycle boots in 1984 at the beginning of a 30-year-long break, Daytona boots were.
Even back then easily like a second skin, yet very robust and with very good runnability.

Spring 2014. I am climbed back in the ring, have a lot of time invested in the selection of my clothes and am again landed boots at Daytona.
Today, after about 18000 km and in the second season, the boots are still in excellent condition, wearing distinguished themselves, give very good support for sporty driving style.
Roland Staudt, Germany

The best boot, I've ever seen.

Now since April, I drive a Road Star GTX. The boot was initially sold me a little tight. But now, it has adapted and feels like a slipper. After a month I noticed wear at the right shoe in the area of the switch. After further inquiry at Daytona I could boot the sending and received it after 4 days back with a revised shifter gain. A great service. It is so far the best boots I've ever owned.

Jörg Ruckdeschel

Once Daytona, always Daytona

In summer we were (my wife and I) from Hamburg with the motorcycles in Austria. The photo was taken on the Rossfeldstrasse in Berchtesgaden Country. My boots have never let me forsaken in sh... weather and when the sun shines down. I had always "well-tempered" feet - in the summer is not too hot (no sweaty feet), in winter never cold feet and above all: always dry feet. The boots have now been with me many thousands of kilometers and carry themselves like the first day. Small hiking (exploring) sin no problem, long trips are not a fortiori. I can say with full conviction: once Daytona - always Daytona.
Rolf Weisenfeld, Germany

A great choice for little money

I had a big problem, the rubber sole of my 3 year old Daytona Urban was too grippy. If I wanted to pull the foot back on the footrest back to the upshift, the footrest folded up with the smallest contact and blocked the complete retraction. The bike was a year old, with rubber pads on the footrests. The shift pedal was superscript sufficient.
The solution:
Short e-mail traffic with Daytona. I should send in their boots ... Daytona would come up with what, spare boots for the repair period included!
And Daytona came up with what ... it was between heel and tread portion, the sole somewhat diluted and applied a 2mm thick carbon fabric.
Now the shoe is no longer so grippy in this area and everything hits as desired. I am overjoyed.
Kudos and thanks for the great solution, especially since this modification was carried out for 'very little money'.
Walter Schwarz, Germany

Winter boots

I always went to teaching hours with the S51 in the company. In summer, even went so without reasonable motorcycle clothes, but in winter ... Man, what I have frozen to the feet. The second winter I was willing to spend a little more money for good shoes, and I have not regretted it. Now I'm already five years Journeyman and travel by car to work, but my good boots daytona I still have, and if I make time in the transitional period a motorcycle tour, they make me still good services.
Hannes Papzien, Germany

A very satisfied customer

Thank you dear Daytona team. The boots do look almost like new and will keep me back on many motorcycle tour-kilometers good services. Many thanks and a good Christmas season.
Dieter J. Bollmann, Germany

Cool boots

Have demolished the shift linkage with his left foot in an accident. Had only blue toes, otherwise everything okay. Meanwhile, the boots are 15 years of age and have served its purpose. They are still fit, halt worn according to age.
Ronald Frühauf, Germany

Pure driving pleasure with Daytona!

Mirja Schmidt, Germany


Boots are now 11 years and have about 100,000 kilometers behind and are currently with you for new soles, I can only say 1A keep it up !!!!!!
Reinhard Fernberg, Germany

Bikers with experience driving Daytona

I bought my M-Star boots at a motorcycle show in London in 2002. Since about 100.000km I'm driven by the same couple.
These are the best boots I've ever worn, and in 20 years I've tried some 'cheaper' boots. While the Daytona are a bit more expensive, but ran much more price-performance ratio. Even with my safety training and many European tours, I noticed that Daytona is actually the choice of professionals and experienced tour driver.
Here is a picture of me at the Nürburgring, the M-star and my Fazer 1000, according to the International Fazer meeting in the Eifel. This first pair of 2002s is almost ground off on the sole - so I just just ordered a new pair, and hope that come before I go back to Germany for Fazer meeting.
Paul Bardo, Great Britain

Newly purchased after a long search, Gr. 48, dressed and fitted, just great.

Juergen Altmeyer, Germany

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