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is going to the best ever this year! Shane Massey, United Kingdom

Perfect for quad bikes too

I also like to put on my Daytona shoes for quad biking. Super protection and no wet feet ;-) Melanie Naumann, Germany

What a great service.

My Spirit GTX had expired, that means the soles had holes. Normally you give the shoes to the garbage can, not to daytona. I happened to be in Lower Bavaria on Thursday and then decided to go to Eggenfelden. The nice lady gave me the best advice and we ordered a new sole plus gearshift paddle, price is TOP. After not even a week, Friday was also a holiday, a package is just around the corner. What can I say? At first I thought they were new... no, the soles are new, the gearshift pad is new and the shoes shine like a baby's butt. I just say, once Daytona, always Daytona and should something not be the way it should be, you will be helped with a terrific service quality. THANK YOU! Robert Kullmann, Germany

No more buying other boots

We regularly go on holiday in the region of Lower Bavaria and if necessary our Daytonas come with us for inspection. That's what you do with a motorcycle. And after the inspection / repair they are again friends for every tour. We have been riding motorcycles for 42 years and after the first Daytonas it was clear that we would never buy other boots again. Guido Höhn, Germany

12 Years, 160000 Miles

I've had my Daytona Trans Open now for 12 years, they've been with me for about 160000 miles of England, Wales and Scottish weather on road and trail. Great boots, starting to leak now at 12 years old, but o be fair they have taken a massive amount of punishment. David Lithgo, UK

There is no better service.

On Tuesday my years old Touring Star GTX was sent in to replace the worn out gear shift reinforcement. Already on Thursday my boots repaired on both sides got back by DHL. They look TOP again. There is no better service. I can recommend DAYTONA 100% to everyone who values quality and a brand promise that is kept. Marc Smaluhn, Germany

It's all good when Daytona written on it.

Since 42 years on the motorcycle and since 30 years "in" Daytona's. Dry, safe and comfortable, that's how a motorbike boot should be. And is it also...when Daytona is written on it. Horst Hartmann, Germany

Unbelievable, even after so many years the boot is still top

22 years ago I bought my first and last Gore-Tex boots from Frey Daytona. Since it rained for days at a time on the Salzburgring and the tent "swam" at some point, I didn't take them off overnight either. And look there, the feet were dry!! Run through the mud for days to the individual races, but don't get wet feet! Unbelievable, even after so many years the boot is still top. The profile has almost expired, and I am looking forward to acquiring the "new generation" soon. And I will also go directly to you and personally visit the probably last remaining shop with German workmanship and pick up my NEW ones there. Keep it up and good luck for the future........your Günter Achhammer from Ingolstadt, Germany.

Sitting perfectly and are always waterproof

Hello, I'm driving my second pair of Trans Open now. I am super satisfied and always feel well protected. The boots fit perfectly and have been waterproof for years. Great praise. Christopher Salzmann, Germany

They have never let me down

I have a pair of motorcycle boots. The lightest, most comfortable and protective against everything like accident, rain and dust. The name is DAYTONA! They have never let me down! Marius Cvasa, Romania

30 Years, 2 Pairs

Thought I’d just share my boot story as I prepare to buy my second pair of Daytona boots in, oh about, 30 years or so. My first pair are so old now I have no idea what model they are, but I wore them regularly for many years, riding all-year-round, in all weathers from Istanbul to Belfast and everywhere in between. In 1997 my biking days were interrupted by a move to Africa and the boots went into storage. Not for too long though; my niece borrowed them to enjoy the thrill of biking with her boyfriend, now her husband. In 2017 I decided it was time to undertake a long-planned – actually planned is probably not the right word; “thought-of” might be closer – trip from Belfast in S Africa to my birthplace, Belfast in N Ireland. I retrieved my mothballed leathers, repossessed my boots, gave them all a clean and polish and set off on my aging, but completely rebuilt Honda CB 750 K2 on 28th March 2019. (Anyone interested can follow the story at Day 1 didn’t end well, for me or my boots; I lost it going through some deep sand, thankfully whilst going slowly, and ended up on my side. I was OK, but my boots didn’t fare so well; one boot had a 3-4” split where the sole had detached from the upper. An on-the-spot repair using some string and gaffer tape allowed me to continue and lasted the next 1,000km. In Pretoria – I was on my way to Belfast from Harare – I found a recommended cobbler and had the soles reattached. The repair looked good and did the job for the next 12,000km. Unfortunately fate then took a hand; I fell down a broken step and fractured a bone in my foot. This has necessitated a 6-8 week delay while the bone mends. It also means I will be riding up through Europe in winter, which was not part of the plan. I decided then that my old boots might not be the best item for this as they are no longer waterproof – I had tried them out a few times in warmer southern climes – and some extra protection for my foot my be a good idea. So it now a pair of M-Star GTX for the next X,000 miles. The old ones? Well, I’m going to explore the possibility of reconditioning and resoling them, and using then when the weather suits their advanced years. Sean Drysdale N Ireland

Keep it up!

Dear Daytona team, after more than 150,000 kilometres in seven years through dozens of countries under all weather conditions my Travel Star GTX boots were unfortunately no longer tight. Until then the leather has held up well, the zippers still work perfectly and the lining still looks good. Now I have bought a new pair, again the Travel Star GTX, and hope that it will last that long again. Keep up the good work! Best regards Mathias Heerwagen, Germany

I am infinitely happy and grateful

I just had an accident with an oncoming car on the Alp Tour in France. Your Strive GTX definitely saved my foot, because I tore up the sill of the car from the A to the C-pillar with the footrest!!!!!! I am infinitely happy and grateful to have only suffered severe bruises and bruises, but no broken bones. MUCH THANKS DAYTONA Christian. Göbel, Germany

Clear purchase recommendation

Hello everybody, with my Daytona Urban GTX I feel really safe. The solid workmanship always gives me the firm hold I need due to a knee injury! I have been totally satisfied with the boots for years and do not regret the high costs in any case - clear recommendation to buy. Jörg Frank Germany

Perfect for little women

After countless attempts on our boots we finally landed at Daytona. The perfect boot for small women who want a secure stand with the motorcycle. Slipped clean, immediately fitted and comfortable like a slipper. I'll never give it up again. Nicole Löhnert, Germany

Your quality standards plus customer service: simply phenomenal

Dear Daytona team! As a late (up) bloomer in 2012 I made the appearance, tried several new and used shoes(!) and finally landed at the bagged Evo Sports a few years ago. A short episode, why I probably did everything right: Race track training June 2019 with my a little bit old 97'er Bandit at the Hockenheimring, weather fits, asphalt sticks, Suzi shoots, exuberance rises, curve comes, detent grinds, exhaust clamp says goodbye, boots takes ground sample, screw of the grinder does the same to the clamp, but the foot remains intact! Your quality standards plus customer service: simply phenomenal! Thank you and best regards Werner Grabowatschki, Germany

Who else knows those boots?

Hello, here is my little contribution to the brand Daytona. Who still knows these boots? They were my first motorcycle boots, which I bought directly in Eggenfelden in 1978. These boots did their job faithfully for a few kilometres, often in the rain. An accident with slip on the tarred road you survived almost unscathed (by the way, so did I). Those weren't Goretex boots yet, in former times you wore rain overshoes over them. I wore the boots for 25 years and then put them in the cupboard. At last I have worn a foreign make. Now I get myself again new Daytona boots in Eggenfelden, because it concerns my security. mfg Christian Reif, Germany

20 good years

I have been travelling with my Daytona boots for over 20 years (a repair in Eggenfelden). Now a new purchase of a Daytona VXR-8 GTX for the next years.
Johann Bauer, Germany

I have been on the road with the Road Star GTX for about 20 years.

... today I bought the VXR- 8 GTX. I hope for the next 20 years,
Johann Bauer, Germany

The Daytonas defied the split strip with cheese grater effect

I am a year-round driver and have been on the road with Daytona for several years. No matter if in deluge, hail, snow or heat, the current Road Star GTX have served me the last 3.5 years and 80,000 km always excellent service and small falls could not harm them. But only since July 5 of this year do I really appreciate the extraordinary security features. In a right turn with relatively rough asphalt I met a 5 m long and 1.5 m wide split strip, which was not visible and not signposted, in a full sloping position. So it came as it had to come: my machine slipped away with both wheels, slipped full force against the metal carriers, which the local farmer had mounted instead of normal fence posts. Thank God my sliding part wasn't quite as long, but all the rougher as far as the abrasion was concerned. My Dainese leather suit and gloves had been chafed in several places by the cheese grater-like coating, so that I pulled myself a dolle burn on the right flank. The Daytonas didn't survive the fall without any damage, but unlike the Dainese-leather they didn't let anything through to my feet. Thanks Daytona. Armand Scholtes, Luxembourg

Your boots are incredible.

Warm in winter and no sweaty feet in (high) summer. To pay the higher price has cost a little overcoming, but since I ride a motorcycle daily and throughout the whole year, this investment has been very worthwhile. In addition, I had the opportunity to test the boots in 9 hours of continuous rain on an ADAC intensive training and was thrilled - 100% dry feet. Many thanks to all employees for their hard work. It is a pleasure to wear these boots every day. Carlo Oster, Germany

My Daytonas are older than my daughter - and she is now 25 years old.

A few weeks after their birth in 1994, the boots have protected me well during a crash into a retired Mercedes below. They are still in use today, have survived 4 motorcycles, various station wagons and helmets. This year, the switching amplifiers have become victims of the years. But they are still absolutely waterproof. Oll but great! I don't even want to think about giving them up at some point. By the way, the boots are not the same age, because of a leakage you just sent me a new boot. Thanks again for that. Best regards Niels Bonnemeier, Germany

No scratch on foot

There's no use for Pattex. Curb was stronger. But no scratch on the foot.
Wolfgang Deml, Germany

I've been riding this Daytona boot for 40 years.

I think that should be said. At the age of 16 I bought the model for 99 Deutsche Mark - a lot of money for a 16-year-old in his first year of apprenticeship - and since then I have always stayed with this couple. These were always expertly repaired and soled by a shoemaker. Yes, the nice leaning position always costs a little substance. Even today, at the age of 56, the inclination hasn't changed and neither has my faithful companions, who have certainly accompanied me for more than 250,000 km in all kinds of wind and weather. Even the zippers are still the originals. I think that's a statement of quality about your products that you can write yourself at the top of the list. Once Daytona, then probably always Daytona (I still have a few Daytona Classic in the cupboard, as good as new, but I always prefer to take the old ones with me on tour). If my beloved old boots needed a general overhaul, could I contact your repair service? With this in mind, Greetings Peter Wegner, Switzerland

The bike can be changed, the Daytona boots can't.

Hello Daytona Team, since 2008 with the motorcycle on the way, I have, on recommendation, still in the same year your classic, bought the Road Star GTX. He has accompanied me faithfully and bravely ever since, whether on the house round, on the NC500 in Scotland or in Nizza. He has put away every extreme of the weather and done his duty inconspicuously. So this year there was no doubt that the Road Star would be my boot for three weeks in the Himalayas. Besides gravel roads and water crossings he had to take a lot of punishment here for the first time after an oncoming bus had caused me to fall. But also here the boot has fully convinced and made it possible for me to complete the remaining two weeks of our tour, up to the Khardung La (5400m). I have changed my motorcycle brand since 2008, but with the boots it will certainly remain Daytona. Stefan Wagner, Germany

Despite constant rain dry feet!

Last weekend I had a tour where we are exposed to the rain for a long time. Thanks Daytona boots the feet stays dry. The quality is really excellent and also the wearing comfort is not reached by any other motorcycle boots. I don't want to wear any other motorcycle boots like Daytona. Thank you very much for these great products! LG Rudolf Kaltenböck, Austria

Boots good - end good

After several attempts to start my bike you could already hear that the electric starter wouldn't make it anymore. After a courageous kick on the kick starter with my daytona boots, everything went back to normal. Boots good - end good. Dominik Zimmermann, Germany

They never let me down

In 1993 I bought my first pair of motorcycle boots from a shop in Stockport, England. I had only been riding a few years and lacked any product knowledge. Fortunately I was given good advice and purchased a pair of Daytona Roadrunners. I travelled thousands of miles in these boots, commuting and touring Europe as my motorcycling experience increased. They never let me down, were beautifully made and were super comfortable. Around 2010 I eventually replaced them although it is fair to say that the Daytona's were still intact and the craftsmanship had not failed (despite falling off the bike twice). Having had other manufacturers boots since I am now treating my feet to Daytona once again and have just purchased a pair of non Goretex Roadstars. I believe a good degree of waterproofing comes from the design and workmanship alone and would rather have the extra breathability. Happy to be back. Robert Hampshire, United Kingdom

It was worth it: 40 years later I still ride the same daytona boots

Dear Daytona Team, my name is Claus Neumann and I ride a motorcycle for 40 years. At the age of 18 I bought my Daytona motorcycle boots, that was in 1979. I think they cost 190 DM at that time. For an 18-year-old a lot of money, but it was worth it, because 40 years later I still ride the same motorcycle boots: my BMW R25/3 from 1954, the Daytona boots from 1979 and I are now 40 years older, but we didn't mind the years :) I can only say: Daytona motorcycle boots are the best boots you can imagine for motorcycling. They are 40 years my faithful companion on the motorcycle (in wind and weather). I would like to thank you for the very good quality of your product and can only say, stay true to yourself and your philosophy. Many greetings Claus Neumann. Germany

Dear sirs,

I wasn't sure where or how to write to you to share my appreciation for the protection you boots have given me. I have owned a pair of your Security Evo boots since 2010, and I have always been impressed with their strength and comfort. I've used them for thousands of road miles and dozens of track days. They have been involved in 4 crashes over the years, all of which were small and the boots suffered no damage. Last week I was on a track in Spain and suffered brake failure - I had a big crash that saw me go over the tyre wall. I had many bruises and small injuries, but my feet and ankles were unharmed. When I saw the inner boots I was so impressed at the impact they took, as you can see from the picture, the kevlar has cracked in several places. Better this than my legs! I do not think they can be repaired, so I am now looking to buy a replacement pair, and I recommend the Security Evo to all of my friends. Thank you, TJC Walton

Comfortable and precise gear control In every situation.

Thanks Toshiyuki Fukushima


faithful companion on my motorcycle tours. Andreas Härtelt, Germany

A dream

I borrowed it from a friend because I couldn't afford it myself yet. They are such beautiful motorbike shoes and really comfortable. A dream.
Tanja Brekeler, Germany

Of course, nothing else gets to my feet.

25 years ago I had a serious motorcycle accident on the motorway between Basel and Karlsruhe. At that time the Daytona boots saved me from serious foot injuries. In 2016 I started riding motorcycles again. Of course nothing else comes to my feet than Daytona (currently the Road Star GTX). Once Daytona - again and again Daytona. Thomas Patrik, Switzerland

The only thing left I can keep were my Daytona motorbike boots (and my legs)

I was in a motorbike accident (not my fault). I was injured and my motorbike was a right off. My gloves, helmet and jacket were damaged beyond repair. The only thing left I can keep were my Daytona motorbike boots (and my legs). James de Bruxelles, Australia

Every cent is well invested ... many thanks for such a good quality!

The daytona Touring Star GTX was the first protective clothing I bought for motorcycling when I took my A1 driving licence in 2007. For driving school I still had my mum's station wagon, helmet and gloves, but unfortunately the shoes didn't fit because they were three sizes too small for me. So boots had to be made and after a lot of trying on the daytona just sat perfectly and were super comfortable. And they still are today. No matter if for the tour or for curve/safety training, they gave me a safe stand at (almost) every kilometre I have driven so far. It was a very hot day in August 2014, when I "just wanted to go fast" through the city and was on my way with Chucks instead of my boots... It came to an accident, in which I fortunately only suffered bruises. My ankles were very badly affected by the fall and were green and blue and thick. I regretted not having my boots on. It wouldn't have been half as bad. That is still a lesson to me today and I only ride with motorcycle boots, no matter how short or long the distance is. A little fun fact at the end: My daytona are still the most expensive shoes I own (and as a woman I already have some ;), but I have to say, every cent is well invested, if you buy your boots. Many thanks for such a good quality! Best regards Cynthia Suck, Germany

For the first time I bought daytona boots ...

and would do it again and again. ulrich eiseb, Germany

31 years, 4 motorcycles, over 240.000 km - one daytona

Hello, I have been riding motorcycles since 1985 and bought my first and so far only motorcycle boots in 1987. They lasted until 2018, when unfortunately the sole came off and they couldn't be saved anymore. I don't remember which model it was from daytona, the inscriptions were no longer legible, but they resembled, with the leather protection of the zipper, the model Voyager or Spirit. That's exactly what I'm going to get now. What should I say after 31 years, 4 motorcycles and over 240.000 km? Made in Germany. By Hand! Andreas Hell, Germany

19 years, 150,000 km, and a combine harvester.

In the year 2000 I bought some Road Star GTX, a super boot. In winter 2014/2015 I sent it in to renew the sole and it was like new again. Then in the summer of 2015 I had an encounter "of the third kind" with a combine harvester in a bend on the country road, he crossed the road in a bend, no chance to avoid ... my Triumph Sprint GT (270kg) came to rest on my left foot and my foot/boots were trapped under it. What shall I say, the boot protected the feet and shins 100%, got absolutely nothing, were intact and painless. The boots had also optically almost not suffered and I drive them until today. Unfortunately, last week, the gear change has disintegrated and I will now put them out of service, after 19 years of loyal service and about 150,000km. And they will be replaced by, quite clearly, exactly the same model again. That there is still something to buy, which is almost unimaginable nowadays. Thomas Hlavacek, Romania.

Durable and comfortable over many years

In the mid 90s I bought my first pair of motorcycle boots - Daytona Flash. The boots were so durable and comfortable that I didn't get rid of them until 15 years later. Most recently, they were mainly used on hot summer days. For the other days I bought Voyager GTX, who now do their duty for 10 years. Uwe Nagel, Germany

Long searched, finally found

I've wasted a lot of time looking for new motorcycle boots. Own brands here, ital. Manufacturer there, but none really fitted. Last but not least a pair of VXR-14 GTX as last option; a small price challenge... slipped in and felt good! TOP! Season 2019 can begin for me. Patrick Spielvogl Germany

Just a boot

15 years, 60,000 km, every damn pass, every hour of riding a motorcycle... and just a few boots. Never cold, never wet, never hot ....
Volker Jordan, Germany

Three good reasons

As a veterinarian in the emergency service I also like to use the motorcycle when the weather is good. For this I have chosen the AC4. The reason for the purchase was the well-known quality of the boots, the good fit to the motorcycle jeans and the insensitivity to dirt (hence the dark model :-)). I would be very happy about a model to change. Sabine Geiling, Germany

Falls and theft in Sardinia

Unfortunately I fell off my motorcycle in Sardinia and had to go to hospital for five days. The police said that my friends should put the bike on its side and that the towing service would pick it up the next day (Monday). Since my friends couldn't take everything of me with them to the hotel, they left the 4 year old boots at the motorcycle. The next day, both were gone - motorcycle BMW S1000 R and Daytona Strive size 44. And now I'm fighting with the insurance! Thomas Ott, Germany

Super Parts

I bought myself Daytona-Steifel (Road Star) in 2004, which were of course immediately tested for tightness in the river bed during the first ride. Test passed! In 2018 I had to "already" sort them out because the gearshift reinforcements came loose. Super parts. Dagmar Lukert, Germany

Worth the price, considering all the advantages

Hello together, if you can enjoy the landscape during a break on the Ligurian border ridge road and don't have to be annoyed by hot, uncomfortable feet, Daytona boots are for you. Anyone who still has trouble with the price of the boots should include these moments in the calculation. No matter in which weather, and in my case for over 10 years with the same boots! I wish you all beautiful and safe rides and tours on your bikes. Ralf Bierhaus, Germany

Convincing quality and fit

For over ten years I have been riding exclusively Daytona motorcycle boots. Quality and fit are excellent and convince me completely!! Stephan Lindemann, Germany

After some mispurchases ended up at Daytona ... and never bought anything else again.

I don't have just one experience I want to tell you. I am 52 years old and have been riding motorised two-wheelers since I was 15. After a few mispurchases at a young age, I ended at Daytona. And what can I say, since then I haven't bought any other boots (for motorcycling). Waterproof, comfortable, durable. And now I am looking forward to the new AC Classics GTX. For journeys to the beautiful mountains of Europe it is helpful to wear a boot that meets all the requirements while driving as well as being comfortable when exploring the non-drivable corners and peaks. On a new path ... the way is the goal. Greetings Harald Schuller, Germany

Simply the best

I was selling my Daytona AC Pro when I sold my motorcycle. Now after a re-entry only one brand for motorcycle boots comes into question for me. - Daytona - I already ordered some AC4s. Simply the best! Thomas Mergenthaler, Germany

Nothing broken thanks to daytona

I had a motorcycle accident two years ago and I was wearing Daytona Trans Open boots. My left leg was heavily swollen and bruised. But nothing was broken thanks to the boots. I ride only with Daytona boots motorcycle. Michael Neeb, Germany

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