Over 30 years of daytona® motorbike boots. A reason for us to celebrate and a opportunity for you to win.

Since 1973 there are motorbike boots of the brand daytona®. In this time many content customers wrote us, how much they highly think of the quality of their daytona® boots. Let us know about your experience, e.g. for how many years you already are on tour with your pair of daytona® boots, or maybe how it protected you in an accident against injuries, or simply post your opinion to our products.
Or you send us a picture of yourself or your friends, on tour with a boot of daytona®, on a route, on vacation...
>> Your stories and pictures will be published here.

Every month a pair of Shorty will be awarded via random drawing of all entries.

You can send us your stories and pictures via eMail:

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