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The boots are worth every Euro - since 1985

We didn't have money in the '80s. The leather suits were bought second-hand and when it came to gloves and boots we looked for cheap products. But even then it was true: Whoever buys cheap, buys twice. After 3 pairs of cheap boots I was fed up and my wife and I bought the first Daytonas. Well, in the meantime these boots are only very rarely in use, they were replaced by boots with current safety equipment (Spirit GTX for about 10 years, Trans Open GTX for 3 years, Evo Voltex GTX since this year, so you have the right boot for every purpose) and what can I say, the boots are worth every Euro. I don't regret any of those many Euros we paid for the boots. They go along with everything and are absolutely reliable. I'm proud to ride Daytona boots. Thanks to Daytona for boots with such quality and thanks for following your philosophy so consistently and producing these top quality boots exclusively in Germany. By the way, we like to buy our boots directly from the factory, always a very nice experience. Best regards to Eggenfelden and stay healthy. Manuela and Martin Fendt, Germany