Replaceable sliders



Easy to replace, made of abrasion-resistant plastic.

  • Replaceable sliders for Evo Sports and Security Evo
  • Easy to replace
  • Made of abrasion-resistant plastic
Hardmetal Replaceable sliders


Hardmetal sliders

Reinforced with carbide inserts to last at least five times as long.

  • Hardmetal replaceable sliders for Evo Sports and Security Evo
  • Reinforced with carbide inserts
  • Lasts at least five times as long
Replaceable sliders


Titan sliders

for AC Pro, Evo Voltex and Strive GTX, 1 pair incl. bolts.

  • Titan replaceable sliders for AC Pro, Evo Voltex and Strive GTX
  • Two different sizes
  small large
AC Pro  36–49 ×  
Evo Voltex  36–39 ×  
Evo Voltex  40–49   ×
Strive GTX 36–41 ×  
Strive GTX  42–49   ×
Replaceable foot supports

Replaceable foot supports

For TransTourMan GTX

  • Screwed on
  • Easy to replace
Metal caps

Metal caps

Robust metal caps for Trans Open.

  • Metal caps for extremely durable Enduro soles
  • Easy to replace
  • Protect riders and boots
Knee pads

Knee pads

Made of extremely durable plastic for racing purposes.

  • Made of extremely durable plastic.
  • For racing purposes.
  • With burr-sticking surface or only wearing part.
Turbo Grease

Turbo Grease

Spray grease

To ensure easy fit and longer life cycle of nylon zip fasteners.

  • Flonium (PTFE-particels) in TurboGrease minimize the frictional resistance of zip fasteners to keep them smooth-running.
  • vol.: 100 ml


Preservative agent and impregnation agent.

  • Special impregnation agent for all daytona® models.
  • Renews hydrophobic treatment.
  • Reduces wicking (capillary effect)
  • vol.: 75 ml
Special leather care

Special leather care

Special creme to ensure a long life cycle of the biker boots.

  • For all daytona® models of leather.
  • Special creme that prevents the drying out of the the boots
  • Ensures a long life-cycle
  • vol.: 75 ml
Black Refresh

Black Refresh

Black leather care cream.

  • Black leather repair cream
  • vol.: 75 ml



Made of high-quality breathable material, true foot-fitting insoles.

  • For all daytona®models (except models with cork heel extension).
  • Made of high-quality breathable material.
  • True foot-fitting insoles.

Socks short/long

Functional socks made from TransTex®.

  • Especially developed for daytona®
  • Double Trans-Tex® terry material in wear areas offer additional protec­tion against rubbing and tiredness
  • Trans-Tex® terry prevents blisters and tiredness
  • Looped seams guard against friction an pressure points
  • Elasticated areas ensures an optimum and stable fit
  • Trans-Tex® offers minimum odor formation
  • 60 °C washable
  • Sizes S – XXXL (35 – 51)
The magazine enduro abenteuer tested in addition four different biker-socks. The result to Daytona socks: Perfect fitting; is not scratchy; agreeable upholstery on shin
enduro abenteuer