Truly waterproof

with GORE-TEX membrane

Hardly any other shoe manufacturer has received as much praise for its waterproof boots as daytona® - read here why that is!

All daytona® boots with the additional designation GTX are equipped with a GORE-TEX membrane. It is absolutely waterproof, but at the same time highly breathable, i.e. permeable to water vapor. The result: moisture from the outside cannot penetrate the shoe, but moisture from the inside (in the form of sweat) is carried away to the outside. In this way, the feet always stay dry and at a pleasant temperature.

Gore Tex

daytona® uses three different membrane constructions:

  • Duratherm (intermediate insulation layer approx. 2mm) for temperatures between 0 and 28 degrees
  • More Season (insulating intermediate layer approx. 1mm) for temperatures between 10 and 30 degrees
  • Carbon Gray (without intermediate insulation layer) for temperatures between 15 and 35 degrees
Duratherm 0° – 28°
More-Season 10° – 30°
Carbon Grey 15° – 35°