When the shoe pinches...

Not every foot is the same, not everyone puts the same amount of stress on their motorcycle boots.

But already when trying on the boot at the store and, of coures, over the years of wearing them there are problems and solutions:


The sole is worn off

Small claims can be met by every shoemaker, in the case of larger damage we recommend a new sole. This can only be done professionally by daytona®.

The zipper is broken

If it is only due to the slider, you can easily replace it yourself (sliders are available from daytona®)

If the zipper chain is worn off, the zipper must be replaced; however, this can only be carried out professionally by daytona®.

The boot is possibly leaking

Boots equipped with Gore-Tex can leak in the course of their long service life because the material and workmanship become fatigued.

If the boot is leaking, a new membrane can often be installed. Prerequisite is that the outer material (leather, zippers, Velcro fasteners) is still in good condition.
You can quickly and easily check whether a boot is leaking: Place the boot in a bucket and fill the bucket with water up to 2/3 the height of the shoe.

  • if the boot is leaking, water should enter after about 30 minutes
  • You can be absolutely sure if the boot is still dry inside after 12 hours in the bucket
  • if you are not sure after the test, send the boot to us (we will test the boot with the Gore centrifuge)

The sole squeaks when walking (after a relatively short period of wear)

Check whether the shoe squeaks when walking, even without insoles; if not, then try to put the insole in the boot e.g. to fix better with carpet tape.

The boot is too tight when trying on

  • the Road Star GTX model in the "XL" fit could be the alternative, as this is cut furthest at the foot
  • use the boot without an insole until the boot has worn in a bit
  • a last option would be customization: Made to measure

The boot is very difficult to close when trying on because of the wide calves

  • the Road Star GTX model in the "L" or "XL" fit could be the alternative, as these are cut wider in the calf and ankle area
  • spray the zipper with Daytona Turbo Grease, this will make it easier to close

The boot is too wide when trying on

The boots need a higher heel or a higher sole

  • some daytona® models have an integrated raised sole and offer a higher stand)
  • the sole can be increased later (outside) on some models

You need orthopedic insoles

This can be taken into account with a custom-made product.