Repair service

(Customers outside the European Union please note: Send us your boots only trough your dealer – we cannot accept shipments from private individuals as these usually get stuck at customs and cause extreme costs.)
daytona®-boots lasts a long time. But over the years, repairs may still be necessary.

Simply speak to your specialist dealer and have the boot assessed there. If a repair proves useful, send the boot to us through your dealer.

You can also send your daytona®-boots directly to us.
A repair is usually possible if your boots currently have driven less than 70,000 kilometers.
The costs are approx (respectively MSRP as of January 2024 plus 20 Euro handling fee plus shipping costs and possible customs duties on sending in and returning):

  • Leaking - new soles and liners, pair, 234,– € to 268,– € depending on model
  • Replace zipper, piece, 93,– €
  • Replace gear change pads, piece, 50,– €; pair, 86,– €
  • New soles - Touring boots, pair, 110,– €
  • New soles - Trans Open GTX boots, pair, 140,– €
  • New soles - Sport boots with toe sliders, pair, 150,– €

This is how a repair works via daytona®:
1. Print out the repair form (PDF) fill it in and enclose it with your package.
2. send your boots to us.
3. We will perform the repair right away or contact you for an estimate if necessary.
4. After about two to four working weeks, we will send the repaired boots back to you.

We repair exclusively with original parts.

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