In times like these

you wear quality on your feet

That's in a daytona® boot:
More quality and safety with every layer.

The schematic structure (the structure varies from model to model) shows the key features of the structure of the boots from daytona®: years of development, sophisticated solutions regarding safety and comfort, love for the detail, perfect processing and above all quality!

Made in Germany.

By Hand.


Feedback from our customers indicates just how good our boots are in the long run. Some have been wearing their daytona® boots for 15 years or more. Others have experienced their safety first hand in accidents.

Volker W. from Wiesbaden writes:

For more than 4 years I've been wearing a Security Evo when driving. This boot has proved its quality. In a serious accident (collision with a vehicle coming towards me on my side of the road at a blind corner) the boot performed fantastically. Except for a black toe I didn't suffer from any injuries on my feet or ankle – a result which even amazed the doctors: as a consequence of the collision I suffered from 11 fractures and other injuries.

Let us know your personal experiences with daytona® motorbike boots. You can even win some goodies ...

Last but not least the trade press keeps confirming the quality of the motorbike boots from daytona®. After tests by journalists our products have been honoured with 98 quality prizes and recommandations.